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Currently that calling feature requires a plugin for Mac -- they will probably have to integrate that code in the app. No Safari 3rd party plugin support yet on iPhone...
About time! So what is Google waiting for?! Resubmit too!!!
Nice of Jobs NOT to say that HDR is an iPhone 4 only feature.
Needs App Store compatibility via tethering, and where's the camera now? Should have also added HD Radio...
Cool, but now it just needs Boxee and Hulu support and Safari for locating web content, then I would be happy as a clam. Mac Mini still needs to add Blu-Ray, since obviously it's not gonna fit in this new ATV... They should have announced App Store support today for both the ATV and iPod Nano (Nano being via dock connector tethered only) Oh, and where is the new iLife?!
I still don't get why Apple won't release the FULL Apple TV interface for Front Row for all regular Macs?!
Video out for the entire system is a feature Apple should have had since day one -- it has been my #1 request since Apple released video cables for video. Never understood why they did not support ALL apps via video out. Jailbreaking makes a LOT of sense -- tired of waiting for Apple to do what customers want.
Thanks for the link. Basically Steam is also WAITING FOR APPLE TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM, as they want both an OpenGL 3.0 & 3.1 feature which will improve performance. I don't get why Apple didn't have this stuff ready for 10.6 -- which was SUPPOSED to be about PERFORMANCE. *AHEM*
Ignorance is bliss until it bites you in the arse.
New Posts  All Forums: