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Ah, well, it looks like I may be only buying USED Macs until then. No more premiums for lack of technology options/inclusion for me!
Also, WHY is there STILL no FULL OpenGL 3.x support on 10.6.x???
I suspect we will not see Blu-Ray on Macs UNTIL 1080P content appears on iTunes, and lots of it...
Yea, I will not buy another new Mac until Blu-Ray is at least an option.
The current behavior is unacceptable! Let us HOPE Apple will update the OS and/or firmware to enable this switch WITHOUT logging out in the CURRENT generation of Macbook Pros!!!
Wow, such a deal, considering episodes on Hulu are FREE. The Internet is the new OTA (Over the Air)... eventually I think broadcast will mostly go away and it will all be bi-directional...
Nice missing graphic there AI.
Just look at Flash on PPC Macs -- WHAT A JOKE, it runs like garbage on a G4, and has for as long as I can remember. In other words, Adobe (and Macromedia before them) NEVER optimized it for the Mac, and I have ZERO confidence in the company's ability to make it a good performer. YAWN. Click To Flash is my best web browser companion EVER! I cannot wait to see Flash eradicated, it has become the scourge of the web! Flash is like a disease or virus -- WE MUST...
Well OTA Digital TV today is vastly inefficient using MPEG-2, it should have started off on MPEG-4/H.264 for bandwidth savings! It has been added, but who has a tuner that supports it today? Next to nobody:http://atsc.org/cms/index.php/standa...c-a72-standardhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATSC_(standards)#Codecshttp://hd.engadget.com/2008/09/22/at...ort-for-h-264/AM/FM radio could also benefit from compression, and I'm unsure if HD Radio accomplishes this goal, since it...
The future is more likely two-way interactive data services, rather than monolithic one-way broadcast anyhow, so this approach makes some sense.
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