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For web apps Apple get nothing.
Get off the high horse. Btw Apple don't need your support they have tons of money and MS may need you to support them sooner than later so don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Trying to be funny, try joining the circus, They have plenty of openings for clowns.
Why pay more when you don't have too. Apple is not that crazy to lose the competitive edge. Kind of wonder why iHaters called them a walled garden.
When they said after using it for a few minutes it becomes noticeably hot is pure bull. I have one and I scarcely notice whatever you called it. Face it if these clowns at CS think that by revving it to the max and it doesn't churn out heat then they have something else for brain. Yes by revving the engine of a car to hit 100mph and it still stay cool is the dream of many makers. Time for CS and those whatever you called them to stop the BS.
What a sumofHypcrites and changeHypocrites. I bet these low lives think they are God's answer to the workers but sad to find their intentions are filled with vested interest.
Apple knows what they want because they do a lot of research, just for your information they do research on battery because most of their products are now idevices. Hence the importance of battery life. Do you think the come by chance of the retina display without doing some research on it. If you thInk they mix and match then they are the luckiest company in the world with so many successful products. Face it makIng money is the hardest thing to do and it doesn't come by...
Liars are everywhere regardless of status ok, you are perfect and you don't ever lie so good for you.
Ain't they lucky so let see what will happen this time. Anyway the odds are stacked against them they will lose some,one day and it will be huge.
Honestly Apple products are getting better for the time. Professionals don't have to buy very high end Macs to do their job except those in video production and even the much condemned FCPX is now better han ever and with third party support it can only get better. Look at the latest iPhoto, I have seen the death of Adobe and look at the latest app by Autodesk and I believe others will run ring around Illustrator. And all this can be done on the iPad and not a Mac.
New Posts  All Forums: