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Blame the system, if you are unhappy write to your congressman/men.Stand for election a a congressman and change the law.Oh, is only Apple to blame or some people just love to bitch when Apple is involved.
You mean Apple only use one supplier for each of the component that goes into making the iPhone.
I don't understand this, a fan of blackberry or android always claimed that he is also a huge Apple fan with a house full of Apple gadgets.Get a life dude.
This ad reminds me of a sweaty Balmer yelling developers, developers, developers.
If this app is valuable it wouldn't be $30m perhaps 10x more. Probably useless except to google because Apple was eyeing it. Snooked?
The one who called the kettle black.
It is easy to use a keyboard to tell the world what is ailing Apple and what is exactly ailing Apple.Is the apple of today any different from the one 8 months ago.Are their products selling poorly.Whatever you had been fed come from rumors put out by the used to be respectable media and guess works of analysts who used to be wrong in trying to guess how much miney Apple is making quarter after quarter.They is nothing fundamentally wrong with Apple except the FUD from...
I believe he is referring to the double standard and not to the financial aspect.Furthermore it takes one to know one too.
Wow, I didn't know someone will swat me for asking a person who seem to know everything about righting the wrongs at Apple.   Apple products are within the control of Apple but the stock price can be subjected to manipulation, proof? I don't have any but I am still allowed my speculation or rather response as to what is happening to Apple share price. (they did one on google but it is not featured week after week as what they did to Apple)   Go to market watch.com and...
@ jdnc123   Just which billion company are you running now?   Since you had come up with so many theories of what Apple should do to improve its 'market value'.   We can argue until the cow and bull come home but it will still be argument with nothing substantial like a proven track record to prove your theories work.   So name the company you are running or own.   Yes, btw words are cheap.
New Posts  All Forums: