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If people would spend their time worrying about things that are worth worrying about, instead of crazy shit, the world wouldn't be in such a mess.  There is no amount of evidence that will shoot down this idea, which continues to make money for authors and alarmist "journalists," that cell phones can cause cancer.  For example, all of the cell phone users in Denmark have been followed since 1985 in various studies, showing there is no correlation.  In fact some studies...
  You're right, this is an old chip.  According to Intel's Website this chip was launched in Q1 of 2010.  People seem to still like and buy this chip, but it's by no means cutting edge.  I'm also surprised that they didn't update the graphics card.  Particularly since Mountain Lion offers out-of-the-box support for cutting edge graphics cards.
I wonder if this will seem silly in a couple of years, when all the travelers already have their own iPad with them.
  I agree that the patent system is a mess and I dislike all this patent litigation, but that's the system we've currently got.  Apple is certainly at the receiving end of more than its share of lawsuits.  I would be more comfortable with a system that only bans almost exact copies that pretend to be someone else's product.  I do think, though, that some of the ultrabooks look awfully similar, including the brushed metal aluminum unibody case, the placement of ports,...
  Since most stores list in-store availability the day after the start of WWDC, the evidence is strongly for 2.
Graphic not working on my laptop either (Safari).
  The iPad2 that is currently being sold has a new processor, which is a 28nm version of its original processor.  This was a technology test but gives a 16 hour battery life for playing videos.  I would think that revving the processor on the 3GS and doubling the DRAM would let the phone remain viable for a few more years, without adding significantly to the minimum profitable price.
  Andy Zaky has a good track record in his predictions, so it makes sense to listen to him.   Personally, I suspect that Apple's profits will double twice more in the next three years, with iPad passing the PC in worldwide sales and iPhone benefitting from its halo.  I think the stock price will only double once, though, because people just don't believe what they see.  So a trailing P/E of 7, and really only 6 excluding cash on hand.
  I would agree that the tax code is a mess, but do you really understand what it would mean to have no government?  The US is a complex organism, and if you remove all regulation and control you don't get some ideal free market, what you get is a twitching mass of uncontrolled cancerous cell growth.  There's an old saying that the fire code is written in blood -- every regulation is there because of some terrible disaster that happened.  Similarly with many other safety...
  Completely agree!  If you think the situation is bad in your area, think of China, which is Apple's fastest growing market.  They have, what, three stores in China?  This is crazy.  As Apple's profits double each year, their customer base also doubles.  They need to do something radical about building stores faster.  They're way past the, "every store a unique work of art" phase!
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