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I just went into the Google Search app on my iPhone and turned Safe Search off, and did an image search. Plenty of pornographic images available. There's clearly a double standard here. What Apple should do is have a parental control that lets parents set the safe search level in apps that have this issue, rather than ban apps that are mostly non-sexual.
No, the Kantar website makes it clear that their statistics discussed here only relate to phones.
People willing to go to a little extra trouble can use non-Apple media on Apple devices. The most important thing for Apple is just that everything is available to their customers. They want media to never be a reason not to buy an Apple device. The actual media revenues don't matter -- Apple breaks even on the iTunes store. They make their money on hardware.
I don't know about Safari, but it's very easy to email your resume from Pages as an MS word document.
Isn't $25 a month on top of $45 a month um … $70 a month? I guess the difference is that $449 for an iPhone 4 would be paid off in 18 months (plus some extra time to pay the credit card interest for carrying a balance?).
Agreed! The number people want to know on this site is the relative share of iOS vs Android! What was it?
I really think that some AAPL investors should sue AppleInsider over these misleading stories. Are you being paid to do this? No Apple patents have been invalidated recently. A first office action in a re-examination proceeding is almost meaningless. To use this "news" to write scurrilous headlines is criminal, in my opinion.
I've never been involved in litigation, just in writing patents.  If a patent claim is changed that is the basis of ongoing litigation, I assume the court would have to decide whether or not the changes made matter to the case.   But even without changing anything, the examination process is long and this is just the first step, and doesn't really tell us anything about the final outcome.  After the initial two examinations there can be requests for continued examination,...
I've been through a zillion examinations. The first office action is almost always a rejection of all claims. The first action is non-final. The second action, if no claims are changed, is listed as final. But if you change anything in a claim in response, then you're back to non-final. This can go on ad infinitum. There is no limit.
This story is idiotic! Look at the document included in the story: this is about an office action!! The patent has not been invalidated!!!!! This is a re-examination, and this patent has been previously re-examined and upheld. Examinations almost always begin by the examiner rejecting all claims. I hope some investors that get fooled by this story sue the pants off AppleInsider!
New Posts  All Forums: