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So if they implement the agreement next year things will be different.   They work in Foxconn to make money.   Now they are earning less so will do your part to supplement their income.
I hope when those law suits against Apple are dismissed or found not guilty Apple will and should be compensated.   When this happened those who brought such suits against Apple will think twice before doing so.
Looks like is not the same as solid evidence, why not let the court decide what looks like is real or just imagination on the part of Doj.
You seem to know more than some of the foremost legal brains perhaps Apple should engage you to fight their case.
Let's try to get some perspective, lining the pocket of the companies lead the companies staying in business, authors have more time to write books, keeping the mum and pop bookstores alive. Yes more people keep their jobs thus pump back more money into the economy. With better profits more bookstores will open thus leading to higher employment. Now since you want to pay less and it only benefit Amazon because they are the cheapest, you only keep them in business and...
Now what will those experts who condemned FCPX and calling it iMovie pro has to say. Yes having crows for their 3 meals. To those who had jumped ship - too bad.
Return it and get a wifi one and use the iphone as a hotspot.
Laugh all you like I hope this is the final legacy of SJ that is disrupting the the oil based energy industry with renewable energy.I would like to see in my life time the clowns eating crows for lunch and dinner.An after thought would oil price be what it is today in the year 2018. I just wonder.
An instant hit - don't make me laugh.
Apple is facing many lawsuits from men on the street to patents trolls to large corporations so did Apple share price suffers. Btw the Apple share price hinges on how well they perform and not in the court, Yes Apple have lost many battles there too just in case you don't know.
New Posts  All Forums: