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I had been testing Apple Maps and it works flawlessly.As for business locations in your area and if you don't know where they are it looks like you are really in trouble and not Apple Maps.
It seems that every single Apple product must work and last forever. And every bit of Apple news is, well, news and click bait.
TThe 5 looks like the 5s and people will go for it instead of the 5s.Just as people people go for the 4 and 4s instead of the 5 because they look the same design wise.Now there is a differentiation. Aluminum vs plastic.
I wonder whether you are serious or just being sarcastic. When it comes to the lower end smartphones Samsung is in command bur when it in the high end Apple is in the lead. And Samsung certainly sells more lower end ones than anyone else. As for the share price no point trying to figure out the upside down logic of WS and it is a waste of time. I gave up.
When the browsing the net the ideal size is the iPad and even the mini is not good enough as the eye sight gets worse. Most of the web pages are based on I believe the monitor of the desktop, hence the small size of the fonts.I know I own an iPad mini.A larger iPhone will not help when browsing the web but a pair of glasses will do wonders.
Ahhhh, it is not meaningless as you claimed, why because these link bait blogs are persistently find for faults after every new OS or iPhone are introduced to get more hits.One more thing what is original nowadays, even you comment of a comment isn't.
 What a non reply. Nuked is nuked.
 I didn't know there is a queue for iMessage and there certainly is a wau to restart the delivery process. I know you don't use the iPhone so didn't know what is happening in iPhone land.
I may not be running a billion dollar company but I prefer to have cash rather than nothing and debts.Apple don't make acquisition until it has something to do with their products unlike Amazon which acquire companies to add to its revenue stream.I prefer Apple to keep its cash and use it like to buy a fab make their own chips.One more thing how is IBM doing now and I don't think it is anything sterling and may go the way of Dell if they are not careful.
New Posts  All Forums: