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This all sounds like a bit of a mess, where using standard protocols and chips requires cobbling together a bunch of different solutions to get one that has all the benefits.  With so many protocols going on at once, it's hard to guarantee security and reliability.  If this is the best way to do it at this point in time, though, this certainly  gives an integrated vendor such as Apple a big advantage.
 I once tried to use my iPhone for underwater photography, using a case that was basically a fancy ziplock bag.  I found that the capacitive touch didn't work well in salt water, particularly more than a few feet down.
 Every iPhone or iPad with NFC can be a portable NFC terminal, if it's given the right software.
I forgot about the iOS Apple Store app, and when I couldn't connect to the Apple Store Website last night, I ordered from AT&T.  When I saw this morning that the expected ship date was November, I managed to cancel and reorder online from Apple. I had to talk to a human to get my upgrade eligibility restored right away. The wait on the phone for an AT&T service rep was only about 20 minutes.
The next iPads will have NFC, and so be perfect for use as Apple Pay registers.  The new iPhones could also accept payments, with the right software.
I think it would have made more sense to swipe down over the touch ID button to slide the display down.  Maybe they were worried that people might swipe accidentally and not know how to get the display back!  But as long as the next thing you touch always returns things to normal, there isn't really a problem.
It seems to me the idea would be something like the following.   Present authorization of a transaction takes one round trip: credit card info and amount are sent to the card issuer, and an authorization is returned if the transaction is approved.  This has the problem that all the information needed to perform another transaction is exposed to the merchant's hardware, and is visible on the wire.   If we'd like to make a secure transaction just as fast, we'd like to do...
I think displaying the most recent carrier with no SIM is expected behavior, and the leaker presumably wouldn't want the unit's serial number to show, as that might allow the source of the iPhone to be identified.
Looks like Gruber was right about the display resolution.  The icons seem to be the same size on both 5s and 6 displays, so probably still 326 pixels per inch, exactly as before, making the overall 4.7" display 1334x750.  
 The high-value jobs resulting from Apple products involve content production (apps and media) and use (new ways to work and play).  The number of manufacturing jobs is tiny in comparison, and they pay much less.  It would certainly be a net negative in job creation if manufacturing was made less efficient, making the products more expensive.
New Posts  All Forums: