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Brilliant observation, Inspector Clouseau! \
Flash? What's that, abandonware?! ;-) Didn't Adobe abandon it years ago and relegate it to crashing and poor performance for many years?! Now they raise it from the grave?
Ah, so I smell new jailbreak applications coming soon! ;-)
HA. Just the FACTS
HELLO AI! LTE is NOT 4G, but LTE Advanced is, so when is AT&T rolling out 4G LTE Advanced??? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LTE_Advanced
*AMEN* ;-)
They are nuts, they better give your a printed copy too for that price, or at the LEAST allow printing of the book! How much could it cost to duplicate bits once created?!
All I can say is Apple had best firmware update the existing Mini DisplayPort Macs to add audio over the port! If not, there will be many angry customers...
IDD? huh?
+1 ;-)
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