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What about H.265/HEVC support YouTube?!
What a colossal waste of money.
So what if you have a part-time business with no sales for a given month? Then the hardware is not free, you still have to pay a fee for that sale-less month? I assume you have to give the HW back if you cancel your service with them?
What I really want to know is, where is the iPac?  ;)  
AmEx's iOS app has been pretty great even before, this is even better. For me, Apple Pay is very a-apple -- why I have to swipe the iPhone?! How is that any better than a plastic card?! They should have stuck with Bluetooth/WiFi! Plus, do we really need NFC/RFID style spy chips in our phones along with biometric scanners?! read: http://spychips.com/ and see the documentary movie: America: Freedom to Fascism: http://freedomtofascism.com/ or FREE...
Except that this does not work, every call I try I get a "call failed" on the Mac.  :(   Anyone have a real fix?  Turning off WiFi did not help, and having both on WiFi only w/out ethernet on MacBook Pro did not work either.  Half baked!
The ability to receive and make iPhone calls from Mac consistently fail for me in the latest beta 6 Yosemite. Disappointed.
Time to get off all the corporate cloud offerings and roll your own ala Time Capsule and OS X Server, or industrial versions of the former, depending on your use cases...
New Posts  All Forums: