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Kind of crazy.  Pump up the numbers at the last minute, to the top end or above of guidance, and then when they're a bit too high say that Apple missed yet again!  Why do they get to change their numbers at the last minute?  And why do people consider this meaningful?
Completely agree! Check the battery setting if you want to know what's using significant energy. Habitually force closing everything is a waste of time.
 Earnings per share are up almost 50% in the last three years, while enterprise value (stock price times number of shares) is unchanged.  But who knows what the stock price would be without the buybacks!  Wall Street doesn't understand Apple.
 It seems like Apple's patents don't really give them much protection, while other's patents are a giant headache.  This is true regardless of the merits of the various challenges they face, just because there are so many.  The issues are complex and expensive to litigate, and the criterion for invalidity due to obviousness (at the time the patent was written) is that an engineer who knew the state of the art, given the problem, would have seen that solution.  How can you...
The more we trade with them, even if we have to censor our products, the richer their ordinary people become, and the harder it is to keep them ignorant. Isolating them just makes the whole world poorer, and their people most of all. And there's nothing like a disabled feature on your iPhone to make you want to be allowed to enable it!
My understanding was that MS had to license the keyboard cover patent from Apple when they came out with the Surface.  I also remember many Logitech and other keyboard covers being available for iPad long before the Surface.  So the great innovation you're talking about that Apple is copying now seems to be to sell a first party keyboard cover.
I agree.  Apple's Sports Band is just $50, and they're charging $20 for two lugs to connect a third-party band.  Low cost alternatives using these won't be possible.
 Apple is an exception in several ways.  First of all it's the biggest publicly traded company.  Secondly, it has the strongest brand and ecosystem.  Thirdly, it is dramatically undervalued in terms of present value of likely future earnings.  And finally, its business model is not just "market share". All of these things make it both easier to manipulate its stock and more worthwhile.  And I disagree that expectations are high. Apple is valued as if it is going to go out...
 Maybe Apple should set up an investment bank, owned entirely by Apple employees, and put all its cash there.  Then that bank could get a big loan and buy Apple, at a healthy premium on top of the stock price.  Best investment it could make!
 Doubling the dividend is a dramatic gesture that might change the dynamic.  But anything that tends to raise the stock price will also encourage more manipulation to push it down again.  So I'm not sure whether it will help.  But something dramatic will eventually happen if the stock market value of the enterprise continues to fall more and more dramatically lower than a realistic value.  If banks were rational, I should be able to buy Apple right now and take it...
New Posts  All Forums: