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Well, the confirmation is jailbreakme.com jailbreaking your original iPhone!
Cannot find anything about an update for the original iPhone (iOS 3.1.3) for this security update, anyone find a link?
Except, WHO CARES -- I do not miss Flash even a bit on my iPhones...
On the other hand, Government should be transparent, denying Wired's request is nonsense. On the flipside, Government really has NO BUSINESS in this matter!!!
FTC ought to just bud-out. Government only makes matters worse and makes a mess of things. Government is the PROBLEM, NOT the solution! If Adobe really wants Flash on iPhone, release it on Cydia, OR make an Adobe Flash phone.
Except that we have waiting many weeks -- and STILL no Safari security updates have been release for iOS 3.1.3, but they were already released in iOS 4.x!
Because THAT is what they DO, their niche! Especially considering Apple's other rechargeables are Lithium-based.
Ad hominem attacks will get you everywhere. So will being myopic.
I want to use it for the camera it DOES have, to show people things and events. The front camera is actually pretty impractical -- who wants to hold the camera out in front of their face perfectly for a long time anyhow? I sure do not.
Yea so WHY are they NiMH and not Lithium Ion/Polymer?! Funny how AI's crack reporting team TOTALLY missed that point!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: