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So how can I tell which processor I have? That should've been part of the article, Appleinsider!
Who cares?!  Just TURN ON WIFI CALLING AT&T!
Apple is going over the top with app restrictions!  
I thought Apple was getting away from directional connectors, as evidenced by the lightning connector ! *rolls eyes*
WHERE is the News app for El Capitan, Apple?!
 Now you see Apple's carrot and stick to get you to spend more $!  :/
  This PiP is a feature Mac OS 7.x used to have with the old 7100 AV and other AV Macs of the like for video...  
This feature should be on the iPhone Plus models too!!!  Also this should work for FaceTime too -- does it?  
Not to mention how AT&T is refusing to enable WiFi Calling on iPhone 5s even on iOS 9!!!  Unlike T-Mobile and others.  *sigh*  AT&T also refuses to turn on HD Voice on non VoLTE calls, again unlike T-Mobile and others.  AT&T sucks!!!
SG5 huh? So Apple is developing a Stargate? I always heard about Apple's reality distortion field, now I think I know what they meant!
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