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After all this time, there still has not been another new version of MS Project for Mac since 1993!  :(     Funny, you go to the Office 2016 Trial page and there is no direct download link, you have to signup first.  Ugh!  
How about Amazon Prime Streaming?! SyFy Channel?! FOX News?! FOX Sports 1?!
A measly 2 hours battery life?  *rolls eyes*   http://shop.gopro.com/hero4/hero4-session/CHDHS-101.html
The Greeks were screwed by derivatives, something that is also trying to be foistered upon the American people!     http://moneymorning.com/2011/10/12/derivatives-the-600-trillion-time-bomb-thats-set-to-explode/
I can confirm that the "issue which could prevent a person from navigating away from a webpage in Safari because of repeated JavaScript alerts" is NOT resolved. A solution I have used w/success is to map the dns & IP of the offending sites putting up the pop-ups to map to the loopback address in /etc/hosts -- works like a charm once you reboot Safari!
Consumerization of health car ACTUALLY means prevention -- i.e. exercise and growing your OWN organic garden...     IMHO.  ;)
How INCREDIBLY STUPID.  Apple has really gone off the deep end on this one.  Control freaks.  
These labels/bands/artists are being myopic about the 3 months free -- people are much more likely to try and pay for a service they can first experience for free. i.e. some risk up front could equal more rewards later for all these bands -- Americans just do not think long term. It is not like the bands don't get paid for 3 months, they just don't get streaming royalties for 3 months... The biggest money maker any band has is live performance, as that full experience...
New Posts  All Forums: