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  There are certainly enormous issues with how safe or reliable this would be.  I'm also worried about sending very private information to Nuance, or giving them control over who has password-level access to my bank accounts and other private data.   At the least, I want my bank to do its own authentication before it gives out my money!  Maybe they are thinking of using this as a second authentication factor, to be used in addition to passwords?
I just turned off Find-My-Mac on my Mac Pro, which I use as a Time Machine backup server. I knew this wasn't ideal since it's not off site, but I didn't realize until now that if someone hacked into my iCloud account, they could erase all of my machines, including the one that contains all my backups of my other machines!
Apple wants to be in control of the technologies it relies on, but if a Google App adds non-critical functionality that helps them sell more iOS devices, they won't hesitate to allow it. I actually wish Apple would license Google street view for some period, until they have their own version.
  Apple has an extremely good environment record and has a sophisticated recycling strategy for its products.  It was involved in drafting the EPEAT standard years ago, but manufacturing has evolved since then and the criterion of easy disassembly by end users no longer makes sense.  Presumably Apple has removed all its products from certification in order to bring the issue to a head, since its new products are no longer easy to disassemble by end users and hence, in...
This is giving in to blackmail, but it seems the Chinese courts were going to let this drag out, and a quick settlement is worth a lot to Apple.
I've been following the Nokia Lumia 900 on Amazon for the past couple of months, checking about once a week, and its generally been ranked between #6 and #8 under "Cell Phones with Service", behind a bunch of Android phones and just behind the Blackberry Curve.  I just checked and the Curve is now at #34.
Copying the iPod didn't work out well for MS.  The only thing I really like here is the keyboard/cover, but if you can't get exactly that for the iPad right now, you will be able to soon.  MS obviously has to try to respond to the iPad, and this is a plausible strategy.  I just don't think it's going to work.  Too late, with a product that isn't as good.  It won't attract many consumers, and it will alienate its windows-tablet hardware partners.
If people would spend their time worrying about things that are worth worrying about, instead of crazy shit, the world wouldn't be in such a mess.  There is no amount of evidence that will shoot down this idea, which continues to make money for authors and alarmist "journalists," that cell phones can cause cancer.  For example, all of the cell phone users in Denmark have been followed since 1985 in various studies, showing there is no correlation.  In fact some studies...
  You're right, this is an old chip.  According to Intel's Website this chip was launched in Q1 of 2010.  People seem to still like and buy this chip, but it's by no means cutting edge.  I'm also surprised that they didn't update the graphics card.  Particularly since Mountain Lion offers out-of-the-box support for cutting edge graphics cards.
I wonder if this will seem silly in a couple of years, when all the travelers already have their own iPad with them.
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