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As someone mentioned the Office web is a free one.
No one is indispensable, ask Forstall, Fadell, ok except Steve Jobs.
No one borrows money to buy back their own shares, they borrow money to expand their business. With better products they have a better chance of improving the price of their shares. It is a stupid idea anyway and serve only to fatten icahn's purse.
Ahem, nothing is so straight forward as you claimed. While you are at it how about giving us a breakdown of the component cost so see can see whether Apple is lying as you claimed.
💤💤💤💤💤💤 It doesn't mean anything and no big deal but great for those who love to nit pick.
Apple did apply for a patent for a keyboard cover 2 years before MS came out with one and yes you did read it here.
Yes, many clowns made their way here.
@island hermit 😄 do you have a standard? I doubt it is as high as Apple's.
The funny thing is many people who hate Apple claimed they have a house full of Apple products.
New Posts  All Forums: