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I fully expect Apple to release an LTE/LTE Advanced ONLY device in the near future.  You heard it here first.     Watch the carriers squirm.  ;)
This all seems insecure, shouldn't the Passbook 'payload' be encrypted?!  I would have to look at the technical specifics to learn more, anyone have a good overview link handy?  
This is interesting, in some ways this makes Apple become more like what Motorola Solutions does... and more of a telecommunications company, but not just. MOT was never good at technology transitions, from analog to digital and from feature phones to smart phones, but Apple is a leader. Time will tell if it can stay a leader...
FYI, you can get a free T-Mobile SIM card here (normally $10), online only: http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/sim-card?cmpid=WTR_AF_ALLAFFLTS_6QE0IQXZSJY209
Off topic, but I am sick of seeing people masquerade as a woman on dating sites, but they are actually TS/TV -- then THAT should be their gender indication along with perhaps the gender they were born as.
Well when you have geniuses at your baseband supplier, ahem Qualcomm, say boneheaded comments like 64-bit is all marketing fluff, I can see another reason Apple would want to roll their own!   http://www.zdnet.com/iphone-5s-64-bit-a7-chip-is-a-marketing-gimmick-says-qualcomm-exec-7000021590/
New Posts  All Forums: