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So what are you trying to say, I am referring to gullible people not where LTE is first implemented. Since we are at it what have the done to promote a world standard LTE?
You kind of left me in the dark. If Apple offering is royalty free so who did Apple get its dues from. If Apple design is accepted I believe others have to pay for Nokia patents but Nokia like the spoilt kid decided not to play because it wants it's dues from royalties. So who is with the ruse.
You talking about webkit? So it is ok for the rest to screw Apple per se? Yes take the ball and go home who cares.
It is a matter of common sense but if people are gullible then they need to be protected otherwise they too gullible to take care of themseleves. If a country doesn't have 4G connectivity only gullible people will think they can, by magic, have 4G connectivity by buying the new iPad. Very sad.
Don't you think it is dumb knowing that they is no 4G in your country and you expect it to have 4G connectivity. It's common sense or common sense is lacking in your country too.
I believe Australia is,the only country where people will buy an NTSC TV knowing that it wouldn't work in that country. Btw common sense is dead in Australia. I was at a bank and the people were queuing to be served and All of them waited for the word 'next' and if none is forthcoming they just stood in line. So if the teller kept quiet for the next 30 minutes I believe they would just stand there and waiting to be called. [racist comment removed] Sad.
If 4G is not available in your country you reckon the new iPad as if by magic will enjoy a 4G connection. Maybe not only 4G is not available so is commen sense. It is very sad to really think people are capable of such thoughts.
The people at nokia failed to innovate to compete so they think they can profit from patents, very pathetic.
Prof just curious what makes a great UI? Just because one disgruntled ex engineer said it was rejected by SJ meant it a bad UI. Do you know how Apple will be enhancing it a few years down the road? SJ is not always right and ex engineer who mentioning this may be out to damage the reputation of Apple. Hindsight makes perfect vision so how about telling what great UI Apple should be developing tomorrow?
For web apps Apple get nothing.
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