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Ther is no need to collaborate with government for security practices. Government generally wants to circumvent security and control people, NOT keep them free and defend liberty. I cannot see how this move can possibly be positive. In many ways Apple has been good at pushing strong crypto, etc., this I see as a potential red flag.
This man speaks truth, just look at the shambles of Motorola these days...  
Icahn is also the bully who pressured the plan to split up Motorola years ago, which may completely disintegrate that once-highly-innovative company. He wields FAR too much influence, IMHO.
What about H.265/HEVC support YouTube?!
What a colossal waste of money.
So what if you have a part-time business with no sales for a given month? Then the hardware is not free, you still have to pay a fee for that sale-less month? I assume you have to give the HW back if you cancel your service with them?
What I really want to know is, where is the iPac?  ;)  
AmEx's iOS app has been pretty great even before, this is even better. For me, Apple Pay is very a-apple -- why I have to swipe the iPhone?! How is that any better than a plastic card?! They should have stuck with Bluetooth/WiFi! Plus, do we really need NFC/RFID style spy chips in our phones along with biometric scanners?! read: http://spychips.com/ and see the documentary movie: America: Freedom to Fascism: http://freedomtofascism.com/ or FREE...
Except that this does not work, every call I try I get a "call failed" on the Mac.  :(   Anyone have a real fix?  Turning off WiFi did not help, and having both on WiFi only w/out ethernet on MacBook Pro did not work either.  Half baked!
New Posts  All Forums: