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Printer was already selected - I cannot even select the printer, and your video did not show this. How is your printer connected to your network? Mine is via ethernet to Time Capsule...
Probably a printer that natively supports ePrint, and therefore Air Print:http://h71028.www7.hp.com/enterprise...-solution.html
Yes, and what printer are you using? Does it require Printer Sharing to be turned on? I have it on, with an HP Photosmart C309a, and it's a non-starter.
Confirmed here as well via iPhone 3GS 4.2 GM & 10.6.5.
Why does this keep coming back up? You do NOT want RFID NFC SPYCHIPS! Read: http://spychips.com Watch the free movie: http://americafreedomtofascism.com Wake up everyone.
How can you have a global trademark and exclude one country -- by definition it is then NOT global.
I wonder if Macs will be locked down just like iOS devices. If not, why should we have to jailbreak iOS devices to add apps we want apart from the App Store?! The App Store is a good idea, but not at the exclusion of other apps outside of the sanctioned channel!
Just connect via the Contacts list with an email address...
I wish this integrated with SIP and allowed SIP dialing and reception with existing VoIP providers like BroadVoice, Vonage, etc.
Yea, what's up with that?! How odd. Also odd that FaceTime is a SEPARATE APP, not iChat integrated...
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