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Well, if WD & Seagate aren't keeping up and broadening their portfolio into NAND and other storage tech, they may become dinosaurs...
Playing devil's advocate, I can see how a Communist China government would use this to restrict communications on a wide variety of un-scanctioned citizen discussions. I would also not be surprised to see the Obama administration attempting similar -- I mean, just read THIS!: http://news.cnet.com/8301-31921_3-20...ag=topStories2 Report: Feds to push for Net encryption backdoors "The Obama administration will seek a new federal law forcing Internet e-mail,...
Sucks, Push Notifications are not being received for audio calls received on the original iPhone with iOS 3.1.3 -- the same phone cannot make audio or video calls to other users, but CAN receive audio calls, but NO notification is even received for video calls -- no audio fallback. Seems like it needs work!
I think the whole thing was blown WAY out of proportion, and police were over-reaching their bounds and what people deem as appropriate.
Must be a slow news day, so now non-news is put forward as "news".
Wow, this news story has absolutely ZERO new news! What a waste!
WHEN is AT&T deploying LTE Advanced? THAT is the only TRUE 4G LTE. The rest is just marketing hype.
Yes, THIS! But iPhone 3GS too!!!
Apple should offer orientation lock for BOTH horizontal and vertical. Also, the entire iPhone interface should do video out when connected with the cables...
I sure hope this also works with HP PhotoSmart C309a (aka cc335A)!!! This printer does work with HP iPrint 3.0 today, strangely the scanner feature does not work with this printer, even though it has a scanner!
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