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I think displaying the most recent carrier with no SIM is expected behavior, and the leaker presumably wouldn't want the unit's serial number to show, as that might allow the source of the iPhone to be identified.
Looks like Gruber was right about the display resolution.  The icons seem to be the same size on both 5s and 6 displays, so probably still 326 pixels per inch, exactly as before, making the overall 4.7" display 1334x750.  
 The high-value jobs resulting from Apple products involve content production (apps and media) and use (new ways to work and play).  The number of manufacturing jobs is tiny in comparison, and they pay much less.  It would certainly be a net negative in job creation if manufacturing was made less efficient, making the products more expensive.
The people doing this may not even know what the new screen sizes are for sure. This is just reserving a place in line, plus a survey about screen size preferences.
Tablets had been on sale for a decade before Steve sat down with the iPad. And of course music players were old news when the iPod debuted.  Apple isn't worried about others coming out with smart watches first.  They just want to make sure whatever they come out with is good.
Figures 18 and 19 in the patent are interesting, because they show structures at the base of the "tongue" in the middle of the connector that let it deflect all the way to the top or bottom of the housing, as needed.  And they do this spreading the stress appropriately, so the connector can last a long time.  The only drawback that I see is that it's confusing to have some USB connectors that you need to carefully orient, and some that look pretty much the same that you...
Considering the  size and shape of the displays we've seen leaked, I would guess the new 4.7" iPhone will be about 1/4" wider and 1/2" taller than the existing iPhone 5s.  Not so gigantic.  And it's probably not much heavier than the 4" models, which are pretty light (100gms).
 According to the article, Wolf says the reason for the decline is that Apple store sales are "hostage to the company's overall distribution strategies".  By that he means that Apple is increasingly distributing its products through third parties (cell phone carriers, Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, Costco, etc.).  Nothing wrong with the stores, just a change in distribution strategy.  This is particularly important in countries where Apple has few stores: Apple only has 12...
 In a rational world, the value of a company wouldn't depend on how much stock there is: it would depend just on how well it's doing in the marketplace!  In that "rational world", if there's less stock the same value is divided up among fewer people: each owns more! That's why they say that a share buyback (which retires the shares bought) returns capital to the shareholders. If we pretend the world is rational, the formula you're looking for is   (comparable peak price) =...
I would add,6) Google doesn't get any search revenue from social media links, even though many (most?) ultimately came from Google searches.  The more people get their links from Facebook and Twitter, the fewer Google ads they see.
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