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@dasanman69   You really believe people will stop buying music.   I am tempted many times to buy one when I heard a song I like. What stopped me is I search for a free one first and if I can't find one I passed.   I use the iTunes radio feature for my listening pleasure. Believe they don't need iRadio and everything is there and if I hear a song I like I use 'SoundHound' to find its name and iTunes is featured there if I want to buy that tune.   With...
Get over it and if you don't like it don't buy their products.   When some have it good they sue instead of getting an exchange for their faulty and now this change of policy you said you got rape, too bad, anyway you can go android which is gang raped.
Very soon the major league will join in because they are missing out on all the revenues this small fry is making.Just a small hole in the wall before the flood.
SoSo true cheap sells better than expensive. Not because they are better only much much cheaper.One more thing they are more manufacturers making android phones too with the aim of racing to the bottom in price.
Can you verify your point?
Get an accountant to do your taxes and you may find the govt owing you some money.Btw pay your dies and not the whine.
Try to get it right when Apple said sold it meant to the consumers and not stored in warehouses so somewhere.No one is asking for sale revenue but the product sold versus shipped.The analysts were not happy because the whispered number was 10 millions Nd Apple 'managed' to sell only 5 millions.Apple could easily have stuffed the channel with 10millions phones.
So there is a management system ready for android?
Furthermore android can easily be forked so the android found in many devices may not be the one developed by google.I believe in time to come those who forked android will continued to improve their branch for their devices.
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