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Accepting as an organ donor on your license has potential unintended consequences. Suppose you are in a car accident and in the hospital and are an organ donor on your license, there is a higher chance that they could put something in your IV and put you in a coma, or some other threatening condition. Then you have already pre-consented for donation, and there is another person at that hospital who really needs an organ you have... I would think TWICE before...
Yea yea yeah, wake me up when Flash on Mac is 64-bit, Grand Central, QuickTime X and OpenCL enabled!
Come on Steve Jandali (nee Jobs), just enable tethering! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_jobs
Yea, I think Jobs' ego needs a readjustment...
Translation: Apple keeps reinventing the incentive to jailbreak!!!
Steve Jobs FAIL! sorry, was that "tersely worded"? ;-)
SSDs are ALREADY way too expensive... Ouch.
Brilliant observation, Inspector Clouseau! \
Flash? What's that, abandonware?! ;-) Didn't Adobe abandon it years ago and relegate it to crashing and poor performance for many years?! Now they raise it from the grave?
Ah, so I smell new jailbreak applications coming soon! ;-)
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