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I want to use it for the camera it DOES have, to show people things and events. The front camera is actually pretty impractical -- who wants to hold the camera out in front of their face perfectly for a long time anyhow? I sure do not.
Yea so WHY are they NiMH and not Lithium Ion/Polymer?! Funny how AI's crack reporting team TOTALLY missed that point!!!!
Are you kidding me? How draconian and unjustified.
Yea so is Apple just going to IGNORE SECURITY for original iPhone and iPod Touch users on iOS 3.1.3?!
So does this finally add FaceTime support for iPhone 3GS?!
Yea, now all we need is a port of FaceTime from iPhone 4 to iPhone 3GS -- any adventurous souls? ;-)
Yea well, Adobe still thinks Flash is the best thing since sliced bread too.
URL link?
Apple REALLY needs to add finely-tunable controls that put the device OWNER in control of ALL access an app makes. This should be in the Settings for EACH app, as well as a GLOBAL setting.
Yea, I read that too, but it breaks tradition for Apple -- usually they at least support the previous OS version!!! Who has plugged one into a PPC Mac -- any support at all? Any third party support upcoming? ;-)
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