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How about Amazon Prime Streaming?! SyFy Channel?! FOX News?! FOX Sports 1?!
A measly 2 hours battery life?  *rolls eyes*   http://shop.gopro.com/hero4/hero4-session/CHDHS-101.html
The Greeks were screwed by derivatives, something that is also trying to be foistered upon the American people!     http://moneymorning.com/2011/10/12/derivatives-the-600-trillion-time-bomb-thats-set-to-explode/
I can confirm that the "issue which could prevent a person from navigating away from a webpage in Safari because of repeated JavaScript alerts" is NOT resolved. A solution I have used w/success is to map the dns & IP of the offending sites putting up the pop-ups to map to the loopback address in /etc/hosts -- works like a charm once you reboot Safari!
Consumerization of health car ACTUALLY means prevention -- i.e. exercise and growing your OWN organic garden...     IMHO.  ;)
How INCREDIBLY STUPID.  Apple has really gone off the deep end on this one.  Control freaks.  
These labels/bands/artists are being myopic about the 3 months free -- people are much more likely to try and pay for a service they can first experience for free. i.e. some risk up front could equal more rewards later for all these bands -- Americans just do not think long term. It is not like the bands don't get paid for 3 months, they just don't get streaming royalties for 3 months... The biggest money maker any band has is live performance, as that full experience...
 https://nest.com/energy-partners/comed/  -- it no longer shows up on my Nest, but did when I registered this year. Did a restart of the Nest as suggested by Nest support today, that may help, as they suggested.  802.11ac Time Capsule.  
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