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I agree.  Also, when AI is done on the server side (as in Siri) using big data and big processors, the less you know about the person the harder it is to put information into context.  Keeping things anonymous also adds complexity, which means longer development time and more bugs.  The right way for Apple to do this is to let servers see everything, and just not share anything with third parties.
I agree about executives: I have no issue with how much Apple pays any executive.  The right decision in such a large enterprise can be worth billions to them.  I don't really see inequality as a worker-wage issue that can be solved by individual companies, though.  It's a societal issue. Forgetting about Liberals and Conservatives, it's simply inefficient to have too large a fraction of people be poor.  You end up wasting their abilities, and those of their kids (who...
SanDisk already sells one of these. 32GB for $50 at Amazon (higher on their web site).
AAPL has $200 billion in cash and has given back more than $100 billion in stock buybacks and dividends.  So basically Wall Street values the company as worth about twice the cash they would have on hand if they hadn't bothered to give any back.  It seems as if, had they just kept all the money, eventually Wall Street would value them as worth less than their cash on hand.
Apple Pay accepts debit cards, which also avoid almost all fees. The merchants should just do something to encourage use of debit cards. In fact, the good security of Apple Pay helps with that.
The updated retina MacBook Pro also uses NVMExpress, from what I've read.  Does that mean it also uses this new SSD controller chip?
 Hedge funds invest in a combination of long and short positions, trying to get a good return with a reduced downside risk. They generally get a fee plus a percentage of the upside (2% and 20% seems standard).  Over the past decade they have significantly underperformed compared to the market average, and have not shielded their participants from risk better than index funds.  Some funds always do better than average of course, but what we've seen here...
I don't see why not. Apple just implemented the NFC secure tokenization standard. I expect Google to copy them, as soon as they give up on wallet.
16 bits is 65536 different levels of magnitude.  That's less than a micron in vertical resolution on the scale of the diagram you've provided!  That is, your diagram is bull.
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