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I don't believe they need the iPhone not when they are selling the android products so well, wait the return rate is equally well too.
Sad to see such ignorant comment.
Yes today the iPad can't do any of your work but in 3 to 5 years' time you will be having crow for lunch. Remember what they said about the MacBook Air and vulture funds were selling down Apple's stocks as Jobs was introducing the Air and forward to today it is as good as a desktop, so go figure.
Google Chief Legal Officer David Drummond said. "And we think that having the patent portfolio will make sure that Android is open and vibrant, What a bunch of crock, android is based on linux and if it is so goog can never monetize on it except giving it away. And why is moto suit against Apple on going if they for defensive purposes.
You can watch whatever you want on an iOS device because contents makers do not want to be left out of any one of them so I believe they either go h.264 or maybe html 5. So for all porn watchers you are not left out anymore.
When will the DOJ start looking into the manipulation of Apple's share by the street big boys. No one is killing android, everyone is just protecting their IP and collecting royalties - who want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg - ask Nokia, Kodak, MS, etc.
" they're generally pretty... thrifty." Or cheap.
[QUOTE I still feel that Apple has to decrease their product cycle time at some point, or Apple has to change it up in some form. /QUOTE] Yea in time to come people will queue for an android phone.....but I don't see that coming ever.
I believe you say what you are when you reveal your real name so people in the industry who know you will let the rest of us know you are the real thing and not just a hack.
What is the point of registering a trade name when you can't use it exclusively. And if the judge denied Apple this then I believe the patent laws are useless too. And this case may be cited by others not to care about infringing on trade marks and she has also open a can of worms. Good luck judge Phyllis.
New Posts  All Forums: