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Sorry to say this your wife is teaching in a school that doesn't know what it is doing.   You mean not even one teacher takes the initiative to make the effort to integrate a great learning tool into the system.   Then it says a lot about the administration of the school including your good wife.
Agree with you that the chief counsel or whatever you called him have to go. I don't think he is that good in court matters and or his perception of matters important in winning a case is certainly lacking.
Wow a smartphone user who is too smart to use iPhone.   I wonder who is more dumb, one who use a dead end phone which is not upgradable like android or one whose phone can be upgradable all the time like an iPhone. 
Some people are stupid but they kept their mouth shut so no one knows but others let the whole world know by opening their mouths.
My 2centsIt's either or.If you buy the win rt version you can't run regular win applications and if you buy the pro version you can't run mobile apps.MS is trying to have its cake to detriment of its partners because they will always undersell them.I just wonder will the intel i5 chip makes it a hot plate to fry eggs when you run regular win applications on the pro.It maybe a hit ,hey, even the Fire was one until people discover its uselessness.
iOS 6 on iPhone 4 can do Facetime over 3G cellular.   The blogger of this piece is flat wrong and I am surprise he didn't amend this blog.   FAIL.
I do it is great for talking to my son in Japan and the best part is it is free.   What fragmenting are you referring to and do you know the meaning of fragmenting.
Street view is niche, does it help me to navigate, no. I need a map to help me navigate to a place but I don't need something static which offers no help in getting from point A to B. I can live without Google Maps.
So you reckon their P/E will reach 250 by year end. One point you are absolutely right is wall street love bozo.
According to the firm's calculations, every 3-month lengthening of the iPhone upgrade cycle would reduce U.S. shipments by 1.3 million units and global shipments by 3.5 million units during the fourth quarter of 2012. I wonder whether they had taken into consideration the fact that Apple now introduce the iPhone at different time frames throughout the year so that there is a consistency in the number of phone sold and whatever the loss in sale in the US could easily be...
New Posts  All Forums: