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I can see iBeacons having a part to play in this interactive maps.
 If you have a shop can you not charge what you want to charge your customer. Is a loss leader price the true price of a good?
Perhaps they have more mouths to feed with this kind of shit than you.Or they have the belief that someone will pay them enough for their company to buy their own island.
It is not the latest iteration not able to open the last version but the last version to open the latest version files.Why not ask Adobe why their last version can't open the latest version file.One of the latest version features is using the camera in the iOS devices for scanning and this makes google glass usage in the enterprise DOA.
If Apple had cooperated with the guy I believe the fees wold be more than $300k easily and after 2 years he could easily have made a few millions if not tens of millions. Just imagine without interviewing any of Apple's employee his fees are already plus $130k and if he included in the many hours spend interviewing them I believe the fees wouldn't be lesser but much higher. Judging from his mercenary attitude he is milking the opportunity for all its worth. This guy is...
Is 9to5mac a credible site I don't think so, they are very good at bashing Apple. They should have rename themselves 9to5android.
Obviously you have not use an iOS device before, there is no free pron surfing but I can't say for android.
Delta airline pilots using the Surface as an electronic bag.
Recall?Don't make me laugh.Everything Apple do is controlled by the software and not hardware.
Mini is crap? You mean you use it for video and audio editing. Otherwise it is a great piece for everything else.
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