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How many of those downloads were deleted, like mine, and never used after realizing it's a waste of money and no trial, in contrast to iWork?!
A feature that should have been there since day 1. *rolls eyes* iWork for me -- I am done with MS Office, unless forced by an employer!
Sick of Flash updates, security and non-standardization.  Hard to remove it since there is still too much that uses it.  *sigh*
Yea all these 2160P (4K) HDTVs and content needs are driving a new wave of technologies... Still haven't heard a peep from Apple about H.265 (HEVC) support in OS X...
Haha, as the meme goes, two things came out of Berkeley, BSD & LSD... It is believed they were not a coincidence.
Well the only Samsung product I ever bought was a digital camera many years ago and it really was poorly designed. Reading and learning as much as I have about this company I knew there were even more reasons I have not bought another product from them.
New Posts  All Forums: