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Apple should make it more apparent that when you send a text between iOS devices, you automatically use iMessage. Just telling people to use iMessage when they aren't aware it's an automatic action isn't helpful! Messages that are blue in the Messages app use iMessage and are secure. Messages that are green are using SMS and cost you extra and are insecure.
As long as Apple keeps doubling their profits every year, as they have been, it will be hard for the stock price to not go up. AAPL is up 7x since the start of 2009 and the PE is about the same.
Apple could indicate when the sender is authenticated (e.g., show a little lock icon or something when it's able to use iMessage to send the message). But it already uses a different color, so maybe that's just an education issue. Still, it might be a worthwhile marketing issue to make the security of iMessage more obvious.
It seems irrational for them to go from a policy of 100% subsidy to one of 0% subsidy for their most desired phone. Clearly a 100% subsidy is aimed at stealing customers from other carriers, and so must be recognized as a marketing cost. If that marketing campaign is unsustainable, they need to charge more for something. Completely giving up on marketing the iPhone via subsidies sounds like the kind of solution that only people who are shorting AAPL predict (here as...
They could be interested in using the technology to improve their touch screens. But I'm guessing the most likely thing is a really good fingerprint sensor replacing the home button in every iDevice, which will cost them almost nothing with their economies of scale, but will be hard for their competitors to match. Perhaps it will maintly be used to tell who is using a shared device, so you can have per-user preferences. Or in combination with other sensors and...
No. The argument back and forth with the patent office ("office actions" from the patent office and "responses" from the applicants) is mostly about prior art. Applicants have the advantage here since they can keep responding and adjusting the claims until they get some sort of patent issued, whereas examiners have much more limited time and resources. So the examiners do try to rule on novelty, but a lot slips through, especially in the broadest claims.You're right in...
There's also the issue that most people currently don't have a Thunderbolt device to plug this into! USB3 is compatible with earlier USB, so that's what is likely to be used here. Hopefully, though, they'll design this as a hybrid, so that future devices can also support Thunderbolt without another change in the connector.
I'm hoping they've designed the new connector in a way that lets them later upgrade to Thunderbolt without again changing the connector. That would presumably require using some pins to identify the electrical protocol. The same pins could also serve as power and ground, since they don't change while the connector is plugged in.
The fact that Google went in the Android direction has been bad for both Google and Apple. Android isn't making much money for Google, costs a lot, and Google is missing a lot of opportunities for collaboration with Apple. And Apple loses out by distancing themselves from Google search and Google Maps, which are what Google is really good at. Plus the kinds of databases that Google has created, including ones that let it do things like translate languages well, are...
  There are certainly enormous issues with how safe or reliable this would be.  I'm also worried about sending very private information to Nuance, or giving them control over who has password-level access to my bank accounts and other private data.   At the least, I want my bank to do its own authentication before it gives out my money!  Maybe they are thinking of using this as a second authentication factor, to be used in addition to passwords?
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