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Sure looks like T-Mobile is ramping up speeds faster than AT&T! http://news.cnet.com/8301-30686_3-20...Area.0#addcomm
Nice, are the 2009 Snow Leopard WWDC sessions also free? Link?
You won't see it until an iLife with Blu-Ray features is released...
Yea, no excuses for the lagging Mac I/O ports, IMHO.
No way, the Server version has 7200 rpm drives -- check your facts first.
STILL needs Blu-Ray to justify a $100 increase, plus needs 7200 RPM drives STANDARD, or at least an OPTION for the base model! My guess is they will FINALLY add Blu-Ray around Sept/Oct when a new iLife w/Blu-Ray burning features gets released... Or maybe never LOL.
Yea, and it STILL is NOT 64-bit! Get with the program, Adobe!
Yea well, anyone who does not get a case for their iPhone is just plain foolish. Monoprice has them cheap enough that there is no excuse!
I believe they are using some OOB (Out Of Band) signaling over cellular to get things configured between points, there was a recent Apple patent on this, as I recall...
So what, Factime supports BOTH front and back cameras! That is NOT a reason for lack of iPhone 3GS compatibility! \
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