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What a joke, Hulu is free on the website/Flash and Hulu Desktop, but you have to pay for the same shows on iPhone with a tiny screen, no thanks. I cannot wait for the ABC app for iPhone, no iPad here yet...
You know, it is pretty telling that Apple's own Mac OS X 10.6.4 does not support Facetime in iChat, so it's of little use, and ONLY over WiFi. What a joke -- no other implementations of Facetime from anyone, not even Apple's Macs.
So there is really NO REASON for no iOS 4.x for the ORIGINAL iPhone then, since the core specs are the same as the 3G... Apple should AT LEAST update the Safari, iTunes and QuickTime features on the first iPhone just like they do on Mac OS X! \
Well that sucks -- Apple should make the 10.6 sessions more widely available too!
Sure looks like T-Mobile is ramping up speeds faster than AT&T! http://news.cnet.com/8301-30686_3-20...Area.0#addcomm
Nice, are the 2009 Snow Leopard WWDC sessions also free? Link?
You won't see it until an iLife with Blu-Ray features is released...
Yea, no excuses for the lagging Mac I/O ports, IMHO.
No way, the Server version has 7200 rpm drives -- check your facts first.
STILL needs Blu-Ray to justify a $100 increase, plus needs 7200 RPM drives STANDARD, or at least an OPTION for the base model! My guess is they will FINALLY add Blu-Ray around Sept/Oct when a new iLife w/Blu-Ray burning features gets released... Or maybe never LOL.
New Posts  All Forums: