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@paul94544 How do you know? appelbaum is just talking up his ass, if he is that good a programmer he could have reversed engineered iOS to prove he is right. Instead he just speculated to get this three minute of fame. Kind of sad.
"but the document suggests physical contact with a target phone is required to implant the surreptitious software"   So for this software to work they must have my phone or perhaps bump my iPhone to upload the software or perhaps the software just load itself automatically without me doing a single like the guy who claimed iOS7 installed itself in his home.   ​The way I look at it it is much ado about nothing unless one is a iHater.
This guy is fighting hard for his easy money, kind of sad but then what do you expect form a tool.
Same as the computer market I presume and it is not market share that ensure the survivability of a company but profits.
Can't believe the number of analysts help WS to game the system against Apple.
I give credit to this guy for predicting products as to sales I doubt he knows what is going on. From my view this prolonged negotiation is more of a psychological tactic to get Apple to cave in to whatever demands they are making.
I can see iBeacons having a part to play in this interactive maps.
 If you have a shop can you not charge what you want to charge your customer. Is a loss leader price the true price of a good?
Perhaps they have more mouths to feed with this kind of shit than you.Or they have the belief that someone will pay them enough for their company to buy their own island.
It is not the latest iteration not able to open the last version but the last version to open the latest version files.Why not ask Adobe why their last version can't open the latest version file.One of the latest version features is using the camera in the iOS devices for scanning and this makes google glass usage in the enterprise DOA.
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