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Apple needs to dedicate much more attention to Apple TV and continue to ease the ability to get content from computer to ATV.  FINALLY in El Capitan, Apple added the AirPlay button to QuickTime Player!  *rolls eyes*  What took THAT SO LONG?     SyFy, Amazon Prime Streaming and FOX News for ATV please!  We also need a way for ATV to turn on my UHDTV when I start AirPlaying something, and coordinate it so it only plays once the TV is ready!  Same thing for switching inputs...
This "WiFi Assist" should have been out YEARS ago -- very important feature!
I bet it has something to do with Apple's automotive initiatives...
I am not sure automakers are good stewards for a company like this!   
These "experts" are clearly ridiculous in their assertions!     Kudos to Apple for implementing strong crypto, anything less is unacceptable.  
Just ship it! Feature complete and bug-tested, of course!
Still 32-bit only, I assume. Also, shouldn't the phones be called Lenovo now? They are a far cry from the once might Motorola in Schaumburg, IL...
Question is, will Nest become HomeKit compatible?!
Yawn, I just want Amazon Prime Streaming on Apple TV!  ;)  SyFy & FOX News Channel would be great too!  
That could be a hint, but blue was not mentioned, and it might have been about the iPod Touch, not iPhone -- time will tell!  ;) In the meantime, where is Bluetooth 4.1 which is supposed to be a mere software update to existing Bluetooth 4.0 devices, Apple?!
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