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For those of you making a distinction between a handicap parking space at Apple vs. a public place, I do recall stories of him using handicap spaces beyond Apple. This page includes an anecdote from a Whole Foods parking lot: http://gawker.com/5506526/a-treasure...e-jobs-stories And didn't AppleInsider run a photo of his car in a handicap spot in downtown SF a few years ago? Just sayin'...
Why not just put in a "Reserved for CEO" parking spot near each building if that's such a big deal? This is ironic considering Apple's obvious attention to accessibility issues. Their OS software has always included this and I've rarely been to an Apple Store that didn't have at least one disabled employee perfectly adapted to their job. Apple's demo video for Siri, with the blind person using it to send texts and the Ray Charles song in the background, brought a tear...
I love the current keyboard, but I'm with you on the reflective screens. I'd like to downsize my MacBook Pro 15" to a 13" model, but I won't until it comes in a matte version. Anyway, you're right about some of these design excesses, and I'm slightly scared by what a "visionary" designer with no checks in place will come up with. But as others have pointed out I would guess Ive is working under similar restraints that he had with Jobs.
I like the current design, too. And yet, whenever Apple releases a new design for any of their products, they somehow make the previous one look outdated. It's pretty amazing actually. Anyway, the iPhone 4 doesn't feel "old" to me. It came out only 13 months ago, and it launched on Verizon since then, so I feel like it's still "new" to a lot of people.
After reading the iPhone 5 rumors for a few months now, I'm finally ready to offer my own prediction: the screen on the next iPhone will either be larger than, smaller than, or the same size as that of the current model.
Also "incredible" three times!
You can do this already with a quick call to customer service. I did it. I'd rather communicate by smoke signal than by text message. My wife likes to have some texting capabilities due to friends of hers who insist on using it, so she gets 200 texts for $5/month and that works well for us. I'll be pretty mad if we ever have to upgrade to this new $20 plan with no increase in her actual usage.
I know how to read a map, but when the iPhone is mounted on my dashboard a few feet from my eyes I do find it hard to read the street names while driving. If I zoom the map in, it redraws at a larger size but the street names still use the same font size. So just increasing the font size on the relevant labels would be a big help.
I would just be happy to get rid of that "This device is not optimized for this iPhone" message EVERY TIME I connect to the charger in my car or the clock radio in my kitchen. As if I didn't know that by now. Sheesh.
As a person who only edits video a few times a year, but needs a better tool than iMovie, I'm looking at it the other way: I can now get the full "pro" version for just $100 more, where previously it was completely out of my price range. I have run into a couple occasions where I wanted a feature that was only in the pro version ... and it was annoying that most of the online help and tutorials I found were for the pro version ... so this new approach works for me.
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