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Hilarious dude... good one
Face it his 3 minute of fame was over for a long time and nothing he said now make any difference.
Fail, your basis is wrong as per perception of Wall Street which is based on emotion and promises albeit empty with nothing of substance.
I just did and everything works fine.   That's what i normally do when I have a new mac.
" many users still prefer to use the Google Maps iOS app, which offers features like Street View and a more robust set of satellite imagery."   Is this a fact or you guys are paid to write this.   Using goog maps because of street view and a more robust.... you guys are joking here. right?
This must be some pretty smart who knows the password to access and make in app purchases.   I wonder who gave him the password or is it a case of auto download?   I just wonder.   Perhaps as someone mentioned after downloading a few hundreds paid purchases i make a complaint and all my spending will be refunded.   What a scam. Sad
Sell your Apple shares and fu*k off.
Didn't know someone here is a frequent visitor.
This happened before or after this - http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/156021/google-asks-journalists-to-tone-down-story-of-massive-google-play-security-flaw
Yes isn't it amazing that there are so many rude people around.Maybe they can't stand idiots or people who are trying to be clever like the Samsung inspired ones.
New Posts  All Forums: