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@knowitall Sure, good enough to allow others to steal data direct from your card. All the crooks will have a great time at your expense. What do I know I am not know it all.   Seeing a joke is not easy and it sure takes a matured person to see it.
Love the ad....   The funny thing about some people is when asked to create something they can't do a sh** but when comes to negative comments they are brilliant.   Perhaps they think they live in a world they are better than the rest but when it comes to the litmus test.... it tells a different story.
IDC is just guessing the numbers...and gaming the numbers for their paid subscribers.
You are way too literal... well I guess some people are just too clever.
You reckon they will be on top of the pile forever?People are now more concerned with privacy, except their fanboys, who will ditch their search engine one day.Oh one more thing mobile is the new pc and mobile search has very little Google search activity because the apps are everything.Yes the apps verse will disrupt Google search.
Correct me if I am wrong, so according to this article Spotify paid more to the artistes than Apple and because of this they have the pole position. This part is funny the amount of royalties paid depend on the number of time the song is played and not on the purchase made by the listener. So who is making some money besides the record companies and the artistes. Spotify doesn't own any content and until they do they will keep on losing money.
Wrong, whatever one borrows needs to be paid back. I believe the interest rate is not cheap when one is not able to. Cash is still the best way to go unless it is not accepted like internet purchases.
"CurrentC also requests to link up with users' bank accounts" The kiss of death for a very secure payment system and a disaster waiting to happen.
Read it again even the writer said Apple Pay has a chance of winning despite the negative tone at the beginning.
Wow 9000 views and 60 replies out of millions of users are a big deal for AI.
New Posts  All Forums: