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Now you know why they are called ANALysts.
If I am not wrong the numbers you are quoting are mobile ads number and I am not sure whether you are aware that those numbers you quoted are from iOS devices and not android devices.
Why don't you tell that to RIM. Amazon had also been bragging they sold tons to Kindle and yet have no guts to tell the quantity. And I also believe their shareholders have no guts to hear the truth too otherwise they would ask for the numbers. Until the day Amazon tell the truth they are like ENRON which tells the world they are making millions and yet no one question how they made the millions. Amazon is just bull shitting with the help of analysts and research company...
The question to ask is why are they doing this? Did they really transfer the patents to the troll and ripping off others patents which is a norm with google is legal? Did patent related suits really kill off innovations or ripping off others invention really killing off innovation.
I just wonder how much did VZ paid to CR to do this survey. Can a system which cannot handle voice and data be better than one which can.
Hate to say this firstly goods assembled in the US is uncompetitive otherwise they wouldn't have use Asian companies to do so. Secondly the actions by unions will make many think twice to set up shops in the US. And it is kind of funny to blame the company for not offering employment when it is not necessary to do so and these people should read Atlas Shrugged. And it damned funny to hear over the BBC someone saying the 1% of the richest should share their wealth with the...
WP7 can follow the route that android phones used on the way to greatness that is buy one get one free or a free phone with a two year contract. This route never fails just look at how well android phones are doing now. What is sacrificing profits for a company like MS with tons of cash to back them up.
Go back to the page that you linked and read one more time that they have $343b. Can't blame you if you can't understand what was written there.
Yes until they left out the fact what is the battery life like. Kind of wonder who is this appleinsider wonder who wrote the story.
So true, many would want it so especially the iHaters.
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