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Sprint wants to get rid of CDMA if you ask me -- there is no future in it, and T-Mobile provides a better path forward. Now, can we just get Direct Connect on iPhones please?!
I get crashes in 7.0.4 on iPhone 5s regularly -- disappointed with the lack of quality control. Why all apps are STILL not landscape compatible, I will never understand -- the Phone app STILL is not. Not to mention 3rd party apps -- I wish Apple would mandate that all App Store submission also fully work in landscape mode! It's also dumb that you cannot switch from cellular call to FaceTime Audio, and cannot switch from FaceTime Video to FaceTime Audio w/out ending...
One secret to Apple TV is that some video sources (like Flash based) that will not stream from iOS apps, WILL stream to ATV via Mavericks' AirPlay Display!
I ordered an iPhone 5s via the Apple Store app on iPhone, signed up for their unlimited voice offering at $39.99/mo. to go along with my grandfathered unlimited data.  AT&T now claims it was an error and no such plan exists!  What a joke, they are still investigating, as is Apple.  Order was placed on launch day, still not resolved.     For a large majority of customers, T-Mobile in the US is the better deal if you are on an AT&T/GSM iPhone today.
Damn, Google can add 802.11ac, but Apple continues to play the stupid carrot and the stick game with iPhone 5s and leaves the feature out. Boo Apple!
Apple should have designed it to look like the infinity symbol -- i.e. one infinite loop, and therefore > google.  ha! ∞
Good, about time for the Camaro! What about the Corvete Stingray?! Still they are behind, what about iOS in the Car?! http://www.apple.com/ios/whats-new/
So what is the deal with AT&T's new Unlimited Voice offering -- I have not seen it mentioned anywhere else, but it was an option when buying the iPhone 5s via the Apple Store app -- wonder if it has anything to do with those who have an Unlimited Data plan already?!    
Expansion with what, the stock Apple clearly does not have?!  
Well this proves the cluelessness of Apple management -- I mean come on! WHY launch the 5s in NEW countries when they STILL cannot satisfy LAUNCH DAY DEMAND IN THE USA?! Ordering on 20-Sept, and STILL no confirmed date to ship or receive the device. What a joke!
New Posts  All Forums: