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C for childish as in making cheap crap comment.
You sureEven at $35 it is a rip off.Kind of wonder why people are complaining Apple's products are expensive.
You mean when one pay less the deal is better but not the quality of the patents.Some people know the price of everything but the value of none.
So who made up the 50%, even 9to5mac didn't say so.
You mean an anti iPhone ad will tell all.
Wonder why did Apple build so many stores in Spain when they are too poor to buy the iPhones./s
You are the only one who doubt Apple's sale of the iPhones 5 to end users. I wonder where you got e nonsense from. Yes give us a link.The analysts were disappointed with the 5 millions because one idiot by the name of Gene Munster said Apple will sell 10 millions of the iphone 5.
Ace Metrix will do an analysis of it and sayI didn't know one can copy a cure, must be the morning coffee.
I am not surprise Apple had dropped a couple of $Bs to have their dedicated lines at TSMC.
The funny thing is Ace Metrix have Samsung as their client so whatever they put out on Apple is objective.
New Posts  All Forums: