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STILL needs Blu-Ray to justify a $100 increase, plus needs 7200 RPM drives STANDARD, or at least an OPTION for the base model! My guess is they will FINALLY add Blu-Ray around Sept/Oct when a new iLife w/Blu-Ray burning features gets released... Or maybe never LOL.
Yea, and it STILL is NOT 64-bit! Get with the program, Adobe!
Yea well, anyone who does not get a case for their iPhone is just plain foolish. Monoprice has them cheap enough that there is no excuse!
I believe they are using some OOB (Out Of Band) signaling over cellular to get things configured between points, there was a recent Apple patent on this, as I recall...
So what, Factime supports BOTH front and back cameras! That is NOT a reason for lack of iPhone 3GS compatibility! \
Typical myopic Micro$oft.
I see no reason the iPhone 3GS should not also have Facetime support, even though it has just one camera...
You are silly to think it is just a "phone", it is a micro-computer with telephony -- there IS a big difference. No reason they could not add new features and require a payment it, since the 3G is getting the updates...
Original iPhone has 128 MB RAM too! 3G and A-GPS are not reasons for lack of iOS updates for the first Gen. devices!
Not true, with exception of the few unique features, the iPhone 3G is very much similar to the original iPhone -- checkout the specs! Eliminating updates from the original iPhone is purely $ based, but there should still be updates, maybe not as big, but still things like Safari updates, etc.
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