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I think the jailbreaker devs do Apple a favor in two ways. First of all they find security flaws and exploit them in an innocuous way, bringing them to Apple's attention. Secondly, they increase the market for Apple hardware. So I don't think Apple needs to be in a hurry to get rid of them.
You say the case "integrates all of the device's major openings and controls," but it doesn't provide access to the lightning connector, which is the most important connection. Substituting a micro-usb connector for charging only is a major drawback.
In their most recent financial call, Apple said they sold more than 75 million iOS devices and 4.1 million Macs. So yes, IDC has left out the iPod touch, which would put Apple ahead.
Of course the Square business plan is that you can have a point of sale solution for $0 extra, using your existing iPhone or other iOS device. Once you start to become successful, you can buy some accessories if you want. Everone tries to augment income with accessories! So traditional point of sale hardware doesn't really compete.
I never got the impression that Jobs always made brilliant decisions. For example, I think his choice of biographer was a dud. But he had excellent technical taste, worried a lot about how to make his employees successful, made sensible decisions (even when they were unpopular) and changed his mind quickly when he was wrong. This combination of characteristics is very rare in CEO's, which I think accounts for Apple's success. But these attributes are eminently...
He must have said, "of Mac, or of iPod." iPad cannibalizes Mac and iPod, but not iPad.
The Surface Pro tries to be a competitor against both MacBook Air and iPad, and it fails against each in a different set of ways. Arguing that it's storage use is comparable to the Air doesn't make it a good laptop.
I vote for White Lion. Rare but beautiful!
There are over 500 million iOS devices out there. If you make an app that is attractive to 1% of them at $1, your revenue is $5 million. That's not tragic. That's the power of a mass market with almost no cost to make copies of the product. You're being paid by the market, not by the individual.
The point here was not that they sell more. They make a lot more money at the lower price. That's not at all obvious.
New Posts  All Forums: