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That has nothing to do with Microsoft's release notes which say "Office Mobile for iPhone is now free for home use.", which is a bald faced lie!!!
This is a joke, the app is free but STILL requires a subscription, HOW MISLEADING CAN THEY BE?!
I don't get it, HOW do you sign-up for free home use?! The app wants an existing account, and there is no link to create the free account! FAIL.
Comcast truly is bottom of the barrel with the customer experience/support, the runner-up is AT&T. The IL Tollway Authority is the absolute worst I have experienced... On another note, when Comcast (and other cable co.s) switches to an IP-only network, interesting things will start to happen. Same can be said about the cellular carriers...
Video is gone, who posted a copy elsewhere?
Yawn!  It was extremely boring, I watched it.
Ah well, there are additional tethering options if you jailbreak your iPhone, just not if you updated to iOS 7.1 as of this posting... :/
Cool, now I would like to see the same for Cassablanca ceiling fans, and other brands like Reiker and Hunter, etc.  ;)
I wondered why Amazon Instant Video was not available on Apple TV, maybe an Apple decision, so they are rolling their own instead?
The Transcend 32 GB RAM is only 1333MHz, vs. 1866MHz memory Apple ships, so there is a minor tradeoff of sorts...
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