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How are people who love liberty and expect Federal officials to uphold their oath of office and keep us free lunatics?
What a TOTAL JOKE! Radio is slowly dying, it may never go away, but the one to many model is changing from traditional airwaves to bits over IP. The only thing traditional radio needs to do is make sure all their content is also available now over the IP network. Problem solved. No need for government intervention -- that will just make matters worse, and more expensive. As nice as HD Radio is, it's too little too late -- use a micro computer (like iPhone) and...
You know, the FIRST job of any Federal official is not to keep us safe, it is to PRESERVE OUR LIBERTY -- with government having liberty-infringing RFID/NFC in items, they are violating their oaths of office! Learn more about this on Judge Andrew Napolitano's Freedom Watch on Fox Business Channel: http://freedomwatchonfox.com (streaming archived episodes here) Safety without liberty is not American and contradictory to The Constitution. As for big companies, when they...
Well add RFID/NFC Spy Chips, and my iPhone buying days are OVER. Educate yourself folks -- you do NOT want this. Read: http://spychips.com Watch this documentary movie free on Google Video: http://freedomtofascism.com
IF a security patch is open source, and compilable by the end user, you can validate it yourself.
Not a bad idea, but not likely to keep up with Apple's patches... Apple really needs to step-up and patch 3.1.3-limited devices!
While this is of course really great news for first-gen. iPhone & iPod Touch users, it does NOTHING to address the gap Apple has created with OTHER security fixes since iOS 4.x was released for newer ones! Here are just a FEW of the security holes Apple did not yet patch on first-gen. iPhone & iPod Touch: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4225 Heck, Apple even DOCUMENTS that it affects iOS 2.0 through 3.1.3!!! AND, there are a LOT of them!
I believe you are in error, did you see the Adobe announcement of an emergency patch coming for Acrobat? http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/...mergency-patch
So do people who do a RESTORE on iPhone 3G have this issue too, or only folks who did an UPGRADE?! There IS a difference...
Yes, that is actually a great idea. But it does not cover all the other security issues Apple has updated since iOS 4.0.
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