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According to comScore, more than 25% of all cell phones (not just smartphones) in use in the US right now are iPhones.  This is 8% more share than a year ago, and 14% more than two years ago.  This coming year Apple's share will pass all Android phones combined in the US.  So I'm not sure exactly how Apple is losing in the market share war.
These are the feature phones of the tablet market.  They replace things like cheap portable DVD players.  And just as feature phones were taken over by Android, so have these been.  But the real competition comes as devices get smarter.  Eventually all cell phones and all tablets become app platforms.  Apple will continue to dominate the ones that aren't junk.
I'm a big fan of DED, but the humor would be enhanced if he hadn't somehow ended up with all of the Numbers graphs he showed being wrong. None of them show seven differently labeled items, as they should. Edit: This has now been corrected, but DED should acknowledge that his figures have been corrected. Journalism!
Apple doesn't keep information it doesn't want to know.  This protects it from having that information subpoenaed or stolen.  If the government passes a law requiring it to keep certain information, then it has no choice.  If there are laws on the books that can require Apple to change their mass-market messaging software so that it logs more information, or change its protocols to enable a wiretap, then there's nothing Apple can do about that.  But changing a live system...
 Her sentence was "It gives every associate a platform to talk back to Christoper and I."  It needs to end with "me", as in "talk back to me", not "talk back to I".  But no real person has perfect grammar in their speech.
When has Apple ever focused on specs in its advertising?
I notice that there's a (new?) setting Messages>Send as SMS which for me is off after the update. The description is, "Send as SMS when iMessage is unavailable".
I wonder if they paid Delta to take these at no cost?  MS might consider that a worthwhile advertising expense.
The cases are silicone rubber, not silicon. I have a friend who would often talk about silicone valley, which made me smile.
The 5c will be the low end next year, probably at $400 unsubsidized. It makes sense to replace their mid-tier now with something that they can mass-market price next year.
New Posts  All Forums: