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Even then it is ridiculous that a company's own invention is being invalidated because the founder demo it in advance.I wonder will his job prospect the same as the British one when he retires or a Swiss account being opened for him.
Perhaps a chance to take part in Mike Daisey's new act How to lie.
Once again wall street clever folks' guesses are just their imagination and agenda, Wall street FAIL. LOL
What they announce will be the total number of iPhones sold over the weekend, no breakdown so no ugliness except whatever ugliness the ignorants want to moot.
 Arm chips are extremely memory efficient so they may not need that 4gb as in desktop. Read Ben Bajarin excellent write on this at http://techpinions.com
Some called it educated guessing especially those clever people at Wall Street.
You had stopped reading after the $14.5m paid to MS, the part that is insulting is the free use of goorola's patents.
@jodyfanning   I didn't know Germany is such a big deal, yes the universe perhaps.
Net Application methodology explained What is country level weighting, and why do you do it? The Net Market Share data is weighted by country. We compare our traffic to the CIA Internet Traffic by Country table, and weight our data accordingly. For example, if our global data shows that Brazil represents 2% of our traffic, and the CIA table shows Brazil to represent 4% of global Internet traffic, we will count each unique visitor from Brazil twice. This is done to balance...
In the eastern state of Texas court the patent trolls always win.
New Posts  All Forums: