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LOL, very interesting! I got most of the jokes, but am I missing something obvious about the "fighting 32nd"? What is that, 32-bit something?
Whoa ... the synchronized thrusting and shouting just reminded me of the proletariat in the 1984 ad. Exactly the opposite of the intended message.   Anyway, it's so annoying to see ad agencies co-opting social phenomena. It's like, "Facebook is cool, how can we use that for marketing?" "Viral video is cool, how can we use that for marketing?" "Flash mobs are cool, how can we use that for marketing?" And then it's not cool when they do those things.
With all the renewable energy options here in Oregon, it's a great place for this kind of facility. My own home uses a 100% renewable mix of wind, hydro and biomass for electricity.
I like that Apple is starting to keep its previous models available for a lower price. That can only help bring new users to the platform. I have a couple relatives who have been looking at the iPad since it came out ... now that they 3 is out and they can get the 2 for $100 less, they might finally take the leap. I would buy an older model myself in some cases, if the newer model doesn't offer features I need. It's nice to have options. By the way, I think previous...
I had exactly the same experience when I sat down to read a magazine in Zinio on the new iPad. After a half-hour I noticed it was getting pretty warm on one half, so I rotated it around and held onto the other half after that. I checked later and the first half was still warmer, so it wasn't just my hand heating the case. I imagine that depending on the situation, this could be cosy, unnoticed or annoying. In every situation where I've used the iPad since then, I haven't...
I suppose if they merge the Pro and Air lines together, it will be neither a Pro nor an Air, but rather "the new MacBook."
I bought Quicken Essentials when it came out, but ended up returning it because the reporting was so limited. Instead I switched to Moneydance and have been more than happy with that. It imported my many years worth of Quicken data just fine. The only downside is that it's a cross-platform application (running on Java?) so it doesn't fully conform to standard Mac appearance and behavior. But it's a definite improvement from the old Quicken version I had been using.
Okay, that makes sense. So the browser code has logic that determines whether to do a direct navigation or perform a search based on the content that was input ... that should be pretty seamless. I guess the only time this would fail is if I actually wanted to search Google for a domain name rather than navigate to it, or maybe do a specialized search like link:appleinsider.com, but I could always just navigate to Google and do that kind of stuff from there.
Doesn't this add more steps? If I want to go to domain.com I press Command-L, type "domain.com" and press Enter. On the other hand if I want to do a search for "cool stuff" I press Command-Option-F, type "cool stuff" and press Enter. With the single search bar I'll have to press Command-L (or whatever), enter my domain name or search query, then mess around with the arrow keys or the mouse to select the kind of input I want. Please correct me if you've actually used this...
I hear this argument often, but is there any factual basis to it? I don't recall ever hearing of an American factory that was shut down and moved overseas because nobody could be found to work there.
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