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 It's worth mentioning that the reason the game has continued this long is that 2D lithography builds up 3D structures.  Capacitors that remember the bits (voltage levels) on DRAM chips have been made that are 100 times deeper than wide, so even at thin line widths they still contain lots of atoms (and electrons).  Entire memory structures have also been stacked, so counting merely by the 2D area per bit is misleading.  The only fundamental barrier keeping us from building...
The numbers look a bit suspicious, since Apple has reported sales of over 20 million units, and the US is generally at least 1/3 of its market, so that should be about 7 million units in the US, vs 8 million for Roku.  So how does Roku have such a large lead?
Apple's smartphone share in the US has held steady at around 41% for most of the past year, as smartphones have gone from 60% to 70% of all cellphones.  That's probably about where Apple will still be in a few more years, when all US cellphones are smartphones (it's the best-fit saturation for a logistic curve using all the comscore iPhone penetration data for the past four years).  That's pretty good for a "top-end" brand!  Affordable luxury.
Testing for sapphire by bending the thing under his shoe seems pretty lame! In fact, gorilla glass is supposed to be more flexible than sapphire, so this test shows nothing. He should give the thing to someone with equipment to actually determine what it's made of. Just checking the index of refraction would be a big clue, since sapphire is around 1.8 and gorilla glass is around 1.5. I'm skeptical that this is actually sapphire. I think Apple is going to need all its...
 Give it a rest!  Gore never claimed to invent the internet, he claimed to have played the leading political role in bringing it about.  That is true, and is backed up by the technical people who actually invented the internet.
iPhones are produced on an assembly line.  If robots replace people, a single robot still doesn't build an iPhone.  If an iPhone takes 1000 steps to assemble, then 1,000 of these robots can produce 30,000 iPhones per year, and 10,000 can produce 300,000.  But I'm still skeptical the author has the numbers right!
The best fit logistic curve for iPhone penetration data for the past 48 months is that iPhone will saturate at 39% of the total US cellphone market (they're currently at 29.4%). This is a good fit, so it seems pretty likely.  Thus when all phones are smartphones, we expect Apple's share to be about 39% in the US, which is about what its share of smartphones is now. So as smartphones increasingly dominate (they're currently about 70% of all phones in the US), we should...
 If government isn't good, we'd damn well better make it good!  A complex organism can't function without regulation.  Shall we let companies assassinate each other's leaders?  Maybe manufacturers should save money by dumping their toxic waste into your yard?
They explained that during the keynote.  Third party keyboards have the highest level of sandboxing, so they can't send any info anywhere but to the app using it.  The keyboard software can request access to the internet, but then you get the big scary warning.
According to the comScore MobiLens data, Apple had 27.8% of all US cellphone subscribers in January, and 28.8% in April. Their share of people grew as much as usual. The fact that their share of the "Smartphone Market" shrunk slightly just means they didn't grow quite as fast as feature phones are disappearing.
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