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  Since most stores list in-store availability the day after the start of WWDC, the evidence is strongly for 2.
Graphic not working on my laptop either (Safari).
  The iPad2 that is currently being sold has a new processor, which is a 28nm version of its original processor.  This was a technology test but gives a 16 hour battery life for playing videos.  I would think that revving the processor on the 3GS and doubling the DRAM would let the phone remain viable for a few more years, without adding significantly to the minimum profitable price.
  Andy Zaky has a good track record in his predictions, so it makes sense to listen to him.   Personally, I suspect that Apple's profits will double twice more in the next three years, with iPad passing the PC in worldwide sales and iPhone benefitting from its halo.  I think the stock price will only double once, though, because people just don't believe what they see.  So a trailing P/E of 7, and really only 6 excluding cash on hand.
  I would agree that the tax code is a mess, but do you really understand what it would mean to have no government?  The US is a complex organism, and if you remove all regulation and control you don't get some ideal free market, what you get is a twitching mass of uncontrolled cancerous cell growth.  There's an old saying that the fire code is written in blood -- every regulation is there because of some terrible disaster that happened.  Similarly with many other safety...
  Completely agree!  If you think the situation is bad in your area, think of China, which is Apple's fastest growing market.  They have, what, three stores in China?  This is crazy.  As Apple's profits double each year, their customer base also doubles.  They need to do something radical about building stores faster.  They're way past the, "every store a unique work of art" phase!
  iPhone sales are steadily increasing on all carriers.  Even if Sprint sales stayed constant at 1.8 million per quarter, which is the latest number, the total after 14 more quarters would reach 28.5 million.  If you project any increase at all, 30 million looks like a safe bet.
    Cynically, I thought they were probably being paid by Apple's competitors or by antivirus software vendors.        
    Appleinsider: You've got the Apple and Nokia numbers reversed.  Please fix this.        
    According to Google's official blog announcement, 25GB costs $30/year, 100GB is $60/year and 1TB is $600/year.  I'm not sure where your numbers come from.   EDIT:  As someone pointed out below, AI had the old prices, which were much better.  
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