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 Her sentence was "It gives every associate a platform to talk back to Christoper and I."  It needs to end with "me", as in "talk back to me", not "talk back to I".  But no real person has perfect grammar in their speech.
When has Apple ever focused on specs in its advertising?
I notice that there's a (new?) setting Messages>Send as SMS which for me is off after the update. The description is, "Send as SMS when iMessage is unavailable".
I wonder if they paid Delta to take these at no cost?  MS might consider that a worthwhile advertising expense.
The cases are silicone rubber, not silicon. I have a friend who would often talk about silicone valley, which made me smile.
The 5c will be the low end next year, probably at $400 unsubsidized. It makes sense to replace their mid-tier now with something that they can mass-market price next year.
This sensor also senses the pattern of blood flow in the finger. It won't work if the finger isn't attached.
Three days ago, AppleInsider had iPhone at 40% of the US smartphone market, with Android declining. It might be nice if you tried to relate one thing you say to the next.
Jobs had a pretty dramatic life.  His companies transformed computing, music, and film.  He was up and down, and turned a near-bankrupt company into the most valuable company in the world.  He knew and loved and worked with some of the smartest and most creative people in the world.  By the end of his story he had a hundred billion dollars and many of the  best hardware and software engineers in the world at his disposal to try to do anything that he could imagine, and he...
App Annie is an analytics company that makes money by selling statistics about the app market. Looking at their website, it seems they get their statistics mainly through having app publishers give them access to their app accounts at Apple, Google, and Amazon. In return for permission to gather anonymized statistics, the publishers get some useful data summaries about their apps (hourly ranking data, country rankings, etc.). They claim to have access to over 10% of...
New Posts  All Forums: