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theverge.com says the planned price for iDevices Switch is $50 each.  An X10 appliance module (switch) costs about $15, and an X10 controlled outlet is only about $20.  Of course X10 is flaky, and early adopters usually pay a premium.
Looking at cheap SSD's and hard disks on Amazon, the cheapest 1TB SSD's are around $0.36 per GB, while the cheapest 5TB hard disk is around $0.0315 per GB, which is a factor of 12...
It seems like a great thing that tech companies can cooperate to try to defend themselves from uncertainty and risk from patents without waiting for government action. But Apple would probably benefit more than any other big tech company from simply getting rid of patents altogether, since they're already pretty good at using secrecy to get a big first mover advantage. You'd have to legislate "no new patents" after some date, though, and just live with the old ones until...
 From the article, Apple struggling in iAd sales due to strict privacy policies: "Apple is struggling to attract advertisers to its iAd network due to its more restrictive privacy policies that limit the amount of customer information shared with advertisers, says a report in AdAge. Apple trails competitors like Google and Facebook, which are more permissive with they data they share.  One person familiar with the matter describes Apple as “the best-looking girl at the...
What happened is that, around 9:50am, $767 million of AAPL stock was sold in 30 seconds, the stock plunged by 5%, and the limit-down rules of the exchange kicked in, preventing trading below $111.27. If there hadn't been trades at this level, trading would have paused completely for 15 minutes. But there were trades, and the stock recovered somewhat. My cynical interpretation is that someone started this deliberately, selling a bunch of stock and setting off a chain...
All investment involves some level of risk. The big difference between the stock market and a casino is that, historically, the overall odds have been significantly in favor of the investor. But remember that after the crash in 1929, it took the Dow 25 years to get back to pre crash levels. Your greater rewards are payment for risk.
6 plus, two months in my pocket with no case or screen protector:   still. perfect.
This is why Apple uses outside manufacturers: what would they do with excess capacity at low points in their cycle?  The outside manufacturers can sell their extra capacity to other companies.
Transparent aluminum …Yes, Sapphire is aluminum oxide.
The DOJ acts as if only too much privacy is dangerous!  Children die every day due to lack of privacy: bullies find out home addresses, kids' shameful secrets are exposed and they commit suicide, etc.  And lack of privacy that hurts parents can leave their kids in dangerous situations.  If lack of privacy is bad for society, it will kill kids in many indirect ways.
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