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Steve Jobs FAIL! sorry, was that "tersely worded"? ;-)
SSDs are ALREADY way too expensive... Ouch.
Brilliant observation, Inspector Clouseau! \
Flash? What's that, abandonware?! ;-) Didn't Adobe abandon it years ago and relegate it to crashing and poor performance for many years?! Now they raise it from the grave?
Ah, so I smell new jailbreak applications coming soon! ;-)
HA. Just the FACTS
HELLO AI! LTE is NOT 4G, but LTE Advanced is, so when is AT&T rolling out 4G LTE Advanced??? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LTE_Advanced
*AMEN* ;-)
They are nuts, they better give your a printed copy too for that price, or at the LEAST allow printing of the book! How much could it cost to duplicate bits once created?!
All I can say is Apple had best firmware update the existing Mini DisplayPort Macs to add audio over the port! If not, there will be many angry customers...
New Posts  All Forums: