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What sort of issues did you face when using Apple Maps?
The question is how many of the hge subsiber base can afford the iPhone and I tend to agree with Phil it is no big deal now unless 10% can afford to buy the iPhone.Apple is no hurry to sign a deal with China Mobile because I don't think Apple would like to set a precedent with the telcos demanding the same terms as China Mobile.
"Due to bad cell coverage in the area" Is this partly to blame too.
What did MS do right over the past ten years?Please enlighten me at least Apple introduced the disruptive IPhone and IPad.
Give me an iMac anytime I will be very happy. I am very sure many others are in the same boat.   Btw I don't need to receive it as a holiday gift.
I believe it is great wanking.We comment as if we are gods and we are the better and every one else is inferior.Yes we know best and everyone else is an idiot.
Apple is not going to give them the contract unless they can do the job. If any batch of the chips is defective imagine the ramifications on the reputation of the product and the company. They can't afford the price. Maps, MobileMe had taught them the lessons that a poor product is bad but a defective product which need to be recall is much much worst. So before the extensive usage of chips from TSMC, they will de doing due diligent like they had never done before and in...
Even if there is a misspelling Apple Maps can still come up with the correct location.I wonder whether you are using Apple Maps.
The anti Apple band wagon is here before you learn to suck milk and it will still be here you and I are long gone.   I agree that it is time to talk about tech and not legal issues of tech. It is tech that makes the world and not these legal issues which are getting boring.   But one thing I can say about them they are guranteed hits of those desperate for hits like Forbes, Business Insider but i don't think Appleinsider is one of the,
After multiple updates my 3GS still works great.Why don't you apply for a job at Apple and teach them what to do.
New Posts  All Forums: