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What the heck is "iPod Out"?
So where the heck is iPhone OS 3.2 for *iPhone*?! They better at least have another 3.x update for the original iPhone!!! Pretty poor policy to dump the early adopters from only 3 years ago!
Not completely true, as the early adopters get screwed again -- no OS 4.0 for you original 2007 iPhone owners... It SHOULD be supported, even if it is with less feature support!
Shall we call it "Green Gestapo"? Yawn.
If you want 4G, you have to WAIT for LTE Advanced -- come on AI -- at least get your FACTS STRAIGHT! Plain LTE is NOT 4G!
I think you really ought to look in the mirror, my "friend", and use some reason instead of your thoughtless knee-jerk response.
I do not mean to imply commonplace, but certainly possible, and similar situations do currently occur. Ya might want to talk to some judges... Ya know, ignorance is bliss -- the legal system is full of unpublished surprises. Glenn Beck is a bozo and a fake libertarian. I would hue to Ron Paul or John Stossel instead.
Accepting as an organ donor on your license has potential unintended consequences. Suppose you are in a car accident and in the hospital and are an organ donor on your license, there is a higher chance that they could put something in your IV and put you in a coma, or some other threatening condition. Then you have already pre-consented for donation, and there is another person at that hospital who really needs an organ you have... I would think TWICE before...
Yea yea yeah, wake me up when Flash on Mac is 64-bit, Grand Central, QuickTime X and OpenCL enabled!
Come on Steve Jandali (nee Jobs), just enable tethering! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_jobs
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