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I am very sure you are referring to google, was i wrong?
I believe these people are clever to include Apple in the mix.Look at Waze they said a few big boys are interested and some dumb f*^%s, er rich boys gave them a billion bucks.Nothing like dropping names to get notice.
So this is news. So what will pundits be writing about Apple next - the drainage system sucks or perhaps someone's dog is littering an Apple's store.
 Another point, how is that Snowdon did't and couldn't release the latest spying activities through exploits on the smartphones.  Whatever he had released are dated years back and nothing current.
 Perhaps in future Apple should follows google and stop giving out guidance because whatever they do is just not right inspire of making a profit of $13b. Perhaps in WS eyes all the tech companies are also in Apple's league that is making billions in profits, sadly not so.
 Guessing from your reply you know better than those guys at Apple on what to do. Why not tell us what you would do if you are Tim Cook. Try not to reply the same crap as new products which we all knw sort of.
You reckon it is premium? Yes it is getting better.
I may be wrong, he is Steve Jobs the man himself that's how he knows.
Perhaps it happened most often with android phones users.
Perhaps you are new.Anything Apple do is doomed to fail by WS and pundits.Only the ordinary men in the street always buck the trend by buying Apple's products in huge numbers.
New Posts  All Forums: