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The 8gb iPad mini is truly great for those just want to consume and not create or store media in the iPad.At that size it doesn't need retina display unless you need to look at the fine pubic hairs.Just the gift for family members who love to surf the net, answers mails and each videos.
Good Ridden.   Notice it is mapS and it will blow goof map away in a year's time.   But do Apple needs a whiner?
Maps by Apple is not as bad as the pundits made it out to be. Try it before commenting.   Comparing the issues with other maps is good and Apple knew the issues and they are doing their best to correct the issues.   So far I have not driven off the cliff yet or into a melted bridge.
I believe they use their brain to find where they are going instead of people needing to consult a map even when they go for a walk or they knew there are 3 post offices in their town yet need to confirm them with a map.   Talking about being ridiculous.
The most surprising thing about losing 100 millions pairs of eyeballs their share price shot up like a rocket, I wonder which of the big boys are manipulating their share price. 
The picture was taken at the nokia lab and not some independent photographer. No one has ever handle a lumia 920 yet except the nokia folks.
If colors say what your sexual preference is, then the nokia phones have a great future, pink anyone? LOL
If you like street view use goof, er, goog map. You need not use Apple map app.
Sorry the lie is still a lie and what Apple's doing is crowdsourcing and anyone can do to correct goorola's lie.
No loss dude, there are many map apps available.   For me I use a local map which is more detailed than goog map and more useful too with building names and house numbers.   I am not so mentally challenged as to consult a map when i go for a walk nor do I need street view which is very old.
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