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 People have been looking for something since the Snowden documents leaked and it became apparant iOS and Android devices were easy access for the NSA: http://www.iclarified.com/37195/the-nsa-has-a-backdoor-called-dropoutjeep-for-nearly-complete-access-to-the-apple-iphone Presumably, with what Microsoft was doing (coding NSA access into Skype, pre-encryption access to Outlook.com and Hotmail.com...) WP is wide open as well.  According the docs, which are years old,...
That's true, however that is older (nVidia has PC issues as well with some of those older chips dying).  For the moment the newer nVidia cards in iMacs and Mac laptops seem to be doing okay (although that may just be because they are too new to show large failure rates). Currently it seems the AMD chips from the 2011's Macs are having a hard time.  Apple currently has an out of warranty replacement program for AMD chips on 2011 27" iMac's because of a high failure rate....
Another Hail Marry from Balmer....he'll try a yearly version of Windows as well - to get customers to just pay them constantly (instead of for large product updates) is his dream.     $100 a year just to use Office....right Balmer, keep on trying.
Life has not been easy for Ron Johnson over at JCPenney (an impossible task many have said)....Apple (Mr. Cook) should run over there and pay him whatever is necessary and get him back.  Let him finish at JCP for a year or whatever, but he was part of the team that made things the way they are and Mr. Cook should bring him back on the team if possible.
Frankly, I loved Aqua and didn't like seeing the blue go away release after release...I enjoyed wanting to lick my OS X system icons and buttons...that said I haven't been happy with iOS trends in design for a while, and in a place where you really have to be part of a team, it sounded like Forstall wasn't built for that environment. Good move overall Mr. Cook, but this is a talented guy we're leaving behind here. Mr. Ive sounds good, if he can handle being part of...
  Might be talking about the late November delivery for LTE iPad 4's and some delay into November for WiFi's...not a big deal on the WiFi's, unfortunate with the LTE's.
It's a tough situation for Apple since the 27 inch doesn't even arrive until December and currently Apple isn't selling an iMac you can go to their online store and purchase.  Too bad they weren't able to keep the prior generation in production for a few more months so they'd at least have stock to sell (particularly the 27inch) as we head towards the holidays.
  Um, when the prior version had a real GPU in it and OS X Mountain Lion and many applications directly make use of that GPU....its a real downgrade even with the HD 4000 series from Intel.   Otherwise its a nice upgrade, but its valid for folks to see the GPU change as a real downgrade, because for that part of the machine, it is.
  And one of the 3 memory choices as well as the colors.  ;-)
Patent tapered edges, aluminum back and thin and light design?  The patent system seems pretty far out of whack.
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