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I kept getting that until I clicked on the "Store" button again.
There are only glass inlays on the back, because a solid metal case wouldn't let the antennas "see out".
From http://www.apple.com/iphone/design/   "Although the surface of the iSight camera is as clear as glass, it’s not made of glass. It’s actually sapphire crystal, whose hardness is second only to diamond on the scale of transparent materials. That means the surface of the lens is far less likely to scratch."
The problem with just naming the new iPhone "new iPhone", which is what they do with most of their products, is that they continue to sell several generations of old devices at lower prices, so they need model names. This isn't a problem with the MacBook Air, for example, because they stopped selling the MacBook Air 4,1 when the 5,1 came out.
I installed the SMC change before I saw Rich's warning above, so I tried an experiment.  With WiFi on and brightness at 1/3 max (and display sleep set to never), I played an mp4 video fullscreen in a loop.  Battery life was just over 4 hours.  I'm not sure how that compares to normal.  Walt Mossberg got over 6 hours in his review of this machine at 100% brightness, but that was with just a loop of music playing.
I got the late 2010 Air soon after it came out, and I don't have Power Nap under Mountain Lion. The SMC update for the 2011 Air isn't compatible, and I don't see any other update available. I suspect something changed after my Air debuted, so perhaps most 2010 Air's support Power Nap, but not mine :(   [[Update: there was a Mountain Lion developer's beta for the late model 2010 Air SMC that enabled Power Nap.  Those that have it on those machines may have been developers....
The article says Power Nap works with mid 2011 and later. As I said, my Air is late 2010, but has the same design as mid-2011 (with only tiny differences). The earlier Airs had a very different design. Does Power Nap work with the 2nd major design (my Air) or with mid-2011 and later (as the article states)? Please answer my actual question.
I have the MacBook Air 3,1 (late 2010) and there are no visible differences in the design between it and the 4,1 (mid 2011). The display port connector turned into a thunderbolt connector, and the keyboard went back to being backlit. The screen and the case were completey unchanged. So how is this a different design?
The slide says MacBook Air (2nd generation) gets Power Nap. The article says mid 2011 Air does. The MacBook Air 1,1 came out in early 2008; 2,1 in late 2008; 3,1 in late 2010; 4,1 in mid 2011 and 5,1 in mid 2012 (accoring to Wikipedia). Does that mean that the MacBook Air 4,1 is the second generation Air? Or has the plan changed?
I only use street view occasionally on iOS, so it's fine for me to have it available in a separate Google app, for now. I actually think, though, that to avoid degrading their product Apple should continue to license street view from Google, keeping it as a low profile feature of iOS maps for the moment while they build their own independent version.
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