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I'm with tallest skil. I mean, sometimes I would think they could get palm/finger prints from pictures that would show who they are if they're employees or people from the production line. I wish they'd nail the people who leak this. Wouldn't it be nice to be completely surprised by an Apple product again. Maybe one of those, "Oh, and one more thing%u2026" announcements that used to blow everybody away.
Every retail store has pre-holiday meetings. They go over products, expectations, dress code, emergency instructions, and give big pep talks.
 Idiot. You don't understand what a right is.
Kernel or not, I think there's a panic. It's a panic about the fate of America with three more years of Obama. Is inaction a form of action? The United States has lost a great deal of its influence in the world over the last few years (and tons in the last few months). And as far as his leadership goes, it's not a client crash, not a server crash, but a systemwide meltdown. Also, to hmm: Apart from RAM, I've seen a couple of people with kernel panics caused by attached...
Dear Osama, Here's $2500 for your cause. Best wishes and death to America, Mom
 Exactly. And your original point was that the 5C is a budget model. It's not. They're just offering variety at different price points. I get what you mean about your worries that the brand is putting out something less expensive, but I don't think it will water down the brand. It makes them more competitive, even if they are some of their own competition.
 MacBook Air isn't a budget model? Mac Mini isn't a budget model? iPad mini? iPod nano? Shall I go on? Apple is occupying as many categories as they can in electronics and computing. It's smart. People worried that the MacBook Air would cannibalize the sales of the MacBook Pro. It did. But that doesn't mean that Apple is making less money, it means they're selling more products. Apple offering to fill different needs at different price points means that sure, some people...
And these fingerprints....they're automatically uploaded to the NSA? ...or worse, to China.
Ummmmm...what about having the NeoCom Al Gore on the board? 
  I just bought one and am not retarded. The main factor was that it was $1000+ less, which makes a difference if you're not making a ton or spending your parents' money. But the other reasons I like it are the built-in optical drive (I still use it sometimes), the Firewire port, and the ethernet port. But sure, if I had the extra grand or so it would have cost, I would have sprung for the retina.
New Posts  All Forums: