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YAWN. WHO cares if they're not "authorized"... THEY brought the NEWS! KUDOS TO THEM!
STILL needs an SD Card slot!!
OH WELL! Include the camera then...
1 new iPad feature EVERYONE missed is the "Terrain" option on Maps... Watch the Jobs intro video and you can see it.
The biggest surprise is the continued lack of Mail's ATTACHMENT BUTTON!: Oh yea, and the INEXCUSABLE lack of SD Card slot!
Apple sure is becoming lethargic these days, taking forever to adopt VoIP over 3G on iPhones and STILL no Blu-Ray options on Macs...
Yes, good point!
The one thing Jobs did right is keep Flash off iPhone/iPad! Flash don't go away mad, but Flash JUST GO AWAY! With apologies to Motley Crue.
"The iPad does not support the unique 1700Mhz spectrum utilized by the T-Mobile 3G network in the U.S." More APPLE FAIL to serve what customers want!
It had best be a wireless removable module, or at least a module that does BOTH UMTS & CDMA. I am TIRED of being locked to providers.
New Posts  All Forums: