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If all these companies are involved then Apple would know which company don' deserved to be paid for their services and also tell which is not on the ball and by what had happened all deserved a hard kick in the butt.
So far the best comment.   Goog fanatic this one is for you especially the one who cancelled his order and if he had he would make a fortune selling it in the mainland - a pretty dumb idea.
Ahem is that a plate you are holding to your face? 
Ahem, you think people care?
So true light years ahead in slavishly copying the iPhone.
How about wowing us with some of the stuffs you had done.
This is like wrestling, we throw insults at each other and then tomorrow is another day.   Nothing to get upset about.   PS no animal was injured or harmed during the creation of this series.
It's due to the layer of carbon formed between the button and the contact below,   Clean off the carbon with an eraser it will work fine (I know you will tell me how to open up the phone to do it, just google for the process)
All macusers are experts at using Apple computers!   Give me a break.   No matter how simple there is always a learning curve involved.   Kind of feel sorry for this guy. This showed you are as good as your current product or the last great one.
I love my iPad and it is the one best things ever created in my opinion but a 7.8in iPad is more convenient for us to carry around than the 10in one.I don't know about you many of us have a knapsack to carry our stuffs and can easily slip one in, er, the purse is not necessary.Whatever is your opinion you are entitled to one.I may buy one if the price is right but aiming for the iPad 4.
New Posts  All Forums: