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I don't know what this is supposed mean! iOS apps are sandboxed and can't access each other's data. So the most this app could do is backup your camera roll and other common media files, but iCloud already does this for free! So what are you paying for here? Maybe access to your PC backups from your mobile device?
If this were an actual problem, Macs wouldn't have such through-the-roof customer satisfaction numbers. I've had Macs for the past ten years and never had a battery problem.Why do you bother with this kind of post in such a Mac-friendly forum? Do you really think you're going to convince anyone to dislike their Macs here because they don't have removable batteries? And when much of the industry is copying this? Please find something else to hate on.
Donating anonymously allowed Jobs to support liberal causes without hurting Apple's sales to conservatives, or making Apple a partisan issue in government. And I think he was probably right that diminishing Apple's positive effect on the world by being public in his giving would hurt more than being an example would have helped. Moreover, he wanted to live as normal a private life as possible, in a normal house in a normal neighborhood without drawing more attention to...
  I looked up the cost of 24K gold plating supplies.  Typical decorative gold plate is about .4 microns thick, and plating something to this thickness uses about 60 cents worth of an immersion gold plating solution per square inch.  So I suspect they're making a profit here!
Exponential growth can't continue indefinitely with bounded resources (space, materials, energy, etc.).  That's a law of physics.  I don't know who you're referring to who "grasp" physics and would find Daniel's statements obnoxious, but I'm a physicist and I think he has put it perfectly correctly.
  The rest of the world's tech market it only about twice as big as the US.  And trends in innovative products first introduced in the US usually show up in the rest of the world a few years later.
Exactly. This kind of anecdotal evidence is worthless. How could a distant iPhone even interfere with a compass??? Perhaps it gave the pilot cancer while it was at it? Let the scientists and engineers figure out what's true, and then make the rules.
This "story" is insane! This is a first office action, which means nothing, and all but four claims have been upheld, including all of the most important ones. That seems like an excellent start to a reexamination! This is really looking for the dark lining in a silver cloud! Like those stories that Apple is doomed because a major supplier, Pegatron, is making less profit than last quarter, when it's profits are actually up 85% year over year! Or Apple is doomed...
The remote erase capability of the iPhone is, I believe, based on the use of a strongly encrypted filesystem on the device. If the phone erases the encryption key, then all the data is permanently unreadable. If the criminals have used the remote wipe capability, then Apple can't recover the data. Period. If they just need to get past a pass lock, where the user has to type a code in to use the phone, and the encryption key is still stored somewhere on the device, then...
By dynamically assigning pins, they have eight distinct configurable "data" pins. If they required hardwired mirrored pins, there would only be four. Maybe they're contemplating using these eight pins, for example, as four differential pairs (i.e., four pairs of complementary signals) in order to implement the high speed Thunderbolt interface.
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