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+1 ;-)
LOL, by that token, 10.6 is just a placeholder while 10.7 develops.
SHOW the proof, don't just claim it.
And pigs will fly! Believe it when it is reality.
Hopefully Apple will firmware update the older DisplayPort Macs to ALSO enable audio over the connector, especially beneficial for HDMI use!
Well it's about time! This would make a LOT of sense for the Mini, BUT, also NEEDS Blu-Ray!
This is probably a feature that is embargoed till iPhone OS 4.x...
I think Mac Mini is due for a Core i5/i7 update
G4, A4, will history repeat itself? ;-)
Honestly, Boxee for iPad would be MUCH more compelling than Hulu, because people don't want to be spending $ all the time with everything they want to watch and do... Boxee also has a lot of interesting indie content, and of course Hulu has no ability to pull in custom sources or your own content...
New Posts  All Forums: