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I love my iPad and it is the one best things ever created in my opinion but a 7.8in iPad is more convenient for us to carry around than the 10in one.I don't know about you many of us have a knapsack to carry our stuffs and can easily slip one in, er, the purse is not necessary.Whatever is your opinion you are entitled to one.I may buy one if the price is right but aiming for the iPad 4.
His hatred for Apple has blinded his common sense.
The question to ask is can the US withstand the unemployment created by the destruction of the Apple ecosystem of business partners due to the banning of Apple products. Is the ITC that stupid, I don't think so.
I don't think they are going the way of kinect, it is also possible to use the front camera of the iPhone or iPad to do the gesture bit,   It is totally ridiculous to wave at the whatever TV to change the channel or the worst part shout at it as the google fanatics are claiming their tv will be doing.
Just a concept but where is the working model?Otherwise it just someone's imagination and nothing of substance.
Get a working model then we talk otherwise they are all vaporware and ifs.You are fooling yourself with all these.Apple have the working models but the rest existed only on paper and make believe videos.
Prior art is a great idea but if it is not mainstream then it is not valid.   Prior of the image of the tablet in Star Trek is lame because it is just an image and nothing more. If it needs to be relevant it has to be mainstream and proved to be a working model, not just some make believe.   Prior art is too widely abuse today. Sad
I agree with you totally, this guy is riding on past glories and the past 3 minute of fame.   So what has he been doing that is so outstanding today.   When SJ was around they seldom criticise the stuffs from Apple except the fanatics of the dark side and now he is gone everyone becomes a mini Steve Jobs criticising the hell out of Apple.   Maybe once a person own a Mac he instantaneously develop excellent taste in everything design including advertising.
Turn by turn navigation is too hyped and I also wonder how many will actually use it.The wrong destinations directed by turn by turn navigation are the stuff of legends.
The action of the Samsung lawyer showed one thing he has no respect for the judge and the court. Sad state of affair in the US where the lawyers can act with impunity and with no regards to the law of the land.
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