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Yea, sure would have been nice if they included it in the comparison...
Interesting, now get on the ball, VMWare!
Exactly, not even a bone like adding terrain to Maps options like in 3.2 -- not that it would have been hard to add or anything. Sheesh
No, there is NO 3GS Jailbreak.
So she's a bozo, whatya gonna do, divorce her?
They announced it too early, and the features don't elevate it higher than the iPhone...
Someone needs to test the VGA adapter on the 3 iPhones and see if it works on any of them!!! The article makes little sense, as it is widely reported that the iPhone 3GS is capable of 720P output...
Blu-Ray movie playback support Apple? OpenGL 3.x full compatibility?
Durbin is more worried about other countries (China) than he is the state he is supposed to represent -- ILLINOIS. Tired of politicians who have misplaced focus. Durbin should instead worry about restoring liberty to Americans & Illinoisans, and let the Communists represent their own people.
YAWN. WHO cares if they're not "authorized"... THEY brought the NEWS! KUDOS TO THEM!
New Posts  All Forums: