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Needlessly complicated as usual to update, and no improvement I can see.
LOL it will be interesting to see, that's for sure.
No, you have it all wrong. This is a computer on your NETWORK. It is not a shared resource on your Mac.
Yes I love AppZapper
Sorry, I didn't meant to seem rude. It's just that after recent extremely vile comments, I'm kinda hypersensitive to certain phrases on this forum now. ANYWAY, I don't think we have any data on who's go and who's straight at Apple but in a company of that size, there must surely be a few LGBT persons on the design team.
What the hell are you talking about?
Yes, I can't imagine how he's managing to stay focused through his grief. His focus must be like a laser.
I'm embarrassing MYSELF? *snigger*
My age is irrelevant to my experience and the places in the world I've been, so in actuality you were assuming. You seem so prone to assuming things that could almost make a career out of it, if you weren't so crap at it.
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