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The horse is dumb and the mouth pice is guessing. Kind of wonder why they are paid to guess.
I wonder who owns Foxconn, Foxconn or Apple. Apple can advise and it is up to Foxconn as to whether they want to install more hot lines. So it is Apple's fault.
Mr high horse rider. What do you know about decency. Have you gone for 5 days without food and if my kids work to bring food to the table why not. I have always encourage my children to do part time work to learn the importance of money yes I am greedy and a heartless dad because I want my children to work. What do you called those 15 year old who sells crack and cocaine and what have you in schools? Do you feel offended they have to push drugs in schools. And what are...
Envy sure becomes you, forgot you are a self made millionaire.
[QUOTE=shompa Just look at the rise of Samsung and HTC. Both companies started as OEMs to westerns companies. Then they figured out that they could use the same devices and put their own brand in on them. They have no culture of innovation, but great culture of OEMing. [/QUOTE] Kindly tell it to the people who buy Samsung phones and yes there is a new word in town known as samsung'd, the US being samsung'd by these droids users who send boatloads of cash to Korea and...
Sad to say those figure are not from Amazon but an ANALyst who was guessing the figures.
Europe is broke that's why they can only afford the poor man's iPhone. Apple is betting on the China card which is more promising. No reason to release half baked products which is more damaging than being late but a best I. its class products. Btw all the pundits condemned the 4s but the public loved it, need I say more.
Yutter rubbish, remember Apple won one case against Kodak and latter it was reversed.
Will it be called a toy because of what they called it dumb down.
Colour me clueless. Isn't VZ making back the money throughout the life of the iPhone. It is not like what RIM took when they wrote off more than $450m for the playbook. And these guys are also good at nickel and dime their customers. Are these analysts missing the forest for the trees.
New Posts  All Forums: