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It is HARDLY a phone, it is a micro-computer that has telephony... Also, Apple still releases Safari/QuickTime/iTunes updates for their OS's for the last THREE versions, so will they be at least updating Safari/QuickTime/iTunes on original iPhone/iPod Touch devices on 3.x?!
So is Apple at least going do an iOS 3.x update for original iPhone/iPod Touch early adopters to give some new features?! What about security updates? They are still VERY capable devices, and it would be sad to see iOS updates die for every iOS device after JUST three years! Do original iPhone/iPod Touch users need to switch their idevices' OS to Android, just to get OS updates? http://www.dailytech.com/Hacker+Brin...ticle18331.htm
Just say NO to RFID Spy Chips! http://spychips.com also see the movie, America: Freedom To Fascism. You all have been warned... What's next, being chipped like a dog?
Waze isn't bad, but the built-in Maps update to turn-by-turn is LONG overdue for an update! I expected it by now...
I thought I read Apple also shut down some hacker developers' iTunes accounts who had jailbroken/unlocked?
What the heck is "iPod Out"?
So where the heck is iPhone OS 3.2 for *iPhone*?! They better at least have another 3.x update for the original iPhone!!! Pretty poor policy to dump the early adopters from only 3 years ago!
Not completely true, as the early adopters get screwed again -- no OS 4.0 for you original 2007 iPhone owners... It SHOULD be supported, even if it is with less feature support!
Shall we call it "Green Gestapo"? Yawn.
If you want 4G, you have to WAIT for LTE Advanced -- come on AI -- at least get your FACTS STRAIGHT! Plain LTE is NOT 4G!
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