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I am not sure I care. But what I WOULD rather see, is accelerated production of iPhones to release them prior to Independence Day, as was done in many years past. There is a benefit to Apple to release the newer iPhone prior to this holiday in the US because that is a time when many families get together and show and tell. Plus September just seems too late in the year for new iPhone reveals, plus there would be less end of the year shortages if production ramps earlier.
I would wait for the next version, more health features like an oximeter were expected in this unit, and the lack of groundbreaking features make it un-needed for me. I suspect some big tie-in to the Apple TV relaunch, whenever that happens, however, we shall see.
Guess I might believe that when I see Comcast's Xfinity TV Go on ATV, until then... There are also issues where Comcast seems to block ATV HBO access to those who should be able to activate it, where HBO streaming works fine via the Xfinity TV Go streaming website or iOS apps, but you cannot get to activate the same on ATV HBO with your Comcast cable authentication...  
YAWN!  Instead give us Amazon Prime Instant Video!  *rolls eyes*.     Next, UltraFlix would be nice to see too.  
Someone has been asleep at the switch at Nokia HERE to have a 15 mo. gap with their iOS maps app, because even prior to that the old version had MAJOR issues. Kudos though for them bringing it back -- seems much improved over the old version, now just merge in the old Trapster features which also used to use HERE maps, and it will be great.
This is something Apple should have done LONG AGO!  Why not have multiple carriers each getting paid partially to deliver me the fastest data with the best signal possible at each location I traverse?     The days of a single carrier are over!
I would love to have them enable the FM tuner, hopefully with full RDS & HD Radio support!
If Apple wanted to do the same thing more economically, they would just plant/harvest acres of hemp fiber.  No better way to save forests, then by leading by example and not using trees when there are better sustainable alternatives!  Apple is too concerned with being PC it seems.  Excuse the pun.     For example: http://www.greenpackaginggroup.com/packaging/packaging-made-from-coconut-fiber-and-hemp-fiber/
CarPlay still birth, or just slow to launch?  I have been pretty disappointed at the slow rollout...  By now I expected to see it in Camaro, Corvette, etc.  
New Posts  All Forums: