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While a contract's terms could be oppressive and burdensome, GT Advanced entered into the contract and signed *VOLUNTARILY*.  They cooked their own noodle.  *rolls eyes*     You can listen to GTAT CEO, Tom Gutierrez here: http://wsw.com/webcast/canaccord14/GTAT/
How about posting the latest build number?  
Wow, so Windows 9 sucked so bad, they had to scrap it before even revealing it? Talk about causing confusion in the marketplace -- they only wanted it to 'sound' bigger. *rolls eyes*
Ah, so is Apple getting the band back together with AIM?  ;)   http://www.computerworld.com/article/2490028/apple-mac/ibm-and-apple-ties-go-way-back.html
Does this speak volumes about Samsung?  They are just a bunch of ______.  ;)   http://nextshark.com/study-south-korean-corporations-spent-over-1-billion-on-prostitution-in-2013/
 Interesting how history repeats itself, ala NEXTSTEP!    Of course that capitalization changed a number times over the years too...  
IF it were a Jobs-mandate, then why "Apple TV"?!  
So has anyone found H.265/HEVC references in iTunes 12 yet?! Hoping for a 4K Apple TV this year still too!
I noticed this right away in the tech specs, it's the prelude to a 4K Apple TV or 4K Apple Television.... ;)
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