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Because they want your cake and eat it.
Perhaps all of us need a life and get away from the computer otherwise we will all end up psycho case. s/s
Best buy gift card then you have to talk to best buy as to they are are not in Apple Passbook.
Try it out the mini display is great.   Comparing specs IMHO is useless because no one can tell the difference even gruber is wrong, he talked as if his eyes are super sharp and ken easily differential retina and non retina.   The trick is the word retina which automatically form an image in the mind but in reality the mini display looks just as good.   Kind of remind me that a photo taken by a Leica must be great while the rest is inferior but if there is no...
But Gruber said he said there is a difference between the iPad 3 and iPad mini./s   Maybe he was wearing magnify glasses then. 
Time to give it a rest.   Everyone thinks he or she is right.   Online life isn't real life, get a life and go out and smell the roses and enjoy the sunshine, yes tell your mum you love her.   But then there will always be people who think they can suck an egg better than others so don't get upset with such people, they are there to make life interesting.
Crayons?   Funny they sell much much better, easy to use and much less messy.
Since you brought up the fact of Apple share price so I brought in Amazon out of the world share price.   Believe since you claimed you are the best pardon me for lecturing you since I am humbly a novice and you are the know all,   lle? LOL. 
So their stock has plunged below $600 does it mean the sky is falling then how do you read Amazon which has a P/E of 2676.93 and share price of $232.10, bear in mind they lost money in the last quarter so does it mean they are way ahead in the game.   No use confusing the issue by throwing in the share price because there is too much variable involved, mind you Apple is a great shorts' target too so try not to put too much emphasis there.   There is no right or wrong in...
I doubt Apple will publish any more figure and whatever they put out will be deemed by the analysts as not good enough and then bash the share again.   Look at Amazon, made a loss the last quarter their share price rocketed and their P/E is 2676.93 while Apple is 13.53.   Bozos is clever by keeping his mouth shut and let the analysts talk on his behalf and their wild guesses keep fueling the stock.
New Posts  All Forums: