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The trailer disappoints, the game looks WAY better!  
Wow, so Apple keeps adding things nobody wants and can be used to spy on people even more by unscrupulous politicians -- fingerprint biometrics, and NFC/RFID Spychips.  Who would use such intrusions?!  No thanks! Educate yourselves http://spychips.com   America: Freedom to Fascism http://freedomtofascism.com     Yes, NFC is essentially RFID+: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near_field_communication
The known issue is no AirPlay button in QuickTime Player, unlike in iOS…  Come on Apple, make AirPlay universal in OS X, like it is in iOS!
So Google should acquire Samsung or vice versa -- they are both slimy copying companies it would seem.
NOW, when is Apple bringing back the 17" MBP, so I can upgrade my 2011!?  *grumble*
iOS in the Car for Camaro and C7 Stingray please!
Only thing I ever bought from Samsung was a crappy 2.1 MP digital camera pre-iPhone days, with a kludgy interface and the device failed over time.  Poor quality.  I would never likely buy another Samsung product again after reading what they are really like and based on my past experience.  Their true colors have been shown, and they are not pretty.  
New Posts  All Forums: