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 Guessing from your reply you know better than those guys at Apple on what to do. Why not tell us what you would do if you are Tim Cook. Try not to reply the same crap as new products which we all knw sort of.
You reckon it is premium? Yes it is getting better.
I may be wrong, he is Steve Jobs the man himself that's how he knows.
Perhaps it happened most often with android phones users.
Perhaps you are new.Anything Apple do is doomed to fail by WS and pundits.Only the ordinary men in the street always buck the trend by buying Apple's products in huge numbers.
Recommended by Bryan Chaffin of Mac Observer http://www.salon.com/2014/01/12/amazons_bogus_anti_apple_crusade/
[/quote]You sure fooled me, I didn't know you are running a billion dollar company, why don't you apply for Tim Cook's job since you seem to know better.
There is already a generation of kids growing up in the Apple fold using the iPhones which were passed down from their parents. Besides there are plans ahead to make owning the iPhones less painful in India and China.
You never know? They may make a wearabe 'Nest' that can communicate with the iPod....../s
In this instance there is no free music because there is a cow involved which you have to feed called subscription.
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