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 Apple is an exception in several ways.  First of all it's the biggest publicly traded company.  Secondly, it has the strongest brand and ecosystem.  Thirdly, it is dramatically undervalued in terms of present value of likely future earnings.  And finally, its business model is not just "market share". All of these things make it both easier to manipulate its stock and more worthwhile.  And I disagree that expectations are high. Apple is valued as if it is going to go out...
 Maybe Apple should set up an investment bank, owned entirely by Apple employees, and put all its cash there.  Then that bank could get a big loan and buy Apple, at a healthy premium on top of the stock price.  Best investment it could make!
 Doubling the dividend is a dramatic gesture that might change the dynamic.  But anything that tends to raise the stock price will also encourage more manipulation to push it down again.  So I'm not sure whether it will help.  But something dramatic will eventually happen if the stock market value of the enterprise continues to fall more and more dramatically lower than a realistic value.  If banks were rational, I should be able to buy Apple right now and take it...
Astropad will support iPad Pro out of the box.  This will let you use the iPad Pro as a Wacom Cintiq replacement with Photoshop etc. on the Mac. 
And you don't think the millions of jobs in the US that are created by and benefit from cheaper electronics count?  Just the Apple app store alone is responsible for about a billion dollars a month in wages to US developers.  We keep the good jobs here, and outsource the lousy ones.
Micropayments are an excellent idea, but Bitcoin might not be the best way to do it because its price is so volatile (down 15% in one day, recently).  Maybe Apple could provide a micropayments scheme based on iTunes accounts, or someone could write an adblocker that turns a monthly subscription fee into monthly payments to sites based on usage.  
Neil, Here is my suggestion. AI and other sites should cooperate with Marco to provide an ad blocker that pays sites. Users of the blocker should pay a subscription fee (perhaps set up as a regular donation), and this fee should be paid out to sites they visit, based on time spent there. Thus those of us who want to support the sites we read, but don't want to bother with a zillion subscriptions, can conveniently pay to have an ad free experience.
 This is an app platform, so I don't see why having a faster local network might not sometimes be important for the performance of some apps.
 It's on the spec page under "Location".  It says: 
I see that they say "in-store purchases", so you'll have to buy these in person.  But perhaps you can still pre-order the iPhone for in-store pickup?
New Posts  All Forums: