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The nice thing about that is it's really a $400-600 device. Customers end up paying the balance over the term of their contract, but Apple gets paid up front by the carrier. So they get the customer appeal of a $100-300 item and the profit potential of a $400-600 item.
I'm going to hold out for OS 10.9 "Sea Lion."
The State Farm Insurance app includes an image of my insurance card. This is handy because we're supposed to keep one in the car, one in my wallet and one in my wife's wallet but they only ever send us two copies. Fortunately I haven't had a need to use it.
I went to Grinnell College, where Steve Jobs was a trustee for a few years in the early '80's. The alumni magazine recently published some anecdotes about Jobs's activities there. Apparently he joined the library committee and told everyone, "Don't waste your money on a new library. Books are going to be obsolete." Sounds like he was 30-40 years early on that one! (He was also on the finance committee, where he advocated for investing the college's endowment in gold....
I think this is backwards, and should read, "Every time lots of working Americans lose their jobs, this country gets a bug up its ass about taxing the rich." I don't think most Americans mind rich people being rich if they can make an honest living for themselves. But when unemployment doubles and there's talk about huge cuts at all levels of government, then we have a problem and it's reasonable to question whether record low personal income taxes for wealthy Americans is...
Rather than insulting others, you should stop and think how lucky you are to live in a country that isn't so repressive that setting yourself on fire seems like the only option for political change.
For those of you making a distinction between a handicap parking space at Apple vs. a public place, I do recall stories of him using handicap spaces beyond Apple. This page includes an anecdote from a Whole Foods parking lot: http://gawker.com/5506526/a-treasure...e-jobs-stories And didn't AppleInsider run a photo of his car in a handicap spot in downtown SF a few years ago? Just sayin'...
Why not just put in a "Reserved for CEO" parking spot near each building if that's such a big deal? This is ironic considering Apple's obvious attention to accessibility issues. Their OS software has always included this and I've rarely been to an Apple Store that didn't have at least one disabled employee perfectly adapted to their job. Apple's demo video for Siri, with the blind person using it to send texts and the Ray Charles song in the background, brought a tear...
I love the current keyboard, but I'm with you on the reflective screens. I'd like to downsize my MacBook Pro 15" to a 13" model, but I won't until it comes in a matte version. Anyway, you're right about some of these design excesses, and I'm slightly scared by what a "visionary" designer with no checks in place will come up with. But as others have pointed out I would guess Ive is working under similar restraints that he had with Jobs.
I like the current design, too. And yet, whenever Apple releases a new design for any of their products, they somehow make the previous one look outdated. It's pretty amazing actually. Anyway, the iPhone 4 doesn't feel "old" to me. It came out only 13 months ago, and it launched on Verizon since then, so I feel like it's still "new" to a lot of people.
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