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You reckon you can do better.Why not talk to Apple board and ask them for his job.
iOS 7 is on Torrents.
@Techboy   Each publisher did signed a different agreement with Apple.   Penguin was instructed to settle with DOJ and hence Random House which owned 53% of the merged company escaped scott free.   Would had been sued if they started selling ebooks on the first day and their 1 year lapse helped them too in addition to the merger.
LOL, upset, yes build your own so you wouldn't be.
I too was looking for the controversy but not a critique by one person. Perhaps in AI's world one critique is a controversy and many is a disaster.
You have a choice not to go Apple if you think they are too greedy for your taste.Money didn't flow to Apple because they are Apple, money flows Apple's direction because they make great products and consumers love them. Their products hold their value much much better than the race to the bottom products of their competitors.Yes everyone pundits and iHaters complained of the Apple tax but they never think of the lasting quality and value of these products over the years.
@dasanman69   You really believe people will stop buying music.   I am tempted many times to buy one when I heard a song I like. What stopped me is I search for a free one first and if I can't find one I passed.   I use the iTunes radio feature for my listening pleasure. Believe they don't need iRadio and everything is there and if I hear a song I like I use 'SoundHound' to find its name and iTunes is featured there if I want to buy that tune.   With...
Get over it and if you don't like it don't buy their products.   When some have it good they sue instead of getting an exchange for their faulty and now this change of policy you said you got rape, too bad, anyway you can go android which is gang raped.
Very soon the major league will join in because they are missing out on all the revenues this small fry is making.Just a small hole in the wall before the flood.
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