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Very difficult because Samsung could have deposited some cash into his swiss account.
He can always come to AI to give his version of the story and then the rest of the disingenuous crowd will take it up from there.
Pardon me I am curious as to how you can verify that there is a glut of 5cs without quotes from the fortune tellers of Wall Street.Apple report sales of products to end users not to the channel.Munster was guessing and he guessed wrong and whatever nonsense he later sprouted was to cover his sorry a**.Btw there is no way Munster can predict accurately how many iPhones Apple will be selling look no further his prediction for the Apple TV.
Why the hate?Wait my son is calling me, perhaps I should answer the call with my iPad instead of my iPhone.
You need not back up to cloud if you want your information to stay confidential. Perhaps it is pertaining to iMessages more than anything else.
Best comment ever on PayPal.....btw nearly spill my coffee.
Nope as in BS talk..
I can't stop laughing when the few said it was a fake and at the same breadth mentioned rumor sites saying it was.   Great, guys rumor sites debunking a rumor.
I am surprise this is news.
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