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It is not about some assumed 'need' for diversity, but the need for the RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB.     Besides, the big picture is employees AND contingent workers/outsourced talent, and a LOT of the later tend to be very diverse at most companies...
Lame. This app needs full access to all live games in the local market, ala OTA TV!
I have to imagine that a Steve Jobs-led Apple would not drop the injection efforts, and rightly so in my book.  
And what about AT&T?! As usual, they are the laggards.
So, what about AT&T?!? *rolls eyes*
Apple's Touch ID is a waste -- something I never would use and have not used, but yet I have it. No interest in biometrics, and I used to LOVE that Apple never got into them, until Steve Jobs passed -- coincidence? Now something I am still longing for is Nextel Direct Connect Walkie Talkie functionality from Apple with a dedicated yet programmable side button is something we still do not see, but would be HUGELY useful, esp. for business.
How many of those downloads were deleted, like mine, and never used after realizing it's a waste of money and no trial, in contrast to iWork?!
A feature that should have been there since day 1. *rolls eyes* iWork for me -- I am done with MS Office, unless forced by an employer!
Sick of Flash updates, security and non-standardization.  Hard to remove it since there is still too much that uses it.  *sigh*
Yea all these 2160P (4K) HDTVs and content needs are driving a new wave of technologies... Still haven't heard a peep from Apple about H.265 (HEVC) support in OS X...
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