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It's about time MECU ( Motorola Employees Credit Union) supported Apple Pay! 👍🏻
I have all the ammunition I need at the links provided, it is not just an unsubstantiated attack as you did. Gore and now Cook are performing scare monger tactics. Gore would not even debate climate change reasons with Heartland, Gore has too much to loose!Now Cook is making these statements for his and Apple's self interest just to lay the foundation for favorable conditions for an Apple-designed car.On a side note, the Tesla Model S did terribly at Nurburgring, so no...
 An ad hominem attack instead of presenting facts?  You are not credible, just calling names makes no persuasive debate. Heartland presents a ton of fact-based information about Gore's farce, which is why all should look into their information.
Cook is crossing a line into Gore's carbon credit nonsense!  Cook should stick to defending our freedoms like with strong end-to-end encryption, not this crack pot mission of Gore the snake oil salesman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   https://www.heartland.org/policy-documents/climate-change-classroom-education-or-indoctrination-part-1-why-al-gore-doesn’t-bel   https://www.heartland.org/policy-documents/al-gore-and-friends-create-climate-mccarthyism
Who cares about Remote. What happened to the Smithsonian channel?
Well if Amazon is not going to make an Apple TVOS app for their video streaming then I will have to consider cancelling my Prime subscription. *rolls eyes*
To get this free, you have to have the PPO and HSA health plans, reportedly...  
That is the big socialist,not someone who will protect your liberties. For freedom, you must look to Rand Paul, or if he does not receive the nomination, look to the Libertarian Party nominee.
iCloud servers -- that is likely the weak link, got to learn more about the protections or lack thereof there...  
So you are finally realizing that it is just one BIG GOVERNMENT PARTY.   If you want smaller government, and less intrusiveness into your life, you have to vote for those who support libertarian principles.  Find out more here & take the quiz:  http://self-gov.org
New Posts  All Forums: