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Apple is facing many lawsuits from men on the street to patents trolls to large corporations so did Apple share price suffers. Btw the Apple share price hinges on how well they perform and not in the court, Yes Apple have lost many battles there too just in case you don't know.
The fault is with the parent and not the iPhone. You failed as a parent that's why she did what she did. So don't blame the iPhone when it's the parent's fault who can't control her own children. One more thing who cares.
Huge premium? Your PC you can't even give it away and put the MBP in eAy you get back at least a few hundred $s and the user experience is priceless. Btw it takes a geek to troubleshoot a downed PC and now who would want to do that. Yes, the Apple Store will take away most of the headache a Manuser face. The PC resale value is you can't even give it away whereas the MBP will get you back at least a few hundred dollars and the user experience is priceless. Btw if you get...
I am with you on these numbers. I could make no idea on how they got those assumed figures and as far as I am concerned they were pulled out from where the sun doesn't shine. Btw those droid boys preferred their toys free.
For someone who has been stuffing his face with cakes and pastries you sure said a mouthful. Climb down from your high horse and being righteous doesnt fill an empty stomach with hot food or cakes.
Have conditions ever been worst.
So what are you trying to say, I am referring to gullible people not where LTE is first implemented. Since we are at it what have the done to promote a world standard LTE?
You kind of left me in the dark. If Apple offering is royalty free so who did Apple get its dues from. If Apple design is accepted I believe others have to pay for Nokia patents but Nokia like the spoilt kid decided not to play because it wants it's dues from royalties. So who is with the ruse.
You talking about webkit? So it is ok for the rest to screw Apple per se? Yes take the ball and go home who cares.
It is a matter of common sense but if people are gullible then they need to be protected otherwise they too gullible to take care of themseleves. If a country doesn't have 4G connectivity only gullible people will think they can, by magic, have 4G connectivity by buying the new iPad. Very sad.
New Posts  All Forums: