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You can engage an ambulance chasing lawyer to take Apple to court to make them tell the truth since you said it is PR spin.
Apple leaking this BS, they don't need to, many tech blogs will do it for them just to get hits from fanbois and iHaters.
Yes, Viginia you can only use the Surface on landscape mode. That kind of limit the usefulness of the Surface. Besides an iPad is more versatile with a Bluetooth keyboard than one with a magnetic keyboard. Designed with limitations, kind of sad for a company which refuse to move beyond the laptop mode.
Apple have $74B parked overseas showed the US market is no big deal.
How so?
Samsung and Google exact words.
The problem is these guys you mentioned were not with them when they are tinkering with the Apple 1. Woz wanted to give it away for free.If not for SJ there would be no Apple.
With him there might be no Apple too.First he wanted to give away whatever he had created for free.Secondly he wanted to have HP first crack at what he had created.If not for SJ there is no Apple.
So what have you done that is world changing?It's just a comment and everyone is entitled to his own.Yes what had woz done lately that is world changing, he was moving from one company to another like a rolling stone and nothing he had done lately that is note worthy.I may not be a footnote in history so what?
Now we know why they don't need to participate in any green program in the US.
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