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He can't use the phone to make calls so it is a big deal?
"That's more than twice as heavy as the 12g and 19g assemblies found in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, respectively. " Wow what a difference the weight makes. What a slow news day..lol
Good point.
Funny every rumour is treated as the gospel truth. Time for all writers to take their heads out of where the sun doesn't shine and stop speculating but wait for the real thing from Apple.
"The outlet is still expected to be based in the Mall of the Emirates. The National added though that Apple is not only working on another store in Abu Dhabi, but a second Dubai location, the latter in the Dubai Mall." So tell me where the store is?
I read somewhere in the net that you still need to introduce it into a Mac either through phishing, usb device or an ethernet connection. It is not easy as you said.
Give the discussion a rest you are digging a deeper hole to bury yourself.
Facebook owned it, perhaps after paying a billion they don't have the cash to develop it further.
They can only produce so many a month but not like other companies whose stocks are sitting on the shelves.
Apple Maps is used all the time and it is good.   Do I use google maps the answer is no need because Apple's is just as good.
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