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Why all the negative comments and yes Apple may not be as good as androids as their slaves said but then it is doing all it can to level the playing field by making iOS better and inclusive. And it is good that someone set the facts right and that Reuters is a disgrace to their trade so is Bloomberg, WSJ, NYT, etc.
I am not surprise the ex-Apple guy who joined Uber was fired and he was one of them holding up the progress of Apple Maps.
"Apple's situation is not nearly as dire thanks " The understatement of the year, I wonder whether bloggers at AI ever read whatever they had written.
Love this kind of Apple trash talk from an android user who failed to understand that the UI of android is stolen from AppleiOS.
The problem is the ungodly piles of cash don't translate to much profits/money in the bank.Revenue is only good in the eyes of WS and add nothing to the bank account of a company.
Perhaps you should apply for Tim Cook's position in Apple  I can see you doing a better job.../s
No one know what  I believe even Fort Knox has locks but if someone refuse to lock his whatever can you blame Apple.
Nest is a nest of ex-Apple employees so why should they buy Nest when they know these guys will leave again. Nest is not as unique as you thin and others may come up with a better idea besides $3.2b I believe can come up with wonders.The third party guys are the one that push the market and when they realize they can make money via Apple they will come on board like the app developers.
This is getting to sound more and more stupid. $3.2b for 2 guys who has no loyalty to anyone except themselves. How will Apple get them to stay if one day they decided to leave and with all the Bs these guys are set for life without work.
New Posts  All Forums: