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There have been cellphone cameras for more than five years that have used wavefront coding for extended depth of field (no need to focus, everything is always in focus using post-processing of the sensor's light field information). In fact, there were rumors that Apple would use one of Omnivisions "TrueFocus" wavefront coding sensors in 2007 in the original iPhone, but Apple used a different Omnivision chip instead. I'm not sure why the new light field stuff is getting...
Apple is using exactly the same atoms and molecules as everyone else. They didn't invent a single new atom. So what is this nonsense about others copying Apple's MacBook Air? Apple just markets the same old atoms better to its deluded tiny fanbase.
They must know the separate numbers for iOS and Android. Are the numbers for Android alone so much worse than for iOS that they don't want to embarrass Android by breaking them out?
The media are making this problem harder to solve by misreporting it. This is a crisis stemming from bank bailouts, which is private debt that governments assumed. Except for Greece, the countries in trouble had relatively low debt and decreasing deficits before this started. Now Europe is being crippled by government austerity programs, which amount to trying to get the bailout money back from people who didn't cause the problems, and killing economic recovery in the...
Flash drives may soon replace hard drives because people don't need such big drives on portable devices, but not because they become as cheap as hard drives. I bought a 3TB hard drive in April for $150, which is $.05/GB. The cheapest flash drives are about $1/GB, which is 20 times more expensive per byte. Of course, ten years ago flash was 100 times as expensive as disk.
His arguments stand or fall on their own merits. I would say his graphs are convincing.
I don't see this on my iPhone.[Edit: Thanks, Wurm5150. I see they were referring to what to do when you click on the link in the article, which wasn't in the description above. I tried directly visiting the main store page. This is very cool!]
Continuing to sell the current model as the new low end seems likely -- they've done this with the iPhone. I'm hoping for an 8GB iPad2 for $299, along with the release of the iPad3. This is $200 less than the current low end model, with half the memory. This would be near cost, but would really suck the oxygen out of the market for competing tablets. $349 is probably more likely, though.
If the share price doesn't go up, in another few years AAPL will have accumulated more earnings per share than its stock price. That is, it will have accumulated $400 billion in cash and other assets. The stock price is obviously going to start going up before that happens, so it's just a question of when. It could be soon. So I wouldn't be so sure the stock will keep going down with the market.
This raises Google Movies' profile. I think the interface is very nice (you just mouse over to see a quick summary). I am a big Apple fan, but I would certainly use this. The real problem for everyone seems to be the stone age business models of the studios and distributors. If Apple wants to get around lack of newest content, stupid viewing constraints, overpricing, and DRM, they should just buy a few movie studios and independent production companies. This is how...
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