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If colors say what your sexual preference is, then the nokia phones have a great future, pink anyone? LOL
If you like street view use goof, er, goog map. You need not use Apple map app.
Sorry the lie is still a lie and what Apple's doing is crowdsourcing and anyone can do to correct goorola's lie.
No loss dude, there are many map apps available.   For me I use a local map which is more detailed than goog map and more useful too with building names and house numbers.   I am not so mentally challenged as to consult a map when i go for a walk nor do I need street view which is very old.
So you reckon people are stupid and don't know how to find their way without online maps. Maybe those using the other platforms are and without turn by turn feature they simply don't know where to go and completely lost.   Maps are useful when a person is going to a new address and not somewhere which a person is familiar with.   And does turn by turn is the best way to go? for the new and ignorant yes.   Apple have to bite the bullet by releasing their map and even if it...
As a shareholder I wish to thank you for your negative comment and there is nothing like it/them to keep the team to buck up and come up with the best map.Btw we usually don't let our users down.Once again thanks.
If all these companies are involved then Apple would know which company don' deserved to be paid for their services and also tell which is not on the ball and by what had happened all deserved a hard kick in the butt.
So far the best comment.   Goog fanatic this one is for you especially the one who cancelled his order and if he had he would make a fortune selling it in the mainland - a pretty dumb idea.
Ahem is that a plate you are holding to your face? 
Ahem, you think people care?
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