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I had the same thought. These ads are aimed at men, who are all using the phone to look at their cute girlfriends, daughters or wives (in three out of the four ads someone said "you're beautiful" or "you're cute" explicitly). But this has still got to have more appeal to women than those Droid ads that seem to be targeted solely at 24-year old gamers.
P.S. The iPod touch was definitely the "gateway drug" to the iPhone for me. I resisted increasing my monthly cell phone bill for a long time, but after getting to like this "pocket computer" and then seeing AT&T cut their data prices in half, the time was right.
Exactly. I've had three or four different iPods over the years, but I finally ditched my touch for an iPhone 4 and I love it. This is my iPod now, and it has a phone, camera and GPS, too. If people were leaving their iPods for Zunes (do they still make those?) or for some new technology that made MP3 players obsolete, that would be one thing. But if people are upgrading to a more expensive Apple device that happens to have a different name ... what's the problem?
I've experienced that from my clients, too. With the iPhone 4, do we have more dropped calls, or are the dropped calls just more noticeable because the antenna design is so different? I haven't seen a controlled test but someone must be working on that.In any case, I hope the software revision at least makes it more clear what's happening. I found a spot in my house last night where bridging the two metal bands with the lightest touch of one finger made the bars drop from...
Exactly ... we've all laughed about Steve's famously terse e-mails before, but now everyone is offended by this one. Also, Steve never used the word "wrong," which seems to be what's really triggering people.As for their "silence" or "denial" of the issue ... it has been one week. I expect them to deal with this quickly, but everyone seems to expect an instantaneous reaction and that's just not realistic for a multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporation!
Understood, but you don't have to port the number right away. I still have my old number on my T-Mobile phone, and a new (temporary) number on the new iPhone. When I'm comfortable with the new service, I can port my old number over and cancel the T-Mobile account. It may even be possible to port the number right away, but keep the old account open, in which case the number could be ported back again if the new phone doesn't work out. I did that once before, but I would...
You want Apple to pay your Verizon early termination fee? Sorry, this seems weird to me. You chose to break that contract. Also, you could have tested your iPhone for a few days before canceling your previous contract ... that's what I'm doing now, before saying goodbye to T-Mobile.
Agreed. I don't know how the other carriers handle it, but AT&T has a 30-day grace period on all phones. Since the iPhone 4 has been out for less than a week, every U.S. owner is still eligible to return theirs. FWIW, we have two in my household now (mine arrived yesterday!) and neither is affected by hand placement as far as I can tell.
I think some of you who are feeling offended by this "wrong" accusation should remember that that's AppleInsider's choice of words, not Apple's. Apple has never said you are "holding your phone wrong." Here's what they said: "Avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band." I don't know if AppleInsider was careless or if they're trying to stir the pot, but their headline should have been something like "Apple...
Ditto, no change for me regardless of how I hold the phone. I have four bars to start with, but others posting here say they see a drop "from five to zero" bars. I'm also failing to see how this is a conspiracy against left-handed people. Whether I hold the phone in my right or left hand, my fingers end up wrapping around and "connecting" all three parts of the outer case anyway. This would make more sense if the claim is that the hand blocks the antenna signal, because...
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