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Ask Amazon....and Google...
Lol, you said it better.
There goes the $3.2b google spent on Nest.
I believe if the rumor is true Apple will make only one size of iPhone. Having two sizes will only lower the gross margins.
The question is how many are using this workhorse called excel.The next question is is excel suitable for the tablet.
If Apple is not careful with this plan they will lose more money than they make because these units run by the distributors will charge Apple an arm and a leg for the use of their premises.
FTC is only claiming the credit for doing nothing and Apple on the record wanted to settle with those affected by this 15 minute download without any need to key in the password way before any action taken by the FTC.
He is just stating his opinion.I wonder who can't read or understand.
I am very sure you are referring to google, was i wrong?
I believe these people are clever to include Apple in the mix.Look at Waze they said a few big boys are interested and some dumb f*^%s, er rich boys gave them a billion bucks.Nothing like dropping names to get notice.
New Posts  All Forums: