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So is this accurate? Thunderbolt 1 1-gbit Ethernet Thunderbolt 2 10-gbit Ethernet Or does the 10-gbit somehow apply to the original Thunderbolt too?
Intelligent Memory is making them!     http://www.intelligentmemory.com/dram-modules/ddr3-so-dimm/
The thermostat is great, but this detector seems way overpriced to me, and the wear components should be end-user replaceable, i.e. the detection elements.
I think the BIGGER news is that DDR3 16 GB modules are now being produced which will work for MacBook Pros like 2011 vintage, which mean MBPs with 32 GB total!!!  ;)   http://www.intelligentmemory.com/dram-modules/ddr3-so-dimm/   A little birdie tells me OWC is working on this too...  :)  
Nothing too innovative here if you ask me.  Not 2160P/4K capable, no H.265/HEVC support (to me this is critical for a 2014-released streamer!), no 802.11AC support, no Bluetooth 4.1 support.     As for games and voice search -- it's all stuff that competition has done and Jobs talked about...  
That has nothing to do with Microsoft's release notes which say "Office Mobile for iPhone is now free for home use.", which is a bald faced lie!!!
This is a joke, the app is free but STILL requires a subscription, HOW MISLEADING CAN THEY BE?!
I don't get it, HOW do you sign-up for free home use?! The app wants an existing account, and there is no link to create the free account! FAIL.
Comcast truly is bottom of the barrel with the customer experience/support, the runner-up is AT&T. The IL Tollway Authority is the absolute worst I have experienced... On another note, when Comcast (and other cable co.s) switches to an IP-only network, interesting things will start to happen. Same can be said about the cellular carriers...
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