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For what it's worth, I just upgraded from a Penryn MacBook Pro with its maximum 4GB of RAM to an i7 with 8GB of RAM, and the difference with Parallels is pretty amazing. It used to take 15-20 minutes to resume a suspended Windows XP virtual machine, now it takes 1-2 minutes. I can also launch a second virtual machine almost as quickly (one for IE7, one for IE8 ... ugh). Launching Parallels to test a website in IE used to be so onerous that I often skipped it when I really...
By the way, I'm still reveling in the ability to set the exposure point by tapping the screen on my iPhone 4. I don't know if this technology is common on other devices or not, but coming from a six-year-old Kodak point-and-shoot it's amazing!
I love the HDR idea. Last weekend I was trying to take photos on a camping trip. If I set the exposure for the mountains in the background, the foreground would be too dark; if I set it for the foreground, the mountains would wash out. I don't care enough about this to spend time finding alternative apps, but when it's added to the default Camera app, I'll definitely give it a try.
I don't mean cool in the sense of fashionable, I mean cool in the sense of a transformational new technology. I haven't given up anything yet because this technology isn't available yet. I assume its security implications will be addressed before it is mass marketed and I will check it out for myself at that time. Meanwhile I still think this is a great concept and I'd like to see these initiatives move forward. It sounds like your criticisms are of a particular product...
I like the forums. They've been particularly useful to me since they introduced the points system for "helpful" and "resolved" questions, what, a couple years ago I think. Just last week my HD died and Time Machine kept crashing in the middle of the restoration process. I posted a question from my iPad and within an hour I had a solution. That's much more efficient than calling the AppleCare number and being told to make a Genius Bar appointment. I also use the...
Yes! I'm a new iPhone user with the iPhone 4, and this device has made so many other things redundant that two remaining things suddenly seem old fashioned: keys and wallet. I'd love to be able to walk to the coffeeshop and use the iPhone to lock the door behind me and pay for my drink when I get there. Very cool. I'm considering something like this in the meantime: http://www.case-mate.com/iPhone-4-Ca...Card-Cases.asp
I saw the Dove ad shortly after iAds came out, clicked it, and couldn't tell what the heck was going on. It was like one of those bad CD-ROMs from the 90's where you couldn't tell what the navigation was. I stumbled around for about a minute, then closed it and haven't opened an iAd since then. But I guess if I see one of those Leaf ads, I'll try to win the free car!
Just what I was thinking. Seems like a duplication of resources to have a separate unit gathering the same news for a different format. In fact the format's only significantly different if you compare it to print -- compared to a desktop web browser it's a nice upgrade but pretty much the same.
Those glass panels are supposed to be harder than steel or something, but mine already has two (small) scratches on the front. I'm guessing that came from going into the same pocket as my keys, since the phone hasn't had any more abuse than that. Anyone else experience this? I would have been more careful if it weren't for the hoopla about that special glass.
One problem on an otherwise awesome product does not make it a Vista. If it took 30 seconds for the home screen to come up, then I'd accept the comparison.
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