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iOS in the Car for Camaro and C7 Stingray please!
Only thing I ever bought from Samsung was a crappy 2.1 MP digital camera pre-iPhone days, with a kludgy interface and the device failed over time.  Poor quality.  I would never likely buy another Samsung product again after reading what they are really like and based on my past experience.  Their true colors have been shown, and they are not pretty.  
I am amazed at how "slimy" Samsung really is. The veto was absolutely the correct choice.
Let's hope an Apple TV SDK is coming out in Q3, so we can finally reach the true potential of this little gem!
Let's hope Apple gets some higher quality app icons in iOS 7 before someone else disappears from Apple... The iOS 7 app icons are VERY amateurish looking -- very UN-Apple, IMHO. Not impressed.
So what OS does the Chevrolet MYLINK use? Will the 2014 Camaro & Corvette get iOS in the Car?
Apple should just can the finger scanner -- nobody wants more biometrics big brother spying or information gathering on their devices, iCloud ramifications are bad enough already in light of government PRISM spying.     I NEVER used the finger scanner on the work Windows laptop I had -- simply a waste.  Give us Direct Connect walkie talkie functionality with a dedicated programmable button on the side instead -- something I would actually use!  
I think Russians have bigger worries than carrying iPhone, like how to get it there!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-l4w-DIiXk
Got to wonder if she was using an official charger or a cheap low quality Chinese knock off...
Very cool, but Apple still needs a default preference for preferring NON toll-road routes. Lastly, Apple still needs to work on location accuracy of businesses and restaurants! Google Maps is mostly spot-on, but Apple's are severely lacking more times than I would expect...
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