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What a STUPID move AT&T -- either I switch carriers, OR I now have to buy direct from AT&T which means it will take me LONGER to get my phone. BAD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!
"USA Freedom Act"?! What a farce of a name, it should be named "USA Surveillance Fascism Act". *rolls eyes*. GO RAND PAUL PRESIDENT!
This is a great addition, now Apple please add SyFy, Amazon, FOX News and 4K support to ATV!  ;)
Was hoping to see Motorola Employees Credit Union (MECU) sign-on, but no such love.  :(
Who cares, just add SyFy, Amazon and FOX News to ATV, Apple!  Oh yeah, 4K 2160P support too for my 70" Vizio UHDTV!  Thanks!  ;)
How about adding SyFy to ATV Apple?!  While your at it, add Amazon and FOX News.  Thanks!  ;)
Please, somebody STOP this entitlement mentality!  The nation does not have a "right" to broadband -- there are different speeds and prices offered by companies for a reason!  Big government types will stop at nothing to add more government intrusion into our lives and usurp our hard earned wages!  
Another question:  does Apple make any money off licensing CarPlay?  I am fairly certain it is NOT an open standard!  
The ultimate mobile device would also have vertical takeoff capabilities. If Apple were to do something really great in mobility, then make a VTOL vehicle for the masses, not some silly Tesla battery car knockoff! Yawn! Oh wait, batteries are not going to cut it for a VTOL vehicle.
How about SyFy & FOX News, they are both notable absent from ATV. Not to mention Amazon!
New Posts  All Forums: