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Not to mention how AT&T is refusing to enable WiFi Calling on iPhone 5s even on iOS 9!!!  Unlike T-Mobile and others.  *sigh*  AT&T also refuses to turn on HD Voice on non VoLTE calls, again unlike T-Mobile and others.  AT&T sucks!!!
SG5 huh? So Apple is developing a Stargate? I always heard about Apple's reality distortion field, now I think I know what they meant!
Ugh, having some major boot loop bugs and cannot restore from backup after going from the latest iOS 9 public beta to iOS 9 GM (iPhone 5s) -- cannot get rid of the slide to restore loop.  Exasperating Apple!  DFU restore does not fix, the problem is at the restore...
 Dumb that we cannot see the full resolution of our new 4K iPhones on our new ATV.  FAIL Apple!
 Vizio has VERY inexpensive 4K sets, I have their P-Series...  
Well since A8 based iPhone 6/6+ have H.265 compatibility, I think it is safe to say the new ATV does as well, even though the official specs do not yet mention this.  http://www.apple.com/tv/specs/  Perhaps this will be a firmware/software update, hard to say, but Apple did similar w/enabling the ATV Bluetooth in the past that was previously disabled!  This is critical to keeping file sizes down when streaming, even for 1080P content, not to mention 4K (2160P) content!
IMZDL  Word.  ;)
Time will tell, public beta folks may just be delayed and true Devs get priority, which actually makes sense...  
The new ATV is NOT 4K (2160P) capable according to the specs. FAIL Apple! http://www.apple.com/tv/compare/
Great, now how about Apple TV support!?!?
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