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How about adding SyFy to ATV Apple?!  While your at it, add Amazon and FOX News.  Thanks!  ;)
Please, somebody STOP this entitlement mentality!  The nation does not have a "right" to broadband -- there are different speeds and prices offered by companies for a reason!  Big government types will stop at nothing to add more government intrusion into our lives and usurp our hard earned wages!  
Another question:  does Apple make any money off licensing CarPlay?  I am fairly certain it is NOT an open standard!  
The ultimate mobile device would also have vertical takeoff capabilities. If Apple were to do something really great in mobility, then make a VTOL vehicle for the masses, not some silly Tesla battery car knockoff! Yawn! Oh wait, batteries are not going to cut it for a VTOL vehicle.
How about SyFy & FOX News, they are both notable absent from ATV. Not to mention Amazon!
Wonder why there is no version for Illinois? One of the states which needs it the most, i.e. lots of issues...
I am not sure I care. But what I WOULD rather see, is accelerated production of iPhones to release them prior to Independence Day, as was done in many years past. There is a benefit to Apple to release the newer iPhone prior to this holiday in the US because that is a time when many families get together and show and tell. Plus September just seems too late in the year for new iPhone reveals, plus there would be less end of the year shortages if production ramps earlier.
I would wait for the next version, more health features like an oximeter were expected in this unit, and the lack of groundbreaking features make it un-needed for me. I suspect some big tie-in to the Apple TV relaunch, whenever that happens, however, we shall see.
Guess I might believe that when I see Comcast's Xfinity TV Go on ATV, until then... There are also issues where Comcast seems to block ATV HBO access to those who should be able to activate it, where HBO streaming works fine via the Xfinity TV Go streaming website or iOS apps, but you cannot get to activate the same on ATV HBO with your Comcast cable authentication...  
YAWN!  Instead give us Amazon Prime Instant Video!  *rolls eyes*.     Next, UltraFlix would be nice to see too.  
New Posts  All Forums: