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What we really need is more competition in devices connected to cable -- it needs to become more like cellular is with many different companies, operating systems and devices with various features. This will be mature when you can have a device like Apple TV be a complete replacement for a cable company provided set top box. A precursor to making this all happen efficiently is a wholesale transition to all IP by the cable companies... Cable companies, much like cellular...
So can I finally get a button in Messages to take a still image from my Mac camera and send it or select one from iPhoto or my filesystem like in iOS (of course iOS only allows your Camera Roll...)???  Why do I first have to go into Photo Booth to get a new still?!  Tired of the lack of feature parity between iOS & OS X!  I thought Macs were supposed to make things easier and faster?!  
Comcast is not really known as an innovator... Do they have a fiber transition plan ala FIOS or Google Fiber?
Who cares IDC -- people who want cheap iPhones can go on ebay or Craigslist and buy a used one...
I want Cook to talk about adding Push-to-Talk in iPhone while adding a dedicated yet programmable button on the side, ala Nextel/iDEN phones!     This is one niche which Apple could own, as IDEN is no more in the U.S....   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrated_Digital_Enhanced_Network
Don't tell me, the fix is the update to Bluetooth 4.1, which should be free and software/firmware and require NO new hardware from 4.0, but no word if this will be part of 10.9.2...   http://www.bluetooth.com/Pages/Press-Releases-Detail.aspx?ItemID=197   " Coexistence — engineered to work seamlessly and cooperatively with the latest generation cellular technologies like LTE. Bluetooth and LTE radios can communicate in order to ensure transmissions are coordinated...
Samsung appears so desperate with campaigns like this!  
What a joke, click Check Now for updates in the Flash PrefPane, and it says is latest... FAIL.
Time to get the government out of the business of entitlements, so people will not be incentivized to turn to the government for handouts...  Then you would have more people remaining in the workforce and less "long-term unemployed".
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