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  iPhone sales are steadily increasing on all carriers.  Even if Sprint sales stayed constant at 1.8 million per quarter, which is the latest number, the total after 14 more quarters would reach 28.5 million.  If you project any increase at all, 30 million looks like a safe bet.
    Cynically, I thought they were probably being paid by Apple's competitors or by antivirus software vendors.        
    Appleinsider: You've got the Apple and Nokia numbers reversed.  Please fix this.        
    According to Google's official blog announcement, 25GB costs $30/year, 100GB is $60/year and 1TB is $600/year.  I'm not sure where your numbers come from.   EDIT:  As someone pointed out below, AI had the old prices, which were much better.  
As long as the previous owner upgraded or terminated legitimately, they should be able to get you an unlock code (or whatever it takes). Or at least give you the information you need to get it unlocked. Presumably this should make life worse for stolen ATT iPhones, but really the carriers should be blacklisting those -- it's a scandal that they don't.
Why not support both physical and virtual sims? Then once we convince/force enough carriers to use virtual sims, we can drop the physical sim.
Square is involved in a patent dispute with the guy who they asked to design their card reader, who filed a patent with just his name on it (actually a bunch of patents). Of course detailed plans for such a device had been published openly on the internet years earlier, so I don't understand how anyone ended up getting patents on it! Probably PayPal is licensing these patents.
You mean four times the density (twice the resolution in each direction).
A large leap, I'd say. If this name is right, this is not the iPad 2HD or iPad 2S, this is the iPad HD. They consider HD a big enough feature to name the phone after it alone. Retina display was not a minor feature when it appeared in the iPhone 4 -- that was not an incremental upgrade. This is like saying that the MacBook Air was a minor upgrade, because they named it after just one feature, its light weight.
In response, jragosta exhibited a quote from the Wall Street Journal: Since the earlier agreement was a purchase and sale agreement, according to my understanding of the word "bought" this third party analysis says the court ruled the trademark was bought but not delivered.
New Posts  All Forums: