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I vote for White Lion. Rare but beautiful!
There are over 500 million iOS devices out there. If you make an app that is attractive to 1% of them at $1, your revenue is $5 million. That's not tragic. That's the power of a mass market with almost no cost to make copies of the product. You're being paid by the market, not by the individual.
The point here was not that they sell more. They make a lot more money at the lower price. That's not at all obvious.
HBO is a major part of expensive cable packages. Cable operators undoubtedly pay them a lot not to offer HBO Go separately online.
Apple makes high margins by selling built-in flash memory. It has modest margins on it's lowest capacity devices, which makes it hard for competitors to get into the market by underselling them with a desirable low-end device. Then it has high margin devices with lots of flash memory, so the higher end customers have something to buy. If low end competition ever becomes a real problem, they'll just cut the price of their entry-level devices.You can't compete with that...
Agree completely. If Apple wants to police apps that need a safe-search mode, they should always require the "restrictions" (i.e., parental controls) password to be typed to turn off safe search on iOS (if such a password has been set). Note that it's not really true that you can't put restrictions on Safari, but it's clearly a losing battle.
Didn't I just read that Apple sold more smartphones in the latest quarter than all Android device makers combined?
I just went into the Google Search app on my iPhone and turned Safe Search off, and did an image search. Plenty of pornographic images available. There's clearly a double standard here. What Apple should do is have a parental control that lets parents set the safe search level in apps that have this issue, rather than ban apps that are mostly non-sexual.
No, the Kantar website makes it clear that their statistics discussed here only relate to phones.
People willing to go to a little extra trouble can use non-Apple media on Apple devices. The most important thing for Apple is just that everything is available to their customers. They want media to never be a reason not to buy an Apple device. The actual media revenues don't matter -- Apple breaks even on the iTunes store. They make their money on hardware.
New Posts  All Forums: