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I believe he was saying this when he said China's national interest will be harmed.
I wonder how many employees of MS or Dell or HP had committed suicide. I believe if therebiz a survey conducted it would be more than those happening at the Foxconn facility dorms. Mind you the workers are living within its compound so easier to lump as suicide happening at Foxconn vs people who are living in their own homes.
It's a case of mindless bots vs sheep.
You can still use Lion but you can't install ML. No big deal to me, I am still using SL. And it serve my purpose. Btw if you work out the cost per day you had sent $2 on your Mac (basing on the high valuation of $3000)
I believe they are going after the iPad name and it doesnt matter whatever numeral come after iPad. I am no expert i believe Apple can still ship iPads from China without the iPad word appearing on the device. The iPad word can later be engraved on the device, it may cost more but it can't be help if the court decided to side Proview. If China decided to side with this company to prove that they uphold copyrights it would be a very stupid move and may start the exodus of...
This troll is a tool too.
Everyone mother's son has been suing Apple whenever they think they can profit from it ask goog the mother of all hiprocrates.
Matter of time before they start to show their horns. This action of their is downright stupid IMHO because it is one against many and imagination moto has to pay royalties to many companies. Since moto becomes a part of goog they can be sue for infringement for mobile patents own by many companies. It is like hilter declaring world war two. Yes now it should be Be Evil.
You are behind. It doesn't need someone to show that you are wrong, common sense says it all.
Yes there is good and evil especially when someone has been claiming the don't do evil mantra. From your comment it seems it's okay for a company to be a lie about their activities. From studies they also show there is little tolerance for lying companies.
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