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Give the discussion a rest you are digging a deeper hole to bury yourself.
Facebook owned it, perhaps after paying a billion they don't have the cash to develop it further.
They can only produce so many a month but not like other companies whose stocks are sitting on the shelves.
Apple Maps is used all the time and it is good.   Do I use google maps the answer is no need because Apple's is just as good.
Do you have a link to this desperate attempt by Apple? Similar to what AI mentioned "While Apple is supplying Apple Watch to big names in entertainment and fashion, only Beyonce and Lagerfeld are known to have gold link bracelets. Exclusive band options extend beyond materials, however, as Apple handed out Apple Watch Sport Bands in custom colors to fashionistas attending a launch party in Milan over the weekend." Would love to see a link to this desperate attempt by Apple...
I don't get it why should google be indemnified, it is not being sued by Smartflash.
I doubt Apple will capitulate after the way Tim Cook talked about privacy, others yes but not Apple. Why? consumers will never trust Apple again.
Perhaps you can do better so how about coming out with your own smart watch to show how clever you are.
You talking about Picasso...
I doubt it will be so even in 10 years time. What Primesense did is more plausible than this.
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