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I sure hope this also works with HP PhotoSmart C309a (aka cc335A)!!! This printer does work with HP iPrint 3.0 today, strangely the scanner feature does not work with this printer, even though it has a scanner!
Why should I have to tether to upgrade? I don't have to tether my MacBook Pro to a desktop to upgrade it! I can do it over WiFi -- iPhone is NO different...
VERY interesting, and at this point Apple is WAY behind in implementing what both Web OS and Android have for OTA upgrades. Personally, I think Apple really needs to deliver this functionality in iOS 4.2!
BIG DEAL! Cases are what, $1.50 at Monoprice -- what NON-news.
Is Balmer Vader?!
I see Balmer doing a throwback in the coming weeks: Mobile Developers! Mobile Developers!! Mobile Developers!!! Mobile Developers! Mobile Developers!! Mobile Developers!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMU0tzLwhbE
Ballmer is SUCH a nut! I am sure he was the one reading the "eulogy"! What a total DORK! But funny. Now you have proof Microsoft is run by pagans!
Setup an external boot drive for your work laptop, then you can install what you want! Get a USB webcam and you will be set.
Apple announced it will make FaceTime a free and open spec, but I have not seen them publish source code yet. At that time it will not be locked down.
The EU is a bad idea -- it consolidates too much power and takes away sovereignty. France was smart to stay away...
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