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It's not really a subsidy, since they get it all back in the contract. It's just a kind of payment plan. It can be replaced by more transparent payment plans, without any change in overall cost. Should make no difference.
IMDb has been owned by Amazon since 1998. It's surprising they didn't have this integration with Amazon Prime sooner.
You do understand that this is just a rumor?  No one is forcing you, yet, to get a bigger iPhone.
 The patent system has a practical viewpoint on what is obvious.  If there's a real problem that's been around for awhile, and no one else has come up with your solution, then it isn't obvious. BTW, a lot of people at Apple deserve credit for coming up with good ideas, not just Steve Jobs.
 What does Samsung do for Maps if they stop using Android?  Maybe they license someone else's? (Nokia/MS?)
How is the WiFi range? What happens if you fly it out of range?
 There have been some amazing new products in the past two years.  As for vaporware, the only things I can remember Apple ever pre-announcing were the original iPhone and the new Mac Pro.  Seem pretty real to me.
 Exactly right!  The transition to "smartphones" is something that carriers are doing and is happening very quickly.  Consumer choice is happening much more slowly.  Growth in the mobile-phone market is much more meaningful, because you don't have these two different effects mixed together: growth in the overall mobile phone market is slow, so you can see Apple's share there growing steadily.   Wolf is also making the usual mistake in saying there's nothing that will allow...
I looked at both old and new, and liked the old one better.  It said a bit less, but I think the jurors are more likely to understand it.
At the moment the link from the home page of AppleInsider to this article is broken (error 404).
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