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What is 20 people deep?   Kind of mind boggling.
Yes, not only that buy also make it cheap so those non power users will forego MS office and then see the revenue of MS drops to a point where it makes no sense to buy MS shares.   MS is shooting themselves in the foot/feet on every front.   They are mainly a software company making most of their money selling software to third parties and when they stop selling it their revenue suffers.   Can they afford to give away their updates free for smartphone and tablets?   I...
If they don't make configuration of wifi easy, well, it is destined for the big FAIL.
Er, not only China, it is more of a global thing.Btw I don't think Apple's competitors would complaint if they have the sales number of the IPod.Does it mean when the iPod sales number falls the sun isn't going to shine anymore.Apple's iHaters will hate Apple per se but so what.
All applications are backward compatible but the problem is old applications are not compatible with the latest and greatest.
Er, tablets are mobile as in you don't need a keyboard because there is a virtual one and you can do it anywhere and the best thing is the apps are really cheap.
It would be better for the beggar to get a job because it will feed him forever but a quarter (can a quarter get a meal nowadays?) will feed him once.   Calm down, this is a forum to express his or her opinion. We may agree or disagree but at the end of the day we'll do what is best for ourself, our family and society.   Yes sheep like me will buy Apple products why, like someone said I have no opinion, but I like well designed products that just work.
You can engage an ambulance chasing lawyer to take Apple to court to make them tell the truth since you said it is PR spin.
Apple leaking this BS, they don't need to, many tech blogs will do it for them just to get hits from fanbois and iHaters.
Yes, Viginia you can only use the Surface on landscape mode. That kind of limit the usefulness of the Surface. Besides an iPad is more versatile with a Bluetooth keyboard than one with a magnetic keyboard. Designed with limitations, kind of sad for a company which refuse to move beyond the laptop mode.
New Posts  All Forums: