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SUCK IT UP! Early adopters ALWAYS GET SCREWED! Apple STILL has not release a Safari/Security update for original iPhones and iPods on iOS 3.x!
Nice that they put NO EXPLANATION in the app itself -- Fring has bad customer support that way...
Skype support disappeared from Fring the other day -- dunno why...
What crap reporting. Fring video works on iOS 3.1.x and works on the back facing camera on 3GS...
Now THAT would be something *IF* it was MOVIES we were talking about!!!! It would be the end of Redbox, my $1 solution...
So when will there be an update for the poor original iPhone reception issues? Also, when will iPhone OS 3.x get the Safari update? Apple updates Safari two OS releases back for Mac OS X, and they should for original iPhone too, especially security updates!!!
It sure does, just like the iPhone 4 does, it just has one instead of two -- no different. I have a lot of reasons to want to show video through an app like FaceTime live via the back camera. Your intelligence level is that of a high school punk based on your ad hominem attack.
Apple makes this big announcement, and the details are nowhere to be found, poor execution, IMHO. FaceTime is worthless if it is just iPhone 4.
Nope, Fring has video features, so no excuses.
So WHEN is Apple going to release the FaceTime standard to the community to implement? What is the holdup? Why didn't 10.6.4 add support in iChat? Where is the iPhone 3GS support?
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