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Smartphone market share is a red herring. The overall cell phone market is almost the same as last year, so the share of that market is much more revealing. Apple is gaining market share there as fast as any mass market technology has ever grown (at least in the US -- I don't know the international numbers). They just started later than smartphones did, so it takes awhile to catch up. It would be almost impossible for Apple to be doing any better, since they're matching...
The one meter lightning cable from Apple is $19. Less, not more, than this.
I'm very happy with AirVideo. Plays anything, with live conversion on my Mac or PC, and streams my home machine to anywhere.
Clearly some of our country's regulatory mechanisms are broken and need to be fixed.  This is hardly just a problem of the present administration though -- things were far more screwed up and incompetent under Bush!  But complaining about regulation in general is like saying the cells in our body should be free to do whatever they want.  That's called cancer.  We can't get rid of government, we have to make it work.
Amazon never publishes sales figures, so maybe they normally sell 100 per day, and sold 2400 that day.  Who knows?  Idiot reporting.
Apple will have a majority share of all cell phone subscribers in the US by the middle of 2015, according to a straight line extrapolation of their current growth (http://www.asymco.com/2013/12/13/how-many-americans-will-be-using-an-iphone/).  They currently have a little over 25%, up from 17.5% a year ago and 10.2% two years ago.
Apple is exactly keeping up with the smartphone market in terms of the constant of its exponential growth (see recent articles at asymco.com about penetration ratio).  The only difference is that Apple's exponential growth started a little after the market as a whole.  That's not a cause for alarm, it's just a fact.
The obvious drawback I see with this case is the use of a USB connector for charging.  Who wants to plug in twice at night?  Unfortunately there probably isn't a protocol for attaching two devices to the same lightning connector (keyboard plus whatever external device you want to ​plug in).  The people making external battery-pack cases presumably have the same problem, which is why they also charge with micro USB. It shouldn't be too hard to have just a pass-through for...
If you look at the original article, you can see that Apple now has 25.4% of all cell phone subscribers in the US (40.6% of 62.5% of all subscribers). That's up from 25.1% only a month earlier, 17.5% Sept 2012, and 10.2% Sept 2011. As Horace Dediu has pointed out, this growth makes a nice straight line on a log plot of penetration/nonpenetration versus time. That's what exponential growth looks like in a finite market. iPhone is still on track to pass combined Android...
Just because the stock market is irrational doesn't mean Tim Cook did anything wrong. Apple makes the best products and most of the profits in each of its markets. The market share issue is particularly screwy. Just focusing on the US, where we have good figures, more than 25% of *all* cellphones in use are now iPhones (up from 17.5% a year ago, and 10.2% two years ago). And almost all tablet use is on iPads, so they're killing the market they're actually competing in...
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