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I'm very surprised by this also.  I thought for sure they'd include the NFC chip in the iPads, so that both new iPads and new iPhones would have the hardware needed on the merchant side, for small businesses.  This has to be a very deliberate omission.  I'm actually waiting for an iPad Air 2 teardown to confirm that the NFC chip isn't actually hiding inside, unheralded, waiting for some new Apple API's to be released.
I tried adding my Amazon Visa in the Passbook App and was told that my bank doesn't yet support Apple Pay.  Since the Amazon Visa cards are issued by Chase, which is on the list of supported banks, I was surprised.  I wonder if Amazon is resisting the use of Apple Pay?
There is a new industrial revolution going on, which will eventually move most of the jobs out of manufacturing, just as the previous one moved 70% of the population out of agriculture.  We need to figure out how to still have a middle class when most people's work is less essential.  This isn't a problem caused by Apple, and won't be solved by dumping on them.  I really don't want the solution to be that the government hires everybody to be in the military, because that's...
If they have physical possession of your device, they should be able to crack it with enough effort.  For instance, they could break open the A8 chip and, with the right equipment, directly look inside the secure enclave to see the encryption key that's physically stored there.  This would require a lot of work and sophistication, but shouldn't be impossible.
Icahn's letter seems like helpful PR to me.  Just trying to herd the speculators a bit.
His interests are rather short term, and he's also a big shareholder in other companies, such as PayPal, that he might try to push Apple to buy.  Hopefully, though, he's just interested in some PR to emphasize how undervalued AAPL still is.
He sold a tiny amount of his stock the day before the iPhone event (something like $100,000 worth)​, the first day he was allowed to sell that batch of stock.  He obviously knew months earlier that the iPhones weren't going to use sapphire screens.  Or do you think he just found that out at the Apple event, ten days before they started selling the new iPhones?
The 6+ is apparently at least as good in these bend tests as the Note 4; so this video at least doesn't point up an Apple flaw.  And how exactly is it that a much longer and much thinner iPhone 6 isn't going to be more susceptible to bending than the 5?
As I recall, Scott Forstall is the one who got fired over the maps mess.  This guy may well have been telling Forstall the maps weren't ready for release.  Apple doesn't keep incompetent people around: this report is way out of line.
It's true that UI elements are constructed at higher resolution, to make touch targets scale simply in UI designs, but it's unlikely they're scaling video twice!  Video is decoded in hardware, for power efficiency.  Scaling and rescaling  would waste power and result in poorer quality.   There's no reason for them to do it that way.
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