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Why should I have to tether to upgrade? I don't have to tether my MacBook Pro to a desktop to upgrade it! I can do it over WiFi -- iPhone is NO different...
VERY interesting, and at this point Apple is WAY behind in implementing what both Web OS and Android have for OTA upgrades. Personally, I think Apple really needs to deliver this functionality in iOS 4.2!
BIG DEAL! Cases are what, $1.50 at Monoprice -- what NON-news.
Is Balmer Vader?!
I see Balmer doing a throwback in the coming weeks: Mobile Developers! Mobile Developers!! Mobile Developers!!! Mobile Developers! Mobile Developers!! Mobile Developers!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMU0tzLwhbE
Ballmer is SUCH a nut! I am sure he was the one reading the "eulogy"! What a total DORK! But funny. Now you have proof Microsoft is run by pagans!
Setup an external boot drive for your work laptop, then you can install what you want! Get a USB webcam and you will be set.
Apple announced it will make FaceTime a free and open spec, but I have not seen them publish source code yet. At that time it will not be locked down.
The EU is a bad idea -- it consolidates too much power and takes away sovereignty. France was smart to stay away...
Yes, Mapquest is AWESOME, they just need to integrate Trapster, and I would be very happy.
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