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The way Waze notifies you and graphically displays congestion with its zoom in and zoom out is far superior to Apple Maps, IMHO.
So is this limited to only iPhone 6 and higher somehow? 9 days later I still don't see this feature on the latest public beta on iPhone 5s.
I want the ability to avoid Tolls via Apple Maps -- always have to switch to Google Maps for this functionality.
"Unusual cylindrical design", huh?!  *rolls eyes*       Google/Samsung seem to both love copying everything Apple does.  Getting old.  
The new expensive selfie cam. lol So is there a reason you cannot have to go higher than 26 ft high? What if you extended the tether? Wonder if it could keep up when driving a car, or what is it's maximum speed it can match?
Diversity is NOT what is important, what IS important is the most qualified talent for the jobs at hand.  
No, the data transmitted within a secured WiFi connection can be additionally encrypted before passing over the air to secure it.  The average person might likely be on WiFi at a store anyhow for faster data speeds/better signal coverage than their cellular connection.   Paranoid no, smart and watching the watchers and a thinking man always asking questions -- YES.  You would be well-advised to do the same.       netrox: ""NFC is an unneeded technology,...
New Posts  All Forums: