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In case you worry about dunking it, the iPad fits perfectly into a gallon size zip-lock bag, and the interface is not impeded by the plastic. Try doing that with a laptop!
Steve Jobs is also an inventor on an additional 30 US published applications, and first inventor on 10 of them.
The iPad 2 claims the same standby time as the iPad 1: 30 days. So unless it's being used continuously at fairly high brightness for 10 hours, it shouldn't even need to be plugged in (which of course it can be).
If you have professional requirements for the OS, wait awhile before upgrading to Lion, until more bugs have been shaken out and the software you use has been updated. Most OS features you don't want can simply be turned off or ignored. I like Lion, but the removal of Rosetta caused me some headaches.
Apple is the most valuable company in the world, in terms of market cap. They should have more than a few hundred stores (with all but a few in US, Canada, and England). There is obviously a large unmet demand -- witness the level of excitement here and all the fake stores in China. I think it's time they stopped taking a boutique approach, with each store fancily designed in a high end mall. They should just open a big bunch of nice stores in decent places with some...
I think you're misunderstanding the feature. Your most recent 1000 photos are visible on all your devices. Any that you like and want to keep should be moved into albums, and those will also be visible on all your devices (and, I believe, can be shared). The photostream just avoids the step of manually moving the new photos.
According to Scott Forstall at the WWDC keynote (quoting comScore data from April), iOS has 44% of the mobile OS market, and Android has 28%.
These patents are all continuations based on US 5,542,115, filed in June of 1994, and claim priority from that date.
Check. They don't.
"Knowingly and deliberately" usually just means that they informed Apple of their patent and Apple didn't license it or stop using the disputed technology.
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