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Even if there is a misspelling Apple Maps can still come up with the correct location.I wonder whether you are using Apple Maps.
The anti Apple band wagon is here before you learn to suck milk and it will still be here you and I are long gone.   I agree that it is time to talk about tech and not legal issues of tech. It is tech that makes the world and not these legal issues which are getting boring.   But one thing I can say about them they are guranteed hits of those desperate for hits like Forbes, Business Insider but i don't think Appleinsider is one of the,
After multiple updates my 3GS still works great.Why don't you apply for a job at Apple and teach them what to do.
I wonder who paid them to come out with this rumor. It is more of a trick to get people to stop buying the iPhone 5 and iPad 4. Since when did Apple try to be like their competitors coming out with many product every six months or less.
Guys it is time to put the right perspective in your lives and it I'd certainly more than just revolving around everything Apple especially their flaws. I am not sure the outages are life threatening but if you intend to shoot your dog because of it i suggest you get a life which is smelling the roses and telling your mum how much you love her. It is getting ridiculous that every flaw of Apple was argued as if world hunger depends on it. It is time to really to get a...
The funny thing is only anti Apple tech bloggers praised and loved RT and I believe they wouldn't touch RT with a ten foot pole.
Because they want your cake and eat it.
Perhaps all of us need a life and get away from the computer otherwise we will all end up psycho case. s/s
Best buy gift card then you have to talk to best buy as to they are are not in Apple Passbook.
Try it out the mini display is great.   Comparing specs IMHO is useless because no one can tell the difference even gruber is wrong, he talked as if his eyes are super sharp and ken easily differential retina and non retina.   The trick is the word retina which automatically form an image in the mind but in reality the mini display looks just as good.   Kind of remind me that a photo taken by a Leica must be great while the rest is inferior but if there is no...
New Posts  All Forums: