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Apple retires the stock it buys, making all other investors' stock represent a larger share of the company.  It is not a share holder in itself.
 Historically, revolutions have been led by the upper class.  People who are well educated and have the luxury to think about politics.  Not the very richest who are at the top of the heap, but people who are not too far down.  He's right about most of the followers, though.
I thought some of the one star reviews were pretty funny! Might even be good publicity in a contrarian way.
 Apple's earnings per share are up 38% year over year.  Last year they "only" went up 20% year over year.  Year after year they produce these enormous gains, and year after year wise guys like you keep saying: "Apple is no longer a growth stock."  And that it somehow makes sense that the earnings soar and the stock price doesn't.  A kid in kindergarten could extrapolate the trend better than Wall Street.
Earnings per share are up 38% year over year.  That's not flattening.  Cook went out of his way to emphasize that sales are accelerating, not flattening.  And when one of Apple's lines is down as people buy another of their lines instead, why is that a negative?  Apple makes almost all the profits in the PC hardware business, regardless of whether people buy their Macs or iPads.
That's like saying, a few years ago, "I can't wait until MicroSoft is no longer about Windows and Office."  There is no market like the smartphone market.  In third world countries, smartphones are more important than indoor plumbing.  Apple owns over 90% of the profits in that market, and the market's still got a long ways to go.  If you include iPad, Apple currently makes over 75% of all profits in the PC hardware business, and that is ignored, because the cell phone...
The stock valuation isn't based on subtle issues.  In fact, perhaps Apple should just give out a lot less information, so there's some hope people will understand.  "Earnings per share up 38% year over year.  Prospects for next year even better."  Done. The problem with doomsayers is that they're never wrong.  They're just not right yet, and they never change their tune.
And profits per share up 38% year over year.  Doomed.
It's worth remembering that Apple's Mac business alone represents more than 60% of all the profits in the PC hardware industry.  If you add in the iPad, it's more than 75%.  So this small stale business is most of the profitable part of the PC business.
 Amazon has always been a scam as far as stock price is concerned.  There is no realistic prospect that they will ever have substantial profits.  People seem hypnotized by its revenue growth.  Microsoft is floundering and will emerge a much smaller company than it has been in the past.  And Google makes more money from ads on iOS than on its own Android platform. Meanwhile Apple has grown earnings per share by 50% in the past three years, and its stock price is essentially...
New Posts  All Forums: