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Apple should have done this YEARS ago, like 2007 with the iPhone release -- amazing how this little change makes the MacBook Pro so much more likable/fun even!
Hopefully 4.1 FINALLY adds the ability to manually select audio output for phone use via the dock connector!!! \
That graphics corruption has been around in 10.6.3 as well! Maybe even before that, I don't recall anymore...
What a joke, 10.6.4 does not even implement the full OpenGL 3.0, according to the FREE OpenGL Extension Viewer app! What is taking Apple so long?!
I seem to get consistently weaker cellular signal since iOS 4 on my 3GS - or is that somehow due to all the new iPhone 4's out there?!
Motorola needed to buy Palm! They needed the software expertise and a smartphone OS -- now they are splitting up Motorola, so sad. MOT fell way behind into virtual irrelevancy... Everyone is doing Android phones now, so MOT has no real IP to set themselves apart. Maybe HP should buy MOT's cellular phone business?
NO NFC (Near Field Communication) AKA RFID (Radio Frequency IDentifier) for me -- AKA SPYCHIPS. Learn all you can and JUST SAY NO TO SPYCHIPS!: http://spychips.com http://freedomtofascism.com
No surprise with Communists...
SUCK IT UP! Early adopters ALWAYS GET SCREWED! Apple STILL has not release a Safari/Security update for original iPhones and iPods on iOS 3.x!
Nice that they put NO EXPLANATION in the app itself -- Fring has bad customer support that way...
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