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Nest is a nest of ex-Apple employees so why should they buy Nest when they know these guys will leave again. Nest is not as unique as you thin and others may come up with a better idea besides $3.2b I believe can come up with wonders.The third party guys are the one that push the market and when they realize they can make money via Apple they will come on board like the app developers.
This is getting to sound more and more stupid. $3.2b for 2 guys who has no loyalty to anyone except themselves. How will Apple get them to stay if one day they decided to leave and with all the Bs these guys are set for life without work.
I find it kind of creative and the action certainly caught my attention. Well one man's meat is another man's poison.
You should retread his post before trying to show you are clever.
I am not sure this will work.Go to iMessage in settings and then remove all your email addresses and deactivate your phone number.
Wow, I didn't know the retailers and suppliers just open their mouths when Wolf comes calling.
Isn't it strange that member/s of the jury cab bring up the question of google role in this trial where as judge cote turn a blind eye to Amazon role in the ebook trial.   So is this jury smarter than judge cote?
I too find it s mystery why people are shoving money to companies that have great revenues but miserable profits and losses.Perhaps they can see something I don't in this mystery thing called future growth.This mystery future growth thing gives a blind eye to the years of miserable or minimal profits and yet reward the companies with huge increase in the price of their share.Perhaps making money today is not as good as making some time in the far off future.Perhaps I don't...
Remittance and money transfer is not the same as making payments with a mobile device and FB is entering a business with many money transfer entities and the biggest of which I'd Western Union. Can they beat Western Union in the trust factor I doubt so. And also there many banks getting into this service and I doubt FB can win in this battle.
New Posts  All Forums: