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HBO is a major part of expensive cable packages. Cable operators undoubtedly pay them a lot not to offer HBO Go separately online.
Apple makes high margins by selling built-in flash memory. It has modest margins on it's lowest capacity devices, which makes it hard for competitors to get into the market by underselling them with a desirable low-end device. Then it has high margin devices with lots of flash memory, so the higher end customers have something to buy. If low end competition ever becomes a real problem, they'll just cut the price of their entry-level devices.You can't compete with that...
Agree completely. If Apple wants to police apps that need a safe-search mode, they should always require the "restrictions" (i.e., parental controls) password to be typed to turn off safe search on iOS (if such a password has been set). Note that it's not really true that you can't put restrictions on Safari, but it's clearly a losing battle.
Didn't I just read that Apple sold more smartphones in the latest quarter than all Android device makers combined?
I just went into the Google Search app on my iPhone and turned Safe Search off, and did an image search. Plenty of pornographic images available. There's clearly a double standard here. What Apple should do is have a parental control that lets parents set the safe search level in apps that have this issue, rather than ban apps that are mostly non-sexual.
No, the Kantar website makes it clear that their statistics discussed here only relate to phones.
People willing to go to a little extra trouble can use non-Apple media on Apple devices. The most important thing for Apple is just that everything is available to their customers. They want media to never be a reason not to buy an Apple device. The actual media revenues don't matter -- Apple breaks even on the iTunes store. They make their money on hardware.
I don't know about Safari, but it's very easy to email your resume from Pages as an MS word document.
Isn't $25 a month on top of $45 a month um … $70 a month? I guess the difference is that $449 for an iPhone 4 would be paid off in 18 months (plus some extra time to pay the credit card interest for carrying a balance?).
Agreed! The number people want to know on this site is the relative share of iOS vs Android! What was it?
New Posts  All Forums: