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The 6+ is apparently at least as good in these bend tests as the Note 4; so this video at least doesn't point up an Apple flaw.  And how exactly is it that a much longer and much thinner iPhone 6 isn't going to be more susceptible to bending than the 5?
As I recall, Scott Forstall is the one who got fired over the maps mess.  This guy may well have been telling Forstall the maps weren't ready for release.  Apple doesn't keep incompetent people around: this report is way out of line.
It's true that UI elements are constructed at higher resolution, to make touch targets scale simply in UI designs, but it's unlikely they're scaling video twice!  Video is decoded in hardware, for power efficiency.  Scaling and rescaling  would waste power and result in poorer quality.   There's no reason for them to do it that way.
The iPhone 6 plus is thinner than the phones that didn't bend.  According to Apple, they've had 9 people complain so far about this issue, out of the first ten million phones it sold.  I plan to keep my 6 plus in my front pocket and don't plan to use a case.
There were also people who claimed their iPhone 5's bent in their pockets.  Very few did.  Engineering is a matter of tradeoffs.  Nothing is unbendable or unbreakable.  Apple made the 6 plus light and thin, and they'll probably make at least 100 million of them.  They wouldn't do that if their testing didn't indicate bending wasn't going to be an issue.  They feel very solid in the store, and I'm looking forward to the two I've ordered for me and my wife arriving.
News reports about the break ins at Home Depot and Target never seem to mention that their point of sale systems were running Windows XP and were compromised by well known exploits for XP.  I also see talking heads lumping together these credit card breaches with social engineering breaches that accessed nude photos at Apple.  It seems to me that no matter what Apple does with NFC and credit cards, they will continue to get lumped in by ignorant media commentators with...
Since the upgrade requires 5GB free space, it seems particularly strange that Apple currently sells the 5C as its low end model with just 8GB of total storage!  I think the marketing people and the engineers need to talk more.
This all sounds like a bit of a mess, where using standard protocols and chips requires cobbling together a bunch of different solutions to get one that has all the benefits.  With so many protocols going on at once, it's hard to guarantee security and reliability.  If this is the best way to do it at this point in time, though, this certainly  gives an integrated vendor such as Apple a big advantage.
 I once tried to use my iPhone for underwater photography, using a case that was basically a fancy ziplock bag.  I found that the capacitive touch didn't work well in salt water, particularly more than a few feet down.
 Every iPhone or iPad with NFC can be a portable NFC terminal, if it's given the right software.
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