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Is there a way to search and find an app by name on the iOS device and delete it yet?!  iOS file and app management is a DISASTER!
Is there a button to AirPlay in QuickTime Player yet and other Apple-provided apps like iOS has?!
Very unhappy about this, now will we have to sign-in with and link a Google account?! Getting tired of Google's intrusiveness.
How about fixing the application management mess that is iOS 7?! When you get 100s of applications, there is no good way to find and delete apps, much less auto-sort them into folders based on type. This along with lack of document management to me are the BIGGEST iOS weaknesses!
I am surprised Apple is not yet pushing h.265 yet...
I love AirPlay -- spread it far and wide too, including HDTVs, Receivers, all A/V equipment please! ;)
Sounds intriguing, but what prevents some wait-staff from pressing the button on the coin and intentionally or unintentionally selecting a different card from the one you intended?
The Nokia here app sucks on iOS. However Trapster is pretty awesome for its purpose, and it uses "here"... note the logo in the screenshot below.
I have ZERO interest in biometric authentication. No thanks Apple -- how about something actually useful, like Push-To-Talk and a better speakerphone?!
So how long before we see a Communist Party hammer and sickle symbol next to the Apple logo, like GM/Cadillac did by sponsoring the propaganda film, "The Great Achievement of Founding a Party," dedicated to the 90th birthday of Chinese Communist Party?     http://chinaautoweb.com/2011/01/hall-of-shame-2010/  
New Posts  All Forums: