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 It seems like it won't be that long before Apple will be worth less than the money they would have in the bank if they didn't pay any dividends or do buybacks.
Apple seems more willing to expand its product line lately, so maybe they'll keep a smaller phone available. I certainly agree about the sleep/wake button.  I don't know anyone who likes it where it is on the side.  It often makes me drop calls when I grab my ringing phone, and just turning the phone to landscape orientation I accidentally turn it off a lot.
That was years ago, when the debt was 100% of GDP.  Now, after big loans that went mostly to bail out European bankers, and years of austerity, the Greek economy has collapsed, youth unemployment is 60%, and almost the same debt is 175% of GDP.  All that pain was for nothing.  Germany, which is now a powerhouse economy because their big war debts were forgiven, is leading the charge in making sure there is no writing off of any of the Greek debt, which everyone knows they...
I think this product is confusing because too many executives are involved, and no one is willing to get rid of anything.  The new music product is, predictably, "all singing, all dancing", but it should have been "all simple".
This should have been much simpler to start off.  I also don't understand how this interacts with iTunes Match, which I already have.  They still sell both, for some reason, so it must not be simply absorbed into the new service.  And I don't currently use family sharing, because it has funny limitations that simply sharing an Apple ID for purchases doesn't.  Like some stuff isn't shareable.  So it's not clear which free trial to pick, since my significant other uses my ID...
Never?  So a few years from now, when competing phones all have 16GB of RAM, Apple's low end will still have only 16GB of Flash??
This presumably has something to do with Lisa Jackson being promoted on Wednesday to include VP of public policy in her duties.
I can see the use of asking the user for permission to see other apps, but disallowing it completely seems like a mistake. This means, for example, no recommendation apps based on what you already use. Apple is trying to make privacy distinctions black and white, but they really aren't. Google doesn't actually tell third parties your private information -- they use it to present relevant ads to you. As AI becomes the interface, knowing more about you on big powerful...
For effective artificial intelligence done on its servers (which is how Siri works, for example), Apple will need to keep more and more personal info available on those servers. That doesn't mean, though, that they need to give access to third parties (other than court orders).
I agree.  Also, when AI is done on the server side (as in Siri) using big data and big processors, the less you know about the person the harder it is to put information into context.  Keeping things anonymous also adds complexity, which means longer development time and more bugs.  The right way for Apple to do this is to let servers see everything, and just not share anything with third parties.
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