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Nope as in BS talk..
I can't stop laughing when the few said it was a fake and at the same breadth mentioned rumor sites saying it was.   Great, guys rumor sites debunking a rumor.
I am surprise this is news.
I find it very strange that Apple didn't work out the problem before going into production.Now what kind of company do that, ah yes only Apple because it is run by people who know the last thing about manufacturing.
It was reported as fact by the clown at AI who never check if it is fact or make believe.
I don't think it need gorilla glass perhaps ordinary glass will do.
It makes perfect sense to me, a special dividend is a bad idea - great for shareholders but do nothing to help the Apple shares.
What exports?   US goods are made all over the world and especially in China.
Why all the negative comments and yes Apple may not be as good as androids as their slaves said but then it is doing all it can to level the playing field by making iOS better and inclusive. And it is good that someone set the facts right and that Reuters is a disgrace to their trade so is Bloomberg, WSJ, NYT, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: