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No invite, but I logged into iCloud and the iWork apps were there.  Pages can import Word documents, and share as Word documents. Same with Numbers and Excel documents, and Keynote and Powerpoint documents! So basically everyone with an Apple ID has a free version of an excellent Word/Excel/Powerpoint compatible office suite in the cloud!  This is NOT GOOD for Microsoft!
Google is down 5% today after posting its financials, with rapidly declining ad values.  And Google still makes more from iOS than from Android.  Apple makes 72% of the profits in the cell phone industry, and 45% of the profits in the Intel-PC market -- around 70% of the profit in the whole PC hardware industry if you count iPad!  So how exactly is Google, with 1/3 of its profitability, killing Apple in the value department?   (BTW, you do realized that "billions of daily...
According to today's post at Asymco.com this is BS. Dediu says that smartphone penetration is about 60% in the US (lower elsewhere) and the rate of switching to smartphones in the US is accelerating. It's currently about 583,000 per week, up from a 41 week average of 572,000.
Munster suggests that Apple buy IBM's chip process technology (and people), which is about the best in the world and which is rumored to be up for sale.  This is not starting from scratch. This seems like a much better use for a few billion dollars of Apple's enormous profits than just giving it back to the shareholders.  Then of course they should also hire some of the world's best fab experts and build a fab.
You do realize that Amazon was selling its ebooks well below its cost, in order to gain a monopoly in the ebook market?  So the prices were bound to go up eventually, when all competition was destroyed.
If this is iOS versus Android operating system share, why aren't we counting tablets also?  In which case iOS is already well ahead of all Android devices combined, in the US.   From the point of view of developers and market share for iOS, it doesn't make sense to exclude tablets.
The comments on YouTube were funnier than the ad.  Almost all negative.  My favorite was, "Nice spot. I want to buy a goat."  I also liked, "I was waiting for M$ Surface popping keyboard action."
According to asymco.com at the time of the article you cite Apple was actually making 72% of the profits in the cellphone industry and (if you include iPads as PCs) 45% of the profits in the entire PC hardware industry.  It's possible that Apple may have a soft quarter just before introducing a new handset -- since it always has in the past -- but the trend is clear.  Two years ago, Apple only made 66% of the profits in the cellphone industry.
iOS 7 also has the "activation lock" feature, which can be enabled from iCloud.  Then even if a device is wiped by a thief and restored to factory state, it can't be reactivated on any cell network without typing in your iCloud password.  This is supposed to make stolen iPhones almost worthless.
As far as patents go, this seems pretty innocuous. Apple did this in a particular way, and there are many good alternatives: no one else needs to do it in exactly the same way. If they do, they're just copying Apple's painting and signing their own name.
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