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Yea well, Adobe still thinks Flash is the best thing since sliced bread too.
URL link?
Apple REALLY needs to add finely-tunable controls that put the device OWNER in control of ALL access an app makes. This should be in the Settings for EACH app, as well as a GLOBAL setting.
Yea, I read that too, but it breaks tradition for Apple -- usually they at least support the previous OS version!!! Who has plugged one into a PPC Mac -- any support at all? Any third party support upcoming? ;-)
Funny that Apple cannot support FULL OpenGL 3.3 with the 9400M/9600M GT, but Nvidia does on Windows 7!: http://www.nvidia.com/object/noteboo...ql-driver.html Come on Apple, add the Shading Language version 1.30 already! At least then 3.0 is complete! Download OpenGL Extensions Viewer and see how your Mac (and iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) performs: http://www.realtech-vr.com/glview/index.html
So, do Apple's Magic Trackpad drivers support PowerPC Macs?!
YAWN! I would LOVE to see something INNOVATIVE from M$, JUST for a change! PS: Did they FINALLY bring back MS Project to the Mac?!
Apple should have done this YEARS ago, like 2007 with the iPhone release -- amazing how this little change makes the MacBook Pro so much more likable/fun even!
Hopefully 4.1 FINALLY adds the ability to manually select audio output for phone use via the dock connector!!! \
That graphics corruption has been around in 10.6.3 as well! Maybe even before that, I don't recall anymore...
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