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Diversity is NOT what is important, what IS important is the most qualified talent for the jobs at hand.  
No, the data transmitted within a secured WiFi connection can be additionally encrypted before passing over the air to secure it.  The average person might likely be on WiFi at a store anyhow for faster data speeds/better signal coverage than their cellular connection.   Paranoid no, smart and watching the watchers and a thinking man always asking questions -- YES.  You would be well-advised to do the same.       netrox: ""NFC is an unneeded technology,...
NFC is an unneeded technology, WiFi-based payments should be used -- why should I have to put a device next to another for payment JUST like a credit card? Just to remind everyone, check out http://Spychips.com and Aaron Russo's documentary movie: America: Freedom to Fascism: http://freedomtofascism.com -- NFC is not much different from RFID! You have to be skeptical and question what Apple is doing here -- Orwellian Apple is something we do not need!
Go Rand Paul 2016! http://randpaul.com/   Amazing to watch the debate and see clueless Christie on the 4th Amendment!  WOW!  How ANYONE could support that buffoon, he reminds me of blowback-ignorant Giuliani. 
Apple needs to dedicate much more attention to Apple TV and continue to ease the ability to get content from computer to ATV.  FINALLY in El Capitan, Apple added the AirPlay button to QuickTime Player!  *rolls eyes*  What took THAT SO LONG?     SyFy, Amazon Prime Streaming and FOX News for ATV please!  We also need a way for ATV to turn on my UHDTV when I start AirPlaying something, and coordinate it so it only plays once the TV is ready!  Same thing for switching inputs...
This "WiFi Assist" should have been out YEARS ago -- very important feature!
I bet it has something to do with Apple's automotive initiatives...
I am not sure automakers are good stewards for a company like this!   
These "experts" are clearly ridiculous in their assertions!     Kudos to Apple for implementing strong crypto, anything less is unacceptable.  
Just ship it! Feature complete and bug-tested, of course!
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