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 In the US Apple store the 8GB 4S is $0 with contract.  In Japan, all carriers offer a 16GB 5S for free with a two year contract.
 That just emphasizes the fact that smartphone sales are the wrong metric.  Apple is gaining mobile phone sales with a steady exponential growth: penetration/nonpenetration is growing exponentially with a constant exponent.  Its steady growth is increasingly at the expense of everyone else, since the smartphone pie isn't growing much anymore in the US.  But the total pie of mobile phone subscribers has been almost constant all along.  What logistic growth means is that...
 This is still closely tracking the logistic behavior Horace Dediu noted a few months ago.  At the current rate, iPhone will have 50% of the entire US mobile phone market (not just smartphones!) in October 2015.  As of January it has about 28% of mobile phone subscribers in the US (according to the comScore report).
At the time I'm writing this, your link above points to a March *2013* report by comScore.
You write, "One alternative that comes to mind is Other World Computing's recently-released 10-, 20- and 30-meter cables, though we have yet to test a sample and cannot comment on the lineup's performance." OWC seems to have similar prices for their optical thunderbolt cables. Wouldn't this have been a good place to test both and compare? Though since they probably use the same chips they're unlikely to be much different.
I don't know the figures for the world phone market, but for the past two years Apple iPhone's share of all US mobile phone subscribers has increased by over 7 percentage points each year -- from 10.2% in Sept 11 to 17.5% in Sept 12 to 25.1% in Sept 13.
Smartphone market share is a red herring. The overall cell phone market is almost the same as last year, so the share of that market is much more revealing. Apple is gaining market share there as fast as any mass market technology has ever grown (at least in the US -- I don't know the international numbers). They just started later than smartphones did, so it takes awhile to catch up. It would be almost impossible for Apple to be doing any better, since they're matching...
The one meter lightning cable from Apple is $19. Less, not more, than this.
I'm very happy with AirVideo. Plays anything, with live conversion on my Mac or PC, and streams my home machine to anywhere.
Clearly some of our country's regulatory mechanisms are broken and need to be fixed.  This is hardly just a problem of the present administration though -- things were far more screwed up and incompetent under Bush!  But complaining about regulation in general is like saying the cells in our body should be free to do whatever they want.  That's called cancer.  We can't get rid of government, we have to make it work.
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