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Honestly, Boxee for iPad would be MUCH more compelling than Hulu, because people don't want to be spending $ all the time with everything they want to watch and do... Boxee also has a lot of interesting indie content, and of course Hulu has no ability to pull in custom sources or your own content...
The OTHER stupid thing is that shouldn't I be able to select the integrated video (Better battery life) as the option for Battery power and the discrete video (Higher performance) for the Power Adapter. NO, you can only select one or the other for BOTH. HOW DUMB IS THAT?!?!
Ah, well, it looks like I may be only buying USED Macs until then. No more premiums for lack of technology options/inclusion for me!
Also, WHY is there STILL no FULL OpenGL 3.x support on 10.6.x???
I suspect we will not see Blu-Ray on Macs UNTIL 1080P content appears on iTunes, and lots of it...
Yea, I will not buy another new Mac until Blu-Ray is at least an option.
The current behavior is unacceptable! Let us HOPE Apple will update the OS and/or firmware to enable this switch WITHOUT logging out in the CURRENT generation of Macbook Pros!!!
Wow, such a deal, considering episodes on Hulu are FREE. The Internet is the new OTA (Over the Air)... eventually I think broadcast will mostly go away and it will all be bi-directional...
Nice missing graphic there AI.
Just look at Flash on PPC Macs -- WHAT A JOKE, it runs like garbage on a G4, and has for as long as I can remember. In other words, Adobe (and Macromedia before them) NEVER optimized it for the Mac, and I have ZERO confidence in the company's ability to make it a good performer. YAWN. Click To Flash is my best web browser companion EVER! I cannot wait to see Flash eradicated, it has become the scourge of the web! Flash is like a disease or virus -- WE MUST...
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