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*AMEN* ;-)
They are nuts, they better give your a printed copy too for that price, or at the LEAST allow printing of the book! How much could it cost to duplicate bits once created?!
All I can say is Apple had best firmware update the existing Mini DisplayPort Macs to add audio over the port! If not, there will be many angry customers...
IDD? huh?
+1 ;-)
LOL, by that token, 10.6 is just a placeholder while 10.7 develops.
SHOW the proof, don't just claim it.
And pigs will fly! Believe it when it is reality.
Hopefully Apple will firmware update the older DisplayPort Macs to ALSO enable audio over the connector, especially beneficial for HDMI use!
Well it's about time! This would make a LOT of sense for the Mini, BUT, also NEEDS Blu-Ray!
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