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 This is a beautiful sentiment, but he needs to be careful about his safety.  Both of these men who followed the sunlit path were assassinated.  I hope Tim's well protected when he travels in countries that have medieval views on this!
You do realize that Apple's latest results included just nine days of sales of the new iPhones, and Samsung's results are all from before the new iPhones, so your conclusion isn't very logical!
 I tried NFC payment at CVS yesterday using my iPhone.  It was not shut off, it seemed to work and then said I needed to use a different form of payment.  Has anyone verified that Google Wallet and chip cards don't work?
Considering that Apple has bought back and retired something like 10% of their stock in the past year, the remaining shares should be worth 10% more. So I don't think Apple will actually exceed its basis-adjusted past high until it reaches about $111 a share.
As the biggest tech company, Apple should be supporting basic research.  When they were small, it made sense for them to do only very focused  applied research, and depend on the rest of society for basic research that benefits everyone.  Now they are so big that they should be a major force pushing many avenues of science forward that don't just benefit them.  For example, they should support basic research on chemical sensors at universities so that someday the Apple...
 Step 15 of the teardown shows it does have an NFC module.  I'm guessing for use by small retailers for POS.
 Have you activated iMessages on your Mac?
The credit card information entered on you phone for Apple Pay never leaves your phone, so any hack would have to be done one phone at a time, and would require getting past the built in hardware security.  That would probably involve sawing off the top of the A8 chip and performing "brain surgery" to get encryption keys out of the secure enclave without destroying the data first.
I'm very surprised by this also.  I thought for sure they'd include the NFC chip in the iPads, so that both new iPads and new iPhones would have the hardware needed on the merchant side, for small businesses.  This has to be a very deliberate omission.  I'm actually waiting for an iPad Air 2 teardown to confirm that the NFC chip isn't actually hiding inside, unheralded, waiting for some new Apple API's to be released.
I tried adding my Amazon Visa in the Passbook App and was told that my bank doesn't yet support Apple Pay.  Since the Amazon Visa cards are issued by Chase, which is on the list of supported banks, I was surprised.  I wonder if Amazon is resisting the use of Apple Pay?
New Posts  All Forums: