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Wrong, whatever one borrows needs to be paid back. I believe the interest rate is not cheap when one is not able to. Cash is still the best way to go unless it is not accepted like internet purchases.
"CurrentC also requests to link up with users' bank accounts" The kiss of death for a very secure payment system and a disaster waiting to happen.
Read it again even the writer said Apple Pay has a chance of winning despite the negative tone at the beginning.
Wow 9000 views and 60 replies out of millions of users are a big deal for AI.
"Amazon's moves into traditional retail place the company in even more direct competition with Apple"   You guys are hilarious....competing with Apple?   Look at what Apple is selling and what Amazon is selling, have a clue before writing his sort of rubbish.
Simply amazing what a few words can say..... Yes at the end of the day people will be pulling out theirs to show their biggest size.....lol
Finishing ranting? Kindly post again what you are trying to say to make it clearer.
In time sensitive cases, such as kidnappings, an iPhone's data could help find and save the lives of potential victims, Holder said   Isn't this after the fact?   ​Kind of funny to think that the law enforcement have to rely on data from a phone to save a victim and not the kidnapper himself.   ​
Very difficult because Samsung could have deposited some cash into his swiss account.
He can always come to AI to give his version of the story and then the rest of the disingenuous crowd will take it up from there.
New Posts  All Forums: