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I think they're saying this is a normal Bluetooth paired device, so you can only have one phone paired with it.
All the copiers are throwing up dust to try to prevent Apple's patents from stopping them.
There are several Bluetooth (and other) pressure sensitive styluses already available for iOS devices, so I don't think Adobe patents are going to be a big issue (unless they buy these other companies).
How about hedge fund managers? David Tepper, founder of hedge fund firm Appaloosa Management, made $2.2 billion last year.
The readers of this site are obviously interested in the breakdown of what fraction of app revenue accrues to Apple, and what fraction to others. Is that information not available?
No one who works with patents would pay any attention to this development. Nothing has been invalidated -- we're in the middle of yet another re-examination. Each time another examiner gets involved, the arguments start again and some examiners get stuck on points that other examiners find non-issues. That's why this is a back and forth process, with several opportunities to appeal to higher authority. And even in the most extreme situation, Apple is always free to add...
When Steve Jobs introduced the nano, he showed off the watch face and mentioned that one of the board members planned to wear it as a watch. It's true that it wasn't until version 1.2 of the software that they added another 17 watch faces, but the idea was there from the very start, explicitly mentioned and supported by Apple.
According to statistics from Net Applications, iOS gets almost three times the Web usage as Android, and according to Distimo iOS developers are making more than four times as much revenue. So I'm not sure who is saying that nobody uses iOS.
  I agree that Lynch seems like a bit of a jerk, but he is certainly not Mansfield's replacement: Mansfield is a hardware guy and Lynch is purely a software guy.  It's also worth keeping in mind that the hiring process at Apple involves the new prospect talking to people from all over the company.  Tim Cook would have had input on this from many people.
Nothing on Google News about this. I don't understand how increasing the dividend is supposed to affect investor behavior. AAPL stock typically changes by $5 per day. How would a quarterly dividend of $5 change investor behavior? I think this is all just Wall Street pundits foaming at the mouth.
New Posts  All Forums: