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Procreation and raising children is in my view the real legitimate reason to marry, anything else is out of convenience, benefits, money, or something else.     We should all realize there is a difference between what individuals believe, and what is law or public policy.  Of course individuals can hold beliefs separate from what policy is -- it is an opinion.     Government in this situation, like most others, is the problem and never the solution!  I said marriage...
LOL, no, you do have a point there!   ;)  
My view is that the only real purpose of marriage is to bear and raise children in a stable environment with both sexes.  Therefore I am against anything other than civil unions in other cases.  That said, I think government should not even be involved in marriage, after all a marriage license is always a threesome, three parties:  the couple and government.  Marriage should be a private institution and stay out of government all together!     It seems just about the...
Why would I want to move there?  I want to improve the place I live -- moving to another state could help too, hence the Free State Project:   http://freestateproject.org   Ever seen the TV series Firefly and Serenity movie?  It was about getting away from intrusive government, among other things.      
Government does not get anything right when they use force to ram something down our throats.  Everyone should have the ability to fully voluntarily opt-in, and of course opt out!      
It is quite delusional to think that anything is actually your property if you do not have the right to control it!  This is why people will continue to jailbreak, unlock, and change carrier files to stop nonsense like this.      
You are quite lost if you think a forced message from the President is ever going to save your life.     How did people EVER survive?!    
Wow really -- alerts from a bygone era!  Archaic WWII timeframe system -- today people have VAST access to news resources and other push notifications.     Government is MUCH more the problem, than any kind of solution!  I want LESS government in my life -- this just adds MORE.  No thanks!  What is this, Communist China?!    
No I am already opted out since I have a custom carrier file installed that DOES NOT HAVE THESE BIG GOVERNMENT INTRUSIONS.  Yes, itweakios has them, among others...   The LAST thing I want is some forced proclamation from Barry Soetoro on my property that martial law is declared for some farce of a reason due to some "emergency".    
The solution to stop this is to install a custom carrier file that disables this functionality! For example, the ones here: http://www.itweakios.com
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